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ukgal86 Purchased

I’m considering buying another license so that we can use WooThemes Sensei plugin with SimpleMag.

From past experience with the Sensei plugin (and other themes), we will likely need to add some code that tells Sensei what content wrappers that SimpleMag uses (typically from the page.php file).

Before I make the additional license purchase, will it be relatively easy to identify (or get support with figuring out) what the opening and closing wrappers would be for SimpleMag? Because, if not, then I know my project may be better-suited for another theme.

Hope I’m making sense. Thank you.

- Debbie

Hi Debbie,

If you will follow the instruction, on WooThemes site, about how to implement the plugin in a theme, i do not see a reason why Sensei plugin won’t work. Since you’ve already purchased the theme, you can download the latest version, 4.3, and experiment with implementing the plugin. We can help you with page wrappers.


ukgal86 Purchased

Thanks so much.

Yes, the plugin functions as it should.

The problem is the layout of the pages generated by Sensei (it’s a Learning Management System). A quick test on our existing SimpleMag website displays pages – generated by Sensei – with the all of the sidebar content rearranged at the bottom of the page and no formatting of the main text area.

Apparently, per Woothemes, the fix is to place the opening and closing wrappers from page.php in the SimpleMag Child Theme functions.php (plus a few other minimal tweaks). Here’s a link to the page about theme compatibility:

Just wanted to make sure that we could get help and the steps to do this from the ThemesIndep Support forum, I’ve tried on my own and the page.php file is too complex for me to find the wrappers I need. We have no plans to hire an outside coder.

If you’re certain you can point us in the right direction, we’ll buy another license and open a support thread. Thanks.


winetrade Purchased

Hi, i notice a problem on the theme. articles that are PLANNED and not published appear in the Megamenù and when you click on the thumb you’ll get the 404 errore. If you browse the category the articles are correctly hidden.

Hi winetrade, please download the latest version where this issue is fixed.


Kasade Purchased

I installed the theme on RTL website, but nothing is RTLed, do I need to do something unique to activate this option?

5 Stars!

Also just notice tiny bug, in the main page the date+category are totally fine, but inside post in the very start the day itself is still before the category, so it looks a bit “weird”, but its not such a huge problem.

Thank you!

Hello! I am using this theme since 2014 and I am very happy about it. Just one question, I am trying to change image sizes from media but it doesn’t work, it keeps keeping the old sizes for small, large and medium, is it related to some theme configuration?

Hi Moda 30, after you change the image sizes you have to regenerate the images. Please use this plugin