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IT Doesn’t work with the € and the ¢ Symbols.. How can i make it works ???

I have Checked the FAQ but it doesn’t works in Price list look here:

I can write € or € but it doesn’t works…

Check the actual FAQ , not the documentation with the template.

Hi. I’m thinking about purchasing this template but I wanted to verify the process of updating the content of the pages and the home page slider and how they are setup to be edited.


Its just an HTML template, so the same way as you edit any other HTML template.

Just looking for a template and this came up as one of the better ones. Is this compatible with IE9 ?


I purchased this theme a while back but i will like it to be made for wordpress. Will it ever be made for wordpress?

Unlikely, I made a wordpress version a while ago but apparently the design will need upgraded in order for it to be accepted.

I am having problems with the top menu on Safari and IE. If the menu item has a submenu item, the right side of the rounded corner box is cut off at the end of the title. I am not having this problem on Firefox. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with list item tag and the ul tag within it.

please let me know if this can be fixed.

Is there a fix available that can address the problem with navigation items that have sub-menus.

In both the theme as installed on my site as well as on the themeforest demo, the navigation items that have drop down menus don’t get the CSS hover effect correctly (the right side is cut off and not rounded).

Thanks for any assistance.

i bought to use for my hosting company. I take it this doesn’t work with whmcs? cuz this doesnt seem to. and no good to me if not

I purchased the WHMCS version of this template and would like to know if you are not going to create a wordpress version if you would consider selling the one you have already made (if not on here on your own or another site)? If not, is there anything in your license about modifying this one into a wordpress theme after purchase? Thank you.

in my country there is no paypal, how I can buy?

I purchase this theme. but I can’t install. there is no problem to install other theme on same server. And this theme can’t be installed on other server.

- error message is below.

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Since this developer seems to be MIA , I will tell you this is not a wordpress theme, this is an HTML template. I purchased it to convert it to a wordpress theme, and asked about licensing, but as you can see my question went unanswered also. I do not know what licensing requirements there will be or even if I will be able to make it available in wordpress format when I am finished.

Is there a WHMCS version of this template?

I believe there is one on a website mentioned earlier.

I’m having some trouble with this theme not displaying menu items, some icons and price fonts with ie9. It displays correctly with ie9 compatiblity mode enabled.

The readme says there is a iestyle.css file but there isn’t one in the archive..

I have the latest versions of the css and js files installed. Any suggestions?

does this work with all verisons of Google chrome?

does this theme work with dreamweaver?

As an HTML template, yes.

the search domain works greetings

Im trying to write this link on the menu: “Diseño Web”. But the Ñ does not shows up! Im tried with the codes: ñ and ñ but still the Ñ does not show up. Please explain me how i can write that letter on the menu and on the slider (buy the way same problem on the slider). Thanks in advance.

Download the following and replace in the js folder. Download this and this

Having an issue with links in Firefox once clicked they turn blue and do not return to natural color until; page is refreshed, Can you post a css fix for all browsers. Also icons are not displaying in any browser? a fix would be greatly appreciated as i am not a web designer so it is needed ASAP

Which links and icons?

11 days no response. Thanks for your support, we will not be buying from you again.