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Nice design firnovion

Thanks nsaf !!!

yo.. this is fresh n clean …

i love

Thanks g3niuz ¡¡¡

very nice and clean template!

Love the design :) May buy it if I decide to open a portfolio Thanks!

@hagmund: Thanks ¡¡¡

@robc90: I would like to see your portfolio soon :)

odin09 Purchased

Great template man!!! really awsome… how can i start de about section with the skills and social panels opened???

Thanks a lot

Hi odin09,

Thanks for your buy¡¡¡

Ok, you have to go to “about.html” page and in the “head” zone you will find a small javascript zone. There are two lines that you have to remove or comment to show the content of social and more skills directly.

This two lines:

//hide at start

Comment or remove it and thats all.

Thanks again¡¡¡

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Line 34, Column 115: Attribute "onload" exists, but can not be used for this element.

Hi ttl,

Thanks for reporting the error.

This error is for the ie6 fix. You can remove the “fixPNG(this)” to validate the page. It’s only for the ie6 compatible version (transparents png).

Thanks again!!

great template.

Thanks dradwan¡¡¡

This is a great template! Love the Featured Works area <3 I was wonderinf if the contact form is working (ready to use)?


Did you get my email? I haven’t heard back from you if you did? Thanks

Sorry for delayed. I have sent the response.

Would make an excellent WP theme!

acflores Purchased

Portfolio Page Is Broken on IE7

I used http://spoon.net/browsers/#IE



Has anyone written a functioning .php script for the contact page?

It’s not included in the original download and I’m lazy.

No live preview….