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Hi there,

I just added a page that just has an image and a header. I noticed that when I search for the page, it comes up with no featured image in search results…

I want to set the featured image for search results, so I set the “featured image” in the page…

However, that resulted in adding a duplicate image to the page content. How can I set the featured image for the page, without that happening?

Hi translationllc

We don’t provide support in the comments. Support is provided only via our forum:

Hi, I just bought your theme and I really like it. My main menu is aligned to the left and I was wondering how to align it in the centre, and how I can change the menu dividers from a slash ( / ) to a straight like ( | )

Hi Bloggerone

For support questions, please visit our forum:


trigrafik Purchased

Presale question: do you have unique articles function? I means THE HOMEPAGE, if a post appears on NEWEST POST, it will not appear on other CATEGORIES. Every post only appears once on homepage, not multi-time, even they have same categories.

Hi trigrafik, unfortunately there is no option which does it automatically, however you can manually exclude categories from posts feed.

Pre Purchase question.

1) is there anyway for the authors bio to be shown in the authors box on the article? 2) Can you give authors titles to show under their name ala the 15zine theme? 3)Is there an option for a sticky menu logo to show when you scroll?


Hi gwax23, thank you for your interest.

1. Author bio is available only in author’s page.

2. Unfortunately there is no such option by default.

3. There are two options of sticky elements in the header. You can choose between Top Strip or Main Menu.


fikir360 Purchased

hi, i want to use the theme in but i see that when i load an image 770×513 pixel to a post it loads another one 1920×1280 pixel. i didn’t understand why, is it necessary? If not necessary how can i cancel it? Thanks.

Hi fikir360, the additional sizes are made by WordPress not by the theme. Browsers can now choose to download the most appropriate size potentially saving bandwidth and speeding up page load times when site is visited from mobile devices.


Cheana Purchased

Where can I find the changelog for the latest version?


bellaes Purchased


Hello, thank you for purchasing the extended support. It takes up to 24 hours to re-validate your purchase. Thank you for your patience.


bellaes Purchased

If it takes 24 hours to re-validate then you need to update your info on your website. It’s written – “Once you purchase support extension, wait few minutes, visit this page again and refresh.” <<- Update this sentence to wait for 24 hours instead of few minutes. It is really annoying and frustrating! I had purchased my extension, as I need help with my website and want to get things done ASAP so I can get on with my other tasks!!! And now, I have to wait for 24 hours? Great!!!

You can access the forum now, your purchase was revalidated.


bellaes Purchased

How can I fix the following?

1. I can’t see my menu on mobile! 2. Your Checkout Page Shipping info is overlapping the sidebar page. 3. That yellow color button “Proceed to Checkout” and “Checkout Now” is so UGLY! How can I change the color? 4. Checkout page “Create Account” and “Additional Note” font is massive! How can I reduce the size of the font?

Please open a new topic on the support forum and include your site URL so we can see the issues you mention. Unfortunately we won’t be able to help you without seeing your site.

There is no need to use words like UGLY, if you do not agree with something you can simply explain it.


bellaes Purchased

Right, there is nothing wrong with describing the “Proceed To Checkout” button color is ugly, as it doesn’t match my theme.

For support questions please continue to our support center.


fikir360 Purchased

?n version 3.0.4 the “Latest by category” module design was better than now. How can i change it? Are there any options to change it?

Hi fikir360

Choose the “Posts Feed” section and select “Latest By Category” from the “Feed Displays” dropdown.


zakoops Purchased


The “shortcodes-indep” plugin available in the download of the latest version (4.2) is an old one (May 2014).

This is found in admin/tgm/plugins in the download.

Since it’s part of a functioning SimpleMag theme, it should be updated in the download or made available on your support site for clients that their support license has expired.

How can I get the latest version otherwise?

Hi zakoops, login to our support center, go to Knowledge Base -> General and find the “Latest Shortocodes plugin version” article.

Since updating to Wordpress 4.5 our slider at the top has disappeared and also gallery sliders in posts are also missing. We just have a massive blank space. You mentioned to us version 4.2 but we cannot use 4.2 forever. Do you intend to actually fix this issue or are you asking everyone to just use 4.2 forever.

Hi azacreations,

We mean theme version 4.2, not WordPress! We have just released a new SimpleMag, 4.2, which is fully compatible with WordPress 4.5. Download the new theme version and install it instead of the one you currently have.