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I guess I’m confused….do you work for Joomlabamboo, or get permission to resell their work? I like the template, and it’s far cheaper than the original sold for Joomla, I just want to make sure I’m not walking into a bad situation if this is just copied….


I am the original author of the template. I guess (and hope) JoomlaBamboo bought the extended license of this template, which grants them permission to integrate it with their product and sell that.

So this template is not specifically made for Joomla, it’s just a regular HTML template that JoomlaBamboo made into a Joomla template.


Very cool then….I was under the assumption that they (joomla bamboo), being a theme developer would have created it completely…best of luck!

Hi, excelent template. When i try to open with IE8 , i notice that the borders of buttons, textinputs and info divs, dont have rounded corners, is this a bug ?


That is not a bug, I’m using CSS3 to produce rounded corners. That makes the HTML much easier to work with for you, the buyers. The template still works as it should in IE, just that it’s prettier if you use a more modern browser.

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Love the theme, but I notice there’s an issue on the login page in Opera. Any idea why the textboxes don’t show?



That’s very weird. I haven’t seen that before. I’ll look into it for the next update.

@alexcroox Did you fix this problem? I’m also trying to link a especific tab…


That functionality is implemented in the upcoming update. It will hopefully be available within a couple of days.

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Has anyone had success with implementing tinymce? The paste from word feature is a necessity for me. I just tried it and it in bad shape. If anyone knows the CSS edits could you post them? Otherwise I will try to do fix it myself…

Just thought it would be worth checking first.


great admin panel, i love it (:

but i have a question..

you are included ‘jQuery Datepicker Plugin’ but not used it.

if you can use it and add simpla admin, i will buy it :)

note; my english bad :( i hope you re understand



I’m implementing the datepicker plugin in the upcoming update, and I must’ve accidentally included the datepicker script in the old demo :P

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Hello, I figured out how to get the submenu highlighted adding “current” via Javascript, but how can I get the same result with the “nav-top-item” being the “current” fixed into visited page.

The submenu is Ok, but I cannot figure out how to make “nav-top-item current” permanent.

Thanks for any advice!

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@pranav_111 solution works like a charm! Many thanks pranav_111!!

simpla.jquery.configuration.js file

$("#main-nav li ul").hide(); // Hide all sub menus
$("#main-nav li ul li a.current").parent().parent().parent().find("a.nav-top-item").addClass('current');//-ADDED
$("#main-nav li a.current").parent().find("ul").slideToggle("slow");

$("#main-nav li a.nav-top-item").click( // When a top menu item is clicked...
    function() {
        $(this).parent().siblings().find("a").removeClass('current'); // Remove "current" class from all tabs -ADDED
        $(this).addClass('current');//-ADDED 04/03/2010
        $(this).parent().siblings().find("ul").slideUp("normal"); // Slide up all sub menus except the one clicked
        $(this).next().slideToggle("normal"); // Slide down the clicked sub menu
        return false;
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I think this is a great template. I have only one request. Can you create a light version – non-black? Several of my users think this is too dark. I would love to be able to offer both – a dark version and a light version. Any possibility?


I have no immediate plans for that, sorry. But if I find more time to put on the template, I’ll consider it.

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I’ve been using this template with no problems until today. It’s happening in IE6 and it’s visible in the demo site (http://ponjoh.s3.amazonaws.com/HTML%20Templates/Simpla%20Admin/index.html). The problem is that most of the times the notification background get’s rendered on the top left corner, but if i remove the background image it get’s rendered as expected. Also, if i resize the window after the page has loaded, then the notifications are drawn as expected.

I know that IE6 is a bit old, but too many of my clients are still using it. And also sorry if you already comented a solution for this but there isn’t a good search option here.


I’m aware of this. I’ve been trying to find a solution, but I’ve had no luck. If IE6 compatibility is very important for you, I’m afraid removing the background is the only solution right now.

Sorry if you answered this already in an old comment, but is there any way to have a menu item in the accordion menu open in a new window? I tried the adding target=”_blank” of course, but it still opens the page in the same window (I suspect this has something to do with the js powering the menu).

Thanks in advanced for any advice, and great theme by the way!


Adding target=”_blank” works fine when I test it Are you trying it on a submenu item or do you mean you want to open a nav-top—item in a new window, instead of sliding down the submenu?

Hello, how can i add pages to skin?

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Any plans on catering for people with smaller screens as well … i’m finding people using netbooks and so-on have the menu bar on the left hand side taking up 1/4th of the screen :s

Any luck with the new version—the anticipation is killing me! :P Hope you’re well otherwise – don’t think i’ve found a better template yet!


I don’t have any plans for that, sorry. But if you really need it, you can easily shrink the sidebar by changing the CSS .

I’ve encountered a couple of annoying bugs I need to sort out before I can release the update. Due to lots of other pressing commitments I haven’t gotten around fixing them. But I’m working on them as I write this, so it should be pretty soon!


I’m new to this, and after a few purchases on ThemeForest, I realized that a whole lot of things sold here are destined to people who KNOW their stuff, developers, etc.

So allow me to ask:

I’m creating a website with a CSS /HTML template. It has no admin section, and no blog. I want to add a blog and admin section so the client can access both and make changes when he wants.

Would this Simpla Admin work for me? I have knowledge of CSS and HTML , limited PHP , no asp, jquery, etc.




Hi there,

As jacobkball pointed out below, this only provides the front-end. You need to have a back-end to integrate it with.

Don’t u have something like this for wordpress !?


No, I’m sorry.


This template isn’t going to make your admin section ‘work’ – it’s simply a way to make it look very nice. You’ll still need to do all the heavy lifting to create the code that actually administers your site.


I’ve noted your comments over the past few months regarding the ability to bookmark/access a tab directly, stating that this would be available very soon. How close is this to completion now? I’ve already purchased this skin (and love it) but the ability to refresh a page and remain on the currently selected content tab is very important, and one that I’m hanging out for :-)

Congrats on a great skin.


Thanks for helping out with styzer’s question :)

The update is very close to completion. Working on it as I write this. It should have been done several months ago, but I had to put it aside due to other commitments. But I’m working on it now so it shouldn’t be long. Thanks for having patience!


I’m very interested in your admin theme. Is it possible to use it with wordpress ? Is there a tutorial explaining how to use it with wordpress ?


Congrats for your 2001 sales ! _ Great job !!

Hi there, Just bought this theme, and I’ve got a problem with the modal box functionality. It does not work ( in Safari 4 and 5). If you click on the link ‘3 Messages’ it opens the modal box and is supposed to show the #messages div as its content, but it’s not, the modal is empty. this is also evident from the online demonstration hosted here.. Can you help me get this fixed?

You seem to be using facebox for it, I’ll check if its been updated and get back here with updated info…


I tried to see if there was a newer version of facebox.js, but that seems not to be the case. I tried to remove the content from the #messages div and just leave a simple p tag in, that didn’t help either.. maybe there’s a better jQuery modal plugin than facebox that you can use? any suggestions anyone?