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Fantastic template, is video supported (video previews) in Store?

Tks allot. What do u mean by videos on store. The template supports videos…

Nice one! Good luck:)

Tks hercules

Congratulations nice work. Good luck dude!!

Tks allot

Tks allot

Good luck with sales :D

Tks man

Great looking theme, really smart! Good luck with the sale, im sure i’ll be buying it at some point soon.

tks allot :)

Hi, this looks a great theme and could be just what I need. One pre-sales question, the banner short code, is it able to create full width sections (banners) similar to can be seen in the following websites. http://www.rdio.com/features/ http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-gb/surface-with-windows-8-pro/

simple has Header 1 and Header shop that display sticky ther other 2 display normal… (and this features can be unable/disable from the Theme Options)....

I’m double checking… there must be a bug & we will correct it right away :)....

Thank you, will now go and purchase :-D

I posted a support issue, Could you please look at it…


Thank you very much for the fast response :) Glad to know that you are fixing this ASAP :)

Why is it when I make changes on the theme options it doesn’t update?

all the theme options or just some options? it should work,
but if you’re experiencing any issue, please, open a ticket in our support website and send us weblink , username and pwd of your wp-admin, that we might take a look

Nice work guys… and as usual, just in time for when I need it :-)

Glad to be just in time then!

Clean work. :) Does the banner support vimeo/youtube?


Hi, yes, the banner its a free html area.

Awesome! Grand and elegant design! The most impressive was the homepage slider. :)

Glad you like it. We did put lots of time and effort.

Hi Mate

Incredible theme, so stoked. Thanks.

One thing, i cant see the contact page attribute. This could be on my end however I can see the homepage attribute.

Thanks for your help.

Hi pjcutting,
Thanks for the purchase !
Could you please open a ticket at http://twomediaxthemes.ticksy.com/ and send us the weblink and credentials of the wp-admin so that we might take a quick look!


Thanks for assisting and resolving my problem in less than 30 minutes. Best service I have ever received.

All the best!

Glad we could be of any support!

really nice work i love the theme and the many ways to design the different sites etc. I have a little Problem. I need to change the sticky bar…there is a + to roll out the bar. i wanna change the plus and write a text at this position. where can i change it?

Thanks for the purchase!.
Could you please open a ticket at our support website at http://twomediaxthemes.ticksy.com/ and send us a link to your website so that we might take a look.

Hello. Great theme! looks awesome! A pre-purchase question: I can add a small calendar in the tabs of the products so that the customer can select a day? My products are experiences and excursions and I need that customers can select the day you want to do.

Thank you very much!

Hi elbob,
Well, the best you could do is to see if there’s any plugin that connects well with woocommerce products and allows the possibility to use a product with a calendar property. Our Theme works well with any plugin developed with woocommerce framework standards

ok thanks! I’ve been looking and I think I found the solution. In short buy the theme!

sorry… what do you mean?

Hi kiansky,
we havent try that hard to make it rtl, but we do know many users just take some time and change floats on divs and alignments.


I have a pre-purchase question. I am wanting to replace my current theme with an ecommerce one because I want the simple product catalog. However, I do not want the cart feature. Does this theme come with the WooCommerce option to turn the cart off and just use the grid and catalog feature? If not, will your theme support this: http://www.woothemes.com/products/catalog-visibility-options/

Also, I would like to expand the menu to support image of product and such. Does this theme work with mega menu plugins like this one: http://codecanyon.net/item/ubermenu-wordpress-mega-menu-plugin/154703?WT.ac=search_item&WT.seg_1=search_item&WT.z_author=sevenspark if not can you point me to one that does work with this theme?

Thanks, Jon

Hi Jon,
Simple is compatible with the Woocommerce Plugins Extensions. This theme supports the Catalog Visibility Options Plugins, yet is not included in the theme, as for it’s not so commonly used.

Our themes supports mega menu plugin since we develop with Wordpress Core API in mind.
In any case, we will support you if needed!.

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