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Nice and clean. Congratulations!

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Nice and Elegant Theme. Congrats!

Solid template – looking good buddy!

Thank you sir! More coming soon.

Hi Giovanni, Nice template… Do you plan to fix the flickering on the main slider (on mobile device, tested on iphone 4S) ?

Thanks for the purchase! I will take a look at this and get and updated to you soon. What browser are you using on you iPhone?

Thanks for the quick reply… always appreciate… My browser is safari IOS 6.1.4. Waiting for the fix, I’m using another slider. Everything looks fine but to avoid any conflict or unexpected behaviour, can you tell me some particular changes in some JS or CSS files ?

Thanks for the info. Can you shoot me an email (support at I’ll send you the specific changes to any CSS and JS files.

Hello. How can I change the image of the iPhone screen? Includes psd file for this? Thanks

Hi miamidollars. The images are easy to create and swap out. I include some blank PNG images where you can easily place your images. Also, the resource to the iPhone PSD are on the documentation. :)

Elegant template. Congratulations.

Thanks Adam!

Hi, Is it possible to use Google fonts with your template?


Yes, currently the theme uses Open Sans Google Font. You can easily change it to any Google Font.


why is this update for?


Hi Fox. Thanks for the purchase! The update is for the main slider only. The slider images are now loaded via CSS rather than having the in the slider. This allow us to pull a smaller image for mobile devices (slide01-sm.png) using Media Queries. You can view the CSS or SASS classes .slide-img, .slide-one and .slide-two. Please email me if you have further questions: Thanks!

Hi there great design. Looking to purchase it right away. However a silly question, but is there a way turning off mobile responsiveness?


Thanks for the suggestion! I will push an update with a non-responsive version in the next few days.

The feature has been added to the theme and is available now. You can view it in the live preview. Thanks again!

Hi Giovanni, nice theme. I have to put the menu on the top, horizontal and always open like in a classic header. Where can i find the menu code in order to play with it to do a standard menu on the top? Any recommendation to make this change quick? Thank you. Nick

Thanks for the purchase! You can view the PageSlide documentation here. I would recommend maybe just coding a new element and placing it fixed. If it will not have the PageSlide drawer there is really no need to use that code. I hope that helps!

hello , i just purchased one of your landing pages and i was wondering if you can provide some hints on what software do i need to installed and make some changes to it. i’m new to this and i’m trying to do a landing page for a an iPhone app i’m working on. Thank you

Hi Amramzy. First, thanks for purchasing my theme! Can you provide a bit more detail on what you need help with exactly? If you want to work with the SASS files you will need a SCSS preprocessor like CodeKit. Please look at the documentation carefully for the setup instructions. If you still need help please email me. Thanks again!

hi there, i still confuse, how to add coffe icon which is missing in the template?

The icons are from FontAwesome. Here you can view some examples and All Fonts. FontAwesome is already installed on SimpleApp so all you have to do is call the icon that you want, for example: <i class=”fa fa-calendar fa-2x”></i>. It’s that easy! :) Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help. Thanks again.


zhb Purchased

I’ve just bought this template. I’m trying to add a third slide. I’ve followed all the instructions in the documentation however the image isn’t showing.

Hi zhb,

Thanks for purchasing my theme. Can you send me a link to a live or dev version to That will help me know whats going on. :)

On my test devices, the landing page looks awesome! However when I push it live, and look at the website on my mobile or tablet, the site is not responsive at all! (On my browser, when I go through Chrome developer tool > Emulate > iPhone 5 all of a sudden the screen is now chopped off)!

I’m not using the fixed width version, and I haven’t touched any of the responsive css, so I don’t know why this isn’t working :( Help!


Thanks for the message. Do you have a link on where the site live? Can you send it to my email

I look forward to reviewing it and helping you find the fix.


Hi, I found the issue in the bootstrap.css file. The fixed width styling was turned on, as soon as I commented it out, the website worked responsive! Phew!

Great! Please let me know if there is anything else. :)


PHSyes Purchased

I followed your documentation

Updating Colors css/scss/_variables.scss

and edited

Using Backstretch js/main.js

and these do nothing??? Why can’t I change this


Thanks for purchasing my theme. :) I have some questions regarding your issue. Are you using a SASS compiler like CodeKit or with a task runner like Grunt.js or Gulp.js? What did you edit for Backstretch? What issue to you have exactly with backstretch? Feel free to email me support [at] with all of your questions.


PHSyes Purchased

When i edit the main.js and enable backstretch it works. But When i use sublime and compile with code kit “_variables.scss” and edit lines 21-25

brand-primary: #000000; $brand-success: #000000; $brand-warning: #000000; $brand-danger: #000000; $brand-info: #000000;

I changed them all to black and compile and nothing happens.


PHSyes Purchased

Ca you please help? Updating the files you outlined in the instructions doesnt work. how do you change the primary color?

Hello Giovanni! First of all, great template design! Really like it. Unfortunately I am new to SASS and hope you can help me how to change the template colors. I am using CODA with SASS Plug-In. I changed the $brand-primary and tested to change the other colors but nothing changes :/ Do you have any idea how to fix this or handle SASS? Thanks a lot!

Hi BORABORA. Thanks for purchasing my theme. It sounds like the SASS is not being compiled correctly. Do you know if the SASS is being compiled to the /public/css/* folder? If you’re still having issues you can use, which is a simple app that you can use to compile SASS, COFFEE and more. Or you can use GulpJS – This is another great way to do it.

Make sure to check any of the error logs. Let me know if you have any other issues.