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Maybe the most maintained solution would be to go with the ‘official’ jQuery UI Modal option. Is there a good reason that you chose facebox over the jQuery UI Modal window?

I’d just like you feedback before I change it, might me theres something you have thought about, or something facebox is used for in Simpla Admin that the other option won’t do?


I replaced the facebox completely with jQueryUI and use its dialog box. It works like a charm on all browses, and using the default jQuery UI Smoothness theme it fits well with the Simpla Admin look and feel.

hi, I like! can this be used with a normal php-Page (Not Wordpress, and No CMS )? is this with a User-System and a PM Systen integrated? if not, how easy to use it with an Existing Login, User and PM System? i would like to buy


leehant, you can use this template in your normal php page.

Hi, am thinking of buying this admin skin,does it work with wordpress.

Hi ponjoh,

I wonder if your theme could be used as a navigation menu with sliding effect: is it possible to open the according slider on page load?

chears – troy1


Is this skin for Wordpress Admin? I have a multi-authors blog and I want to change the Dashboard (backend) for users.

Can this support the latest Wordpress? Do I have to do any modifications?

regards, Will

I read that this skin can be imported as a plugin in WordPress and used as a new admin skin.

(link: http://www.gigathemes.com/premium-plugins/simpla-admin-flexible-user-friendly-wordpress-admin-skin-plugin/2157/)

Is that correct?

P.S. Great skin!


vic51 Purchased

Having a slight issue with IE8 ’s compatibility mode – the text-boxes on the login page and other areas of the site look quite bunched up when in compatibility mode (and I’m guessing also in past versions of IE), although for some reason it looks fine on your preview site…

I’ve gone through and compared the source as best I can, although can’t seem to find anything in particular which would cause these issues … have you had this in the past or know what in particular might be the source of this?

Thanks in advance!

Oh – how’s the new version of the site looking? Can’t wait to get my hands on it! :D

icart Purchased

I can not find a manual for installation. How can I find it?

Think I could use this with wordpress easily? I would love to purchase this theme, but I wanna use it with wordpress

Wondering whether there is any update on the feasibility of this theme as a WP admin skin. I’ve noticed people asking, but have not heard any clarification as to whether or not this is possible.

Would love it of someone could put this question to rest! I’m sure a lot of people are waiting for clarification on this.

Don’t suppose you’d think of offering a wp admin skin like this?

I’ve searched and searched and can’t find any admin skins for wordpress. There are a couple of old ones still floating about but most of them can’t be used on wordpress 3.0.4.

I just thought you’r like to know that I just found that hostcripts are using your theme! Awesome, I’m jealous :) http://www.hotscripts.com/leads/manage/

This is the first ‘admin’ template I bought. Please help me to get started with it – how to use it.

Hi there,

nice admin theme but I have an issue with the WYSIWYG Editor. I get an error of this kind: this is the first line
this is another line
the final one .

How can I change the settings of the WYSIWYG Editor? I want every line to be inside

or, in the worst case, to change lines with
and not

Thanks in advance,


What icon set does this use for the big icons on the dashboard page?

I book-marked your theme. I’m loving it and I think I’m going to buy it soon. Wonderful work. ;)


I am very interested in this template as a starting point for my own site. However, I was wondering if the template is HTML , or DIVs. Do I have to use PHP or can this be wrapped in any language???

Nice work…