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This theme looks great. I checked out some of your older retail templates. Two questions:

1) Is this using simplecart.js or some type of simple paypal shopping cart?

2) is there a working contact form (page) included? It looks like some of your older templates have this but not this one?

This seems like a buy for me. Thanks



Hi @ noodles009, This is just an HTML and CSS template. you will need to customise it in order to make contact form working and cart functionality.


Thanks for getting back to me. I really like your work. Maybe on your themes that are just html and css just putting a note in the description saying that there is no cart functionality. To avoid confusion.

And another idea is to raise the price and incorporate simplecart with all of your shopping cart html themes. I know you did this on one of them.

I’ll probably still buy this if my client gives the go ahead with building a simple store for him.


I just purchased this template and it seems like its totally non functional, there are areas for shopping cart and other functions, but there doesn’t seem to be any functionality or infrastructure to support them?

The search does not work, the shopping cart is just smoke & mirrors doesn’t not connect to anything, no working contact form, it doesn’t really do anything?!?

Was this a total waste of time for me or is there really a working template in this?!? that im not seeing, please get back to me. What exactly are the “cool” functions. There doesn’t seem to be any functionality in this at all.


Hi @ robertsachristan, This is just an HTML and CSS template and hence it is not functionla store. You will need to customise it in order to make it functional.

Is there a way to slow down the slider?

Figured it out, good templates, but chimp customer service needs a lot of work :(


Hi @ robertsachristan, Thanks for liking our template. wish you good luck with your work.

aangulo Purchased

any help/direction on making the theme work with a white background?


Hi @ aangulo, You will need to edit background image and CSS file. If you still not sure we would suggest you to get it customised.

Only 1 home page is visible
where to find Following pages:
  1. Product Listing
  2. Product Detail
  3. Shopping Cart
  4. Account
  5. Login

Highly interested in buy if you can show the remaining pages. Regards,


Hi @ mayaz, Cant see any problem in live demo. Could you please tell us what browser and which version are you using.

I m trying this url defiantly belongs to your site:


with Firefox.

”#” is appearing on every link. unable to see the above said links.


Hi @ mayaz, There is no problem at all. even with the link you pasted in your reply is absolutely working fine without any problems. Please try in a different browser too.

Mayaz, Look in the navbar at the entry called “pages” use that.


i bought simple store but didn’t get all. All i received was psd files which were 5,html index and help. where r the other files that i was to get like css files,files,js files?


Hi @ sweetie123, If you had problem with download please contact themeforest support team and explain them , they should be able to help you with it.


Hi @ sweetie123, we have tried to reply to your email but for some reason it keeps failing. could you please send us the commplete folder which you downloaded in order to confirm what you are missing in it.

Only way i can send file is by email .what is your email address?


Hi @ sweetie123, you can find our email add in our portfolio page.

can you recomend anyone to get this template to work or me Also can it be used as a ecommerce site


Hi @ sweetie123, this is just an HTML and CSS template. you will need to get it cusotmised in order to convert it to fully functional ecommerce site.

Is there anyway to add a caption to specific images of the slider? My client would like to have this option if it is availble.

Also is there a way to resize the images the slider is reading? When my clients site goes live he may not always be able to crop or resize the images to the demensions of the slider. Having the ability to add code to the JS and resize any image brought in would be great.



Hi @travispamaral,

thanks for your purchase, you can put caption in slider but you must need to search on internet for “sudo slider” and you will get idea.

for image resize you are open to use any javascript. and if you want us to do these amendments for you then please drop me an email by using contact form at our profile page.


Great theme,

I’m just wondering if there is a way to slow down the image cycle on the index page.


Hi @smythe1000, thanks for nice feedback. you can surely do that by editing functions.js file line number 32. please write me an email if you need further help. regards

Do you think this will work with Wordpress (or Wordpress e-commerce plugin)?


Hi, this is just an HTML template so you can use it with any CMS you want. regards


Is there one that you would recommend?


I am sorry but you need to search any based on your requirements. wish you good luck with your project.

Quite cool page. I only wish that the presentation is not contain with a shortcode and typography pages. This will significantly facilitate the work with the material.

Nevertheless, Great job! Keep up!

Hey there! Would this plugin HTML code: http://tshirtgang.com/cp/api work with the shopping cart in this theme?



Hi @agdapparel,

Its just an HTML template and it will work with any CMS system or plugin.


Hi Guys. I’m trying to install this theme through WP but it keeps failing. Perhaps your theme is installed differently since its just HTML?


Hi @howsyourweblife,

You have bought an HTML template not a WP theme. You can not install an HTML template directly into a WP. You need to add functionality. Please contact any developer for this purpose.


How to convert the template to rtl (right to left ) instead of ltr ?


It does not contain this option.


I’m interested in the template, I have a question before purchasing.

Can we connect to our Amazon Affiliate program through this store?

Best Regards: Patrick


It is an HTML template. You can modify it as per your requirement to make it work.