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Hello there, i bought your project cause it’s very nice and close to what I need. I have just a problem… it doesn’t work on WP 4.0… will you release an updated version in the next few days?

let me know asap. Thx and have a good day! A.


Hi alessandrozaccaro, thank you for buying.

There are no known issues with the WP 4 at this time, so maybe it’s related to something else.

Please register at our support forum for further discussion. http://www.themesindep.com/support
samiyusuf Purchased


You are wrote this before: It is certainly possible to remove the zoom effect and how to do this is described in our support forum

And this is interesting to me too. Please, can you give a link to this place.

Thank you!!!


Hi samiyusuf, please follow this link http://www.themesindep.com/support/forums/topic/remove-zoom-effects-on-all-posts/ on our support forum


I am desperately trying to find SimpleMag 2.1.1. I just purchased 3.0.3 but there is a problem with the IssueM plugin that seems to required version 2.1.1 instead of 3.0.3. Is there anywhere I can access the previous version?

Thank you, Kevin


Hi Kevin, answered on the forum.

Ive downloaded the file but I’ve been unable to add shortcodes to a post or page. I can find the shortcode box. Is there a certain plugin I need to install?


Hi, answered on the forum.

ABALUSH Purchased

Hi, My ”featured image” appears at the top of every post EVEN IF I TURNED OFF THE FEATURED IMAGE ON THEME OPTIONS! I think this is a bug. Would you please fix it. It causes issues on the facebook sharer! I installed a wp open graph plugin and it does’nt work because could’nt scrape the right image.

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Hi, after downloading new version of simple mag I don’t have in my language – Slovak- .mo file – so i can’t translate some words. How can I do it? Second question – which fonts are Latin Extended – because not all i can use in my language. thanks for answer Ema


Hi Ema

1. Copy en_US.po and en_US.mo on your computer and rename them to sk_SK.po and sk_SK.mo

2. Please visit Google Fonts site to check on particular language support. http://www.google.com/fonts/

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I am having trouble with the sharing buttons at the bottom of the posts. When clicked, the link is not bringing though the feature image of any of the page content. It is sharing the correct link but, for example, if it is shared on Facebook, it shows a blank image, no text and only the title of the website, not blog title. It does seem to work for pinterest but not the others..

Any ideas?



Hi Jojo

For support questions please register at our support forum. http://www.themesindep.com/support/

It would be helpful if you provide a link of your website.

Hi! Very nice theme! I’m interested to buy it, but before i ask if the theme is user friendly to place advertising (like adsense). thanks a lot for answering!


Hi Digital_Artillery, thank you for interest.

The theme comes with many advertising spots where you can place your adsense codes. - Header - Footer - Sidebar - Between posts - Between homepage sections - Single post

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I cannot see Theme Options while in Localhost!


Hi wtoalabi

It is very difficult to answer because I don’t know what is your localhost environment. We’ve had very good luck with Xampp and MAMP on both Windows and MacOS

Please register at our support forum for further discussion. http://www.themesindep.com/support

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Good Update!


Thank you!

Hi, I have created the site authors page and according to the demo, when I click on the author thumbnail it will lead me to an authors page (like this: http://themesindep.com/simplemag/author/jane/) but on my site it just leads me to the homepage. How do I fix this?


Hi megadigitalmedia

Please repost this issue in our support forum http://www.themesindep.com/support/ and include a link to your site.


Can I email you the link instead? My site is still on a dev site and I will need to send you wp log in credentials so you can view it :)


Please email us using the contact from on our profile page.

Hey! I am interested in buying your theme. Does it support RTL? Is it easy to translate?



Hi adi_erel, theme supports RTL. In order to RTL take affect you need to install WordPress in your language. We have a tutorial in our knowledge base about how to localize (translate) the theme using PoEdit.

Hi ! I’ve already bought the theme and I’m trying to customize it. I would like to know if it possible to resize the Top Strip (Secundary Menu) as also to customize the font size in the Top Strip.

Thank you.


Hi alanaandkyra, for support please register at our support forum http://www.themesindep.com/support and elaborate more on the question.

Hi. Does your theme support a fixed header image above the menu?

Thank you.

Hello, does your theme support any type of ecommerce system? can one paste a system like opencart, woocommerce, etc in your theme?