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matusg Purchased

Just bought this theme, unfortunately the main menu does not display the defined categories and pages…

Hi matusg, thank you for buying. Please see the documenation included in the package, read the knowldge base and watch video tutorials about how to set up and configure the theme and its features


matusg Purchased

Hey I know the menu is basic. and I asked about the menu

There are no known issues with the menu and how it works. Please check that you have defined the correct menu location. See this article and video

If nothing helps please open a new topic at our support forum and give us your dashboard deatils as private reply we’ll take a look.

I’ve been awaiting this major update before making the purchase but I’m still curious…

Where are the WooComemrce and BBpress demos?

Hi dfusion219, we added the bbPress demo, please see a link in top strip menu. WC demo will be published soon, sorry for the delay.

Looks really good and matches the beauty of the theme… great job.


ameeds Purchased

I’ve purchased your theme and set it up, but the thumbnail images aren’t showing up for the related posts, underneath the posts. It seems the same thing is happening on your demo as well: Can you help? Thanks in advance.

Hi ameeds

Please refer to this thread for a solution:


ameeds Purchased

That’s brilliant – thank you. And thank you for your swift response!


gsm13 Purchased

Hi !

I’m quite interested in buying your theme for a project i’m launching soon. From what I’ve see looks simple and great! Sometimes simple is the best, on opposite to very complex themes.

Quick questions are now coming before decide to buy: Can I invite/allow guests to register and post their own articles? If yes, is there any frontpage article submission, to avoid giving access to wp-admin for guest posters?

Thanks !

Hi gsm13, thank you for your interest. Theme does not have such options built in, but you can easily achive it with a third party plugin. Can’t tell you whcih one exactly but there are plenty of free or paid members and muti authors plugins.


gsm13 Purchased

Thanks for your quick answer. Another simple question: Do you have any idea why google doesn’t display your star ratings on search? I’ve checked Structured Data Testing Tool on your links and everything looks fine. I know we can’t control what google wishes to show or not, but do you have any of your showcase sites displaying properly the star ratings on google search?


This feature was just recently implemented, maybe Google have not done any processing of rich snippets in our demo yet, it requires a bit time. Please also note that Google does not guarantee that it will show star rating even though there are rich snippets.

Ordered this WP theme. However, there are no tutorials how to show up images for each post on Latest posts like on your demo: We added to widget recent posts and it shows ONLY number of posts:

Any help how to fix that? Thanks

Sorry, found that issue how to fix

Hi appsmoment, ou can find an extened knowledge base and video tutorials at our suppot site


I am going to purchase this theme. Just wanted to confirm 2 things that is possible or not.

In this layout 1. Is it possible to make the slider standard width instead of full width ? 2. Is it possible to have the sidebar right after the slider on right side of latest posts same like it is at the bottom right now. Just want it up after slider if possible then will proceed.

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you

It can be only possible if you add sections with sidebars. Please note that SimpleMag does not have pagination on homepage.

Okay i am good to go with the theme. Thank you

Thank you for choosing SimpleMag!

Can I upgrade theme on the site that has been LIVE for some time?

Hi lscheibinger, sure it is possible. You’ll have to do some work to get everything setup and configured, but it’s certainly possible.


gsm13 Purchased

Theme is great, easy to setup. Quick question: If I add a video or image to the sidebar, it doesn’t get responsive on mobile devices. Any hint to solve this?


Please use Ti Image and TI Video widgets. The images and videos will be fully responsive.


jmelee1221 Purchased

Random question but is this theme compatible with buddypress or a subscription site based plugin? If possible can you please let me know…

Thanks in advance…

We have not tested the theme with BuddyPress, but there should not be any issues with subscription plugins.


byemy Purchased


I bought Simple Mag theme but it does not appear as in the demo !

it appears like this : And I Would Like it appear like this :

Can you help me? This is a month that I’m blocked…

Thank you in advance

To learn how to configure the theme please see the documentation included in the downloaded package and also the extended knowledge base and video tutorials at our support site