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florzak Purchased

Hi! Im thinking of buying this theme. I´d like to see some of the tutorials of the support center. ¿Could you give me an user to visualize the tutorials? ¿When re you going to make the updating of the theme? Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply, thank you for buying. We currently work on the update, please stay tuned.

Hi. Is it possible to change category template so posts fit into a grid of equal size cells? Jus as the option in the front page last posts component.

Hi grupocreacion, each category have an option of chanigng the layout. Navigate to Posts -> Categories, click on the desired category name, find the “Posts Layout” option, select the “Grid” option and save the changes.

Good looking theme but waiting to see the long awaited update.

Hopefully it will be here soon.

  • Going to get popcorn now.

Thank you.


t3pke Purchased

Great theme! I love working with it. Everything is so easy!

But I have a question. I need to change the fonts to Museo Sans, which is not a Google Font. How to start on that? I can code a little bit myself but I want to know the smartest/shortest way :) Thanks!

H t3pke, thank you for your feedback. Please register at our support center and see this article in our knowledge base

Hello, please how can I prevent the featured images on the homepage from showing. Often, it is those pictures I want people to go and see but if they already see what they look like on homepage, they won’t bother to open the post.

I do not plan to totally remove the featured image functionality because I believe the related post section uses it too. I just don’t want them to show on homepage.

Hello, currently removing featured image from homepage is possible only using CSS. It means that it will remaing on the page, but won’t be visible for users. Please register at out support forum, open a new topic and elaborate about where exectly you need to hide the images

Hello ! I was wondering which size of logo do you recommend when using simple mag ?

Hi, logo is limited to 1050 pixels in width, but in height it can be as much pixels as you need.

Hi, logo is limited to 1050 pixels in width, but in height it can be as much pixels as you need.

Do you support breadcrumbs as well?

Hi design_capitaldstudio

There is no built-in option, however this can be achieved by a free plugin.

Hello I found Yoast SEO with Breadcrumbs. Is it compatible with the theme?

We know some people are using it on their sites. The functionality will work, but probably you will need to design it a bit to make it look like the theme design.


nostra78 Purchased

after purchase it was registered at you at a support forum…. the letter with registration confirmation doesn’t come…....

Hi nostra78, please check the spam folder. In case the mail is not there email us your purchase id using the contact form on our profile page and we will open you a new account using your email address.

- i´ve read some comments in this forum about the structured data, but have you provided any solution? I get alerts of webmaster tools on all posts by this issue and i don´t know how to fix it! - I see wordpress never asks me to update simplemag. Is it automatically updated as the rest of plugins or must i do it manually? i have 3.0.4 version. Is the latest one?

Hi microcabin, theme uodate must be made nabually, delete the old version and then install the new one. As an alternative you can install Envato WP TOllkit plugin which lets you the abilty to update the theme withing the dashboard Some configuration required please read the pluign description.

Google changed the Structreed Data requirements recently, soon we will release a new theme version with all the correct data markup.


codings Purchased

Hi, using Latest By Format and Featured Posts, but when you sticky some posts so they show up on Featured Posts, they also show up at the top of latest by format. Would be great if there were a way to prevent this redundant display of posts. Thanks

HI codings, thank you for the suggestions, but it would make things a bit confusing. If we do that, we also need to exclude the same posts from all other sections such as Latest By Category which is not very convinient. All sections are not related and works on the independet bases.


codings Purchased

I just noticed the options on the edit post pages to make them featured or appear in the slider. In my experience, sticky is used for such things and makes it easier to sort and unsticky without going into the edit the full post. But I understand and I’ll play with the options you’ve given on the edit post page, thanks!

You can find lots of info about how to configure the theme in our support center


We bought the theme, but want our layout to be similar to how you have your’s pitched in the live demo. How do we get ours to have a slider, pic on the side, etc.?

Hi robbylewis, we have a detailed instructions about everything in our knowledge base. Please see this article about how to rectreate the demo homepages

TI Latest Reviews and TI Latest Posts don’t seem to be working on single posts even when activated in widgets…

using latest theme and latest wordpress version, any ideas?

Also when transparent PNGs are used for featured images the background yellow shows through, any chance in next update you could stop this from happening and just keep it white?

thanks, Paul

Hi livefreedietravelling, i can confirm that these widets works and have no bugs or issues. Please make sure that ypu have added both widgets into the Magazine sidebar, this sidebar is displayed on all categories and single posts.

To remove the yellow background, please see this reply and an easy solution in our support forum


codings Purchased

Hi, just updated Redux Framework to Version and lost all images on the home page. I went through a few steps: deactivated all plugins, forced regeneration of thumbs, cleared cache, tried a new browser. The space for the thumbs is still there, but they disappeared from being displayed after the update.

Hi @codings, please share your site URL so we can see the issue, find a reason and a solution.

Hi There, great theme guys – quick issue I’ve got an issue with the social media links under posts. On some category pages the social links located under a post are fine, but on some I have the following issue; Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hi 3dnative, it’s hard to tell what is going on from a screenshot, could be a conflict caused by one of the plugins you are using or an unclosed tag appeared during your code modification. Please register at out support center, open a new topic and give us your site URL so we can see the described issue.

Hi, ahh there was an unused plugin ‘hide page title’ which I deactivated and the correct social media links works. I reactivated the plugin and seems to have sorted itself out. Even though I don’t need that plugin now. Many thanks for getting back so quickly. Added a positive rating _

Great the issue is resolved! Thank you for rating the theme.

How do you get the 2 smaller boxes on the homepage 1? The one that says “Gallery Post Format” and “Typography”?

Please make sure that two last post have Featured Image.

That worked! Thank you very much. I think a lot of people will benefit from this so here is a recap: Setup Homepages exactly as shown in theme support. To get the typography and Gallery post format two squares make sure to have featured images in the posts. Thanks again!

Glad it worked out! You will find lots of articles and video tutotrials on our support center Unfortenutely currently it’s down, but will be back soon.

Hi there… found the theme via – but I can’t access the demo site. Can you let us know when its back up?

Hi batsirai, our server is currently down, hope it will be fixed soon. We’ll let you know.

The server is back, you can view the demo.