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There was in older version file timthumb-config.php. I want to enable some domains to hotlinking. Which file can i now modify?


pyrohot Purchased

please delete question, i wrote it wrong place :)

Well, OK :)

your demo is not displaying right. I want to see before purchasing

Hi, now it’s normal, thanks for your feedback!

I just installed and activated the latest update of the theme (V_2.10) and see that Revolution Slider didn’t update and is still running V_4.6.92. Is there something special one has to do to update it?

Thank you! I’ve now done that and see I have Max Post Size error. I added the ini_set code in the custom-functions.php folder (exactly as shown below) but nothing changed—can you recommend a workable solution? Maybe I don’t have the code exactly right here?

 * Custom Functions
 * @package VAN Framework

  * You can add your custom functions below
@ini_set( 'upload_max_size' , '64M' );
@ini_set( 'post_max_size', '64M');
@ini_set( 'max_execution_time', '300' );

I figured it out! I created a php.ini file, as follows:

upload_max_filesize = 2048M
post_max_size = 2048M
max_execution_time = 3000

and uploaded it to my wp-admin folder.

My maximum upload file size is now 2 GB. :)


Hello ThemeVan

How do I actually change the header of my website? I obviously want to change the ‘Simplekey’ with my logo and the colors of the header but although I have spent good 5 hours trying to find where to do that from I have no success so far. Apologies if the question is stupid but all of the themes I have used so far have header options when I click ‘customize’.

So you meant that your customer’s blog is actually an external website(blog), you want to call the external blog posts to this website, do I understand extactly? If so, there’s no this feature in this theme, this issue is out of the theme support, maybe you have to find any other 3rd-party plugins which can help you do that.

Yes, you got me right. I supposed so but wanted to try anyway. Thank you very much for your support. I will have a look and try. :) xx

OK, thanks for your understand.

Hi is your support forum working? I’ve registered and didn’t get the confirmation email.

Hi have some bugs to report (in install and in template).


Hi, I’ve activated your account, now you need to verfiy your purchase code before you enter into the simplekey forum.


Thanks. Already put some questions there… waiting for answer :)

Yes, I see. :)

Hello just a question I have been asked by my client. On mobile the pics don’t fit is this something we can change so it works well on all devices?

I checked your website, did you mean the section background pictures or the slider image which is in the about us section and top section?

If the slider image is cut off on mobile device, I see it was created with Revolution slider, in the revolution slider settings, you can turn on the custom grid size option for mobile , then edit each slider, insert the different pictures with different size for echo mobile size

If the section background picture, because the picture is resized by CSS background-size, so it’s impossible to resize the picture very accurately.


Wouldn’t the quality of the images when browsed through I computer go down if I change the size of them? I am asking just to be sure I am not making mistake if I do that. I have one more question- is it possible to have the logo in the navigation menu bar moved in the middle or in the right? Also could I possibly have two kind of logos in the navigation menu bar- one in the left and one in the right? Or could I change for example the Contact us text in the navigation menu with an image so it is an image instead of text? Thanks in advance! xx

Maybe I’m not quite understand the image issue, could you post a screenshot here to point out the problem? There are many images in the page, I’m not sure which part you meant. Generally, the background picture is resized by CSS, so it will not resize the picture very extact for each screen size.

For the other two questions, i’m sorry that they are custom issue that is not included in the support. You have to customize the HTML part of header.php and CSS.

If you want to use an image to instead of the menu text, maybe you can try to use some plugins like insert the icon in front of the menu text, and then hide the menu text with custom CSS.


Good day! I am using the most updated version of the theme as well as the most updated version of visual composer, but the visual composer just keeps cycling when trying to add a new element. Thank you


Could you send your wp login details via my profile page? It seems the VC plugin issue.



Is there another way to change the logo? When I try to upload my own logo, it doesn’t attach.


Nevermind…I found the answer in someone else’s previous comment. I got it to work now.

OK, that’s great

After enabling the one_sixth shortcode, it still does not seem to work. Is there somewhere other than shortcodes.css that it needs to be enabled?

I believe I found the issue, an one_sixth shortcode needs to be added to shortcodes.php. Would you be able to have a commented out one_fifth and one_sixth in shortcodes.php to make it easier for those of us who need to use those shortcodes?

yes, the columns is limited to 5 columns. you can use visual composer to create any columns layout.


when you.edit the page, click.backend editor, then you can use visual composer page builder to instead of the old shortcodes.


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BUG: alias domain wont show socialmedia icone correctly, there is squares.

AND error: Font from origin ‘' has been blocked from loading by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘' is therefore not allowed access.

sorry for the delay, could I check your website?


How can I make one page occupy 100% of viewport height with an image as background?


Hi, you can try to edit the row, check the full height option. please let me know the result. Thanks

Hi I´d like to know if it is possible to import an image (background) to the list of backgrounds themes (I don´t find where are them, not in the library) in order to have the same background in all pages without a dividing line between pictures. I know how to import a picture for change the background page but i´d like to to have the same uniform background in all pages, the same custom background for the whole web. Thank you!


Maybe the only way to do that is using custom CSS. For example,

<style type="text/css">
body{background:url(http://YOUR IMAGE URL) no-repeat;background-size:cover;}

Add it to Appearance > SimpleKey options > Additionals > Additional code.

And then don’t set any background picture for each section.


Hi there, I’m trying to decrease the space between the top of a section and the content. The website is Please look at “Program & Dates”. There is a lot of space at the top of the section before the title image. How do I decrease that space? Thanks!


I think the easiest way to do that without coding is reduce this picture height in Photoshop.

Or edit this page, switch the editor to ‘text’ mode, find this picture link then, remove the br tag which above this picture.




I am currently trying to adjust the contact form to external post to my marketing automation system. I was told to do this by changing the action field so that it is <form action=”external_post_URL”>. It looks like when I do this it is messing up the form code. The result is that when I click submit, the data goes into my Marketing Automation system, but there is no confirmation text and the spinning wheel that replaces the submit button just keeps spinning.

Could you provide some guidance to get this to function properly?



I submitted a test through your form, and it shows confirm information like this

It seems no problem, or anything I missed?

I reverted the code back to the original code after I tested it and it did not work. Currently the code is ”<form action=”?”>” I want to figure out how to get the action to point to our external post URL without interfering with the functionality that is provided by action=”?”. How do I go about this? I am guessing that I will just need to plug the external post url into a different part of the php, but I cannot figure out where.

Thanks so much,


First of all, This kind of customization question (connect to 3rd-party system or codes) is not included in the support service (Support Policy). I can only share you some my ideas.

I don’t have experience on submit form to external URL. Because sometimes the browser doesn’t allow cross-domain submitted. So, maybe you can develop your own form separately under that domain name of the external URL, then use iframe tag to embed your own form into the theme (content-contactform.php).

You can use CSS to make the form appearance as same as the theme contact form.