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HI! I wonder how can I activate the ShowBiz Sliders plugin. Great theme so far :)

I did that, but then when I click (for example) on ShowBiz tab on my dashboard, I have an option to activate it, and I don’t know where to get the Purchase code

anyone there?

Hi Artozan, Sorry, we were sure to have replied, somehow the answer was not posted.
As for the Showbiz, you don’t need an activation code as for we are already giving the Extended version, meaning, there is no purchase code as for we do the upgrades to the latest show biz versions.
If you open a ticket in our support website at http://twomediaxthemes.ticksy.com and provide access to your wp-admin we can take a look and help you better if there’s any issue.


I have been trying to submit a ticket for support but am being told my product code is invali. Also sent an email to info@2mediax.com but it bounced.

I am having a problem with the skins, I am trying to change the colour of my menu font to red fa080808 which seems to work in the skins editor but does not show up on the front end. Is this a bug? I have changed some of the colours etc successfully but cannot change to red.

Also all my product photos are pixilated in a way that they were not with my previous theme, is there a quick fix for this?

I can give you login details to my site however I have not permanently swapped themes yet as I want everything in order before I do so. If you want to go and check out what I have done you will need to put the site in maintenance mode and activate the Simple Theme and then return the site back to its current theme (Function) when you are finished. Please let me know if you want login details.



Hi Guys,

I have managed to overcome the skins issue mentioned above by not using skins but just using styling in the theme options, seems much easier.

Would still like a response to fixing the blurred images though, whats size is the default for product images with this theme?

Thanks, Sophie.

I am still waiting to hear back from you guys, this is the worst customer service I have had throughout my whole Wordpress career. Please respond so I can launch your theme – it is over a month since I bought it!

Hi Sophie, We did check right now our emails regarding the request, 13 days ago, of your credentials to access your wp-admin and take a look at why you can’t regenerate images… the email is info@twomediaxthemes.com ..

I got your response and wrote back to inform you of an issue with going to page 2 of a list of products. You said you were having email issues so I responded to the gmail address you wrote to me from. I will resend the email to the one above now.

Someone please tell me what shortcode and where to place to make products appear on home page. I have posted a support ticket as well. but I need to know asap….Please…..

Hi, it will depend on what kind of products : Latest, popular, by category…etc…if you look into the Woocommerce website and search for the available shortcodes you can use any of those!.. Just in case…here you can see all the available shortcodes for the Woocommerce!.: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/woocommerce-shortcodes/

Woo shortcodes do NOT work. I want my home page like the demo. I have installed demo content I have written on your forum. I am BEGGING you to help me fix this last issue on my site. PLEASE>>>>>>

We did reply on our support website. Please, reply to the ticket and provide wp-admin access that we might take a look .

Dear 2mediax, please answer the following questions. I sent a message to your ticket system. 1. subject: error message ShowBiz Sliderssubject: error message ShowBiz Sliders. “The API key, the Purchase Code and the Username need to be set!” 2. subject: WPBakery Visual Composer is not the full version, is almost useless. So why has promised and built into this great shortcode generator? Thus, the template unusable. Please answer my question! Answer not worthy. I can not afford. How could perform such work? Thank you, Peter Nagy

Hi Peter, We provide the ShowBiz Pro and the Visual Composer. The ShowBiz doesnt need to be activated, even if says so, you can still use it fully as for the activation should be to obtain free upgrades, which you still have when we upgrade the Theme eventually. As for the visual composer is the full version…. We didn’t put the basic shortcodes that come with the native Visual Composer, but you can activate them manually if you need them. The reason why we didn’t add them is because they didn’t fit the layout aesthetics.. If you want us to activate the basic shortcodes for Visual Composer please, open a ticket and provide access to your wp-admin.

Ah …. now I know that public comments be asked to answer :) Thank you for the answer. But there are also private issues, they can respond. In vain I open ticket , do not answer ! Please respond privately , because there I have attached pictures. Thank you !

I see . So are updated automatically update the plugin after the template is updated . ( independently from the plugins requests to install the new version ) . Then behind that? The WPBakery Visual Composer is great , but there are flaws . Because I thought it was meth is not the full version . For example:

1 – do not adjust the center dokumetumot (eg picture ) is a four -column option . I attached picture . 2 – too little of the option . ( of course you can not yet Discovered ) 3 – I do not see aa graphical view instruments ( why ? ) . Test all browsers ! I attached picture The website plugni Appears in the video and there are Several options ( Which is why I Thought That there is no full version to me ) wonderfully more links I’m sorry , I’m European … :) I’m talking about is not too good at Angol but I hope you Understand what I mean .

I want Thousands of people globally to your site , you can not get ” crappy ” solutions forward . But in terms of SEO wordpress is the best.

4 – That’s why I asked the translator had plugin what you propose 5 – . featured image of the post or page on this web site is very large . Automatically resized . I tried to set CSS file , but no such Claims ATT . To 50%. In Firefox ( view post) analysis of the option element (Firefox ) works nicely :). You have Argue Also in CSS Fili , but the featured image at 100 % Remains the Same : ( . I attached picture )

6 -. I want to set the (Blog Footer 1st Col.) background color. I sweat blood, but I did not set anywhere. Sötéttebb I need a little color. SKINS SETTINGS option no. Themes option not found. That’s it… Inner footer-wrapper, stickybar inner-wrapper { background-color: # 333;. This color is too light for me. For example, to # 0C0C0C. I attached picture private ticket system, as well as the others!

I hope to finally answer my questions. I know I’m not alone with your customers, but to reply in my opinion. If you can not answer, then write it. Word for the people. Thank you! I look forward to your reply. I do not automatically signal when I open this page, you would not have known to publicly respond. Please also answer the other question I privately here or privately.

We did reply on our support website. We try to answer any reasonable and readable question.

HORRIBLE SUPPORT> no one will reply, site has been messed up for 2 weeks. DO NOT BUY THIS!

I want a resolution TODAY for this issue. My support tickets date back 2 weeks and NO ONE gives a damn. I want my money back today or this site fixed TODAY! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Hi, Sorry to read your site is a mess. We try to do our best and support as much as possible. Please, notice we are not ashamed for not been able to support you as for we are not obligated to do so. We try to solve any technical issue with our theme and to that we are committed. Having said that, we haven’t seen any ticket opened by you on our support website.

Hi 2Mediax,

I would like to ask if I was the theme (Simple | Woocommerce Corporate & Skin Editor Pro) is working with WPML multilingual plugin? If confirmed, I would like to buy this WPML. This plugin works with the WooCommerce? Thank you, looking forward to reply and confirmation. Peter Nagy

Hi Peter, yes, the Simple theme works with the WPML.

Thank you!

I bought a theme that incorporates the Visual Composer. ($ 25). I want to upgrade the plugin. But I get an error message: “Update package not available.” Please help me. The author wpbakery asked to contact the author of the template, because YOU can help. What’s the next step?

Hi, We will check the latest version of the WP Bakery Visual Composer and adapt our shortcodes and we will upgrade the theme ASAP.

Thanks for the quick reply!


I would like to have the shop images flip over to show additional information. I’ve downloaded the plugin – WooCommerce Product Image Flipper – but it doesn’t seem to work with this theme. Have you any ideas how I could get this feature working.

Thanks in advance, Emmet

Hello, I’ve submitted this request for help in your support forum, thanks, Emmet

Hey I love the layout of the theme but do you guys have any tutorials on how to set everything up with the demo home page? Please let me know. thanks

Sorry for the late reply. You can download the main file from your download section and when you unzip you will see a tutorial folderror with an index.html… that’s the full manual with all the information you need


i like to give one of the main menu items a different style (font color and family font). I assign a class to it in the menu page in the backend of wp. But it doesnt react to any css code. If i do display: none then it will dissapear but changing the font color will not happen also with !important.

please let me know


Sorry for the late reply. You should use the Skin Editor under Appearance. You can check what skin is in use under Appearance in the Control Panel…


Your theme looks really versatile and complete, but I noticed you have not declared wp 4.x and woocommerce 2.2.x support. Will this theme be updated any time soon?

Best Regards, Jordy


wp 4.x and woo commerce 2.2.x support. When will you guys have this theme updated?

How do I remove the twitter carousel before the footer?

i have purchased your theme but facing issue of not having products on homepage as in demo.here is my website.how to do this?? http://cloud9vaping.co/

Don’t support..)) there are no answers… very sad… http://twomediaxthemes.ticksy.com/