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Hola Valentin quisiera que me puedas ayudar a ordenar las fotos de manera ordenada, ya que me salen de manera aleatoria. estoy trabajando con el modulo My Isotope. He creado varias galerías y te pido por favor me puedas guiar a como ordenarlo.

Hola folela,

Escribeme a traves del formulario de soporte el acceso FTP y backend de tu sitio con instrucciones precisas de la ubicacion del modulo para agregar un poco de php para generar el resultado deseado.

El formulario lo encuentras en la sección de “Support” de Simple Key.


I have a problem regards the configuration for tablet and mobile. In particular, the Isotope module and what happens when customers click on the images. Ideally I would like these articles to appear only in light-boxes as they do on the desktop version of the site (I disabled the link button in CSS). However, on the mobile version the articles open up on an entirely different page containing the article followed by all the #section-… parts of the website.

I would like to know if it is possible to enable the lightboxes for the mobile version and I how I could go about doing this. If I am not able to open these articles in a lightbox, how can I configure it so that the link goes only to a plain article, with no menus, modules or sections?

I hope you can help with this and look forward to your response. Thank you in advance.

Hi David,

The lighboxes are disabled for mobile screens. Instead the fullpage will be opened. That’s how the template is designed for a better UX.


How do I make this template more search engine friendly? In google search results I have results that link to the module address and not the content. Best regards

Hi fridayshoes,

May you elaborate?


Hi, when I search for my site the ‘site links’ that appear in the results are not ideal. How can I choose what ‘site links’ google will show eg.

What do you mean by “not ideal”? Share some examples of the links you have, and the type of links you want.

Hi i try to use google maps module but it can’t take all width.

It look like different than the demo

May you elaborate?

there is a lag on a team module, the second line (3person) don’t start at the left.

In last work module service when the resolution is low ( mobile view) many lag appear

Remember the map is hosted by google, not by the template. That being said, a delay can be caused due the site and the map loads at the same time.

Hopes this clarification helps

If I’m missing something, share more details, including a link to the map


Hi, I’m creating a multilanguage website (Italian and English) using Simplekey Template but I have some problems with the translation process.. I have created to other Main Menu so now I have: - Main Menu - Main Menu EN - Main Menu IT

For example in “Contact” I cannot translate the Title “Contact”.

I see that the contact element take the Title form the Menu Name but only from the MAIN MENU and not from the Main Menu IT or Main Menu EN. Why? How can I translate all the elements? I was able to translate the Placeholders in the Contact Form but not the Title. Thanks and goodbye

May I have the link of your site to take a look?

It is not a problem of my site. Also your Demo Site ( have exactly the same problem. It seems like scrolling is disabled only for Windows Phone.

What the version of the browser? Sometimes getting the very details helps to figure out what’s going on.


How do I remove or skip one or two modules on the home page?

I do not need to show these two modules … (You must set at least a module in the position services) (You must set at least a module in the position works)

My Link:


i found it, it took me one day to figure out.

Hi nabawi89,

I’m glad you figure out :)