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Hi, how can I open infobox link in a new window, a tried to use openin=”_blank” or target=_blank”, but it is not working?

Hi Robbieriviera

Please take a look at this post for solution:

Thanks, I have purchase code, registered on support site, but paying 41,30$ for one simple answer is too much, so bye, rated 1

Are updates included with the purchase? I have version 2.11, how can I upgrade to the most recent version?

Hi VisionFyre

The latest version of the theme can be found at the Download page of your Themeforest account.

You can also watch our video tutorial on how to update:


mahryska Purchased

hi sorry but i have updated my wordpress and also uploaded the updated simple mag theme of 4.2 but the slider is still not working!

Hi mahryska, installing version 4.2 fixes all issues. If you still experience any issues most probably it’s a cache thing. Clear your browser cache and if you have a caching plugin, clear it’s cache as well.


Eline23 Purchased

Hello! Could you please tell how update from version 3.0.2 to 4.2?


Eline23 Purchased

ok, thanks! hope everything will be fine :)


Eline23 Purchased

hello once again! i just reupload theme very easily – thank you! one question: if I click on category or tag – how can I make a page with the all posts with this category or tag daisplayed with images? right now it’s only text

It’s odd. Please try updating the category, it might fix the issue.



I did the update and now the white space between the header logo and the navigation bar is back. Can you please advise?

Hi there, I purchased extended support and it still isn’t allowing me to get to the forums. Its been a while and still nothing. Can you please help!

Hi, i see you have opened a new topic on the forum. Cheers!


pedromau Purchased

Hi! I’m trying to add a full width section but I can only do that if I use Window Width instead Site Width, but doing that all the page gets full width, and I just want a section to be full width.

Is it possible to do this?

Thank you.


pedromau Purchased

I wish I could use that… but I have bought the theme, and CANNOT use the forum…

When you purchase a theme here at the Themeforest, you receive 6 months of free support. When those 6 months have expired, you can renew your support subscription for another 6 or 12 months at a designated fee.


pedromau Purchased

So sad to hear that… I will not pay for “the same template” again.

Thanks anyway. :\


I have a few questions before I buy this beautifull theme. Is it possible to make a infinite scroll homepage with 4 collums width? And how does it work with ads between the posts? Are they moving when you post a new post or does ads have a standard place were they will be shown.

I would like to hear from you.


D. Bolk

Hi D. Bolk, thank you for your feedback.

1. Infinite scroll is not currently a supported feature.

2. You decide after which post the ad will appear and it will always stay on the same place even after you add or delete posts.

Shortcodes like dropcap are showing up in the author box in the first paragraph of the article under “more from this author”

The plugin is active. And the issue happens on multiple post previews for different authors, so it’s a systematic problem, not isolated to one particular post. You can see it here:

Change get_the_content to get_the_excerpt in author-box.php. The file can be found under Appearance -> Editor.

Please note that we provide support only via our support forum

Works. Awesome. Thanks!


FugalLulu Purchased

On my posts, all two of them, I am getting a 404 error when on frontend trying to view. Permalinks are identical and not sure why, I would have thought they would be specific to each post. Here is the permalink: Permalink: 1) why am I getting these errors, 2) should I be and can I edit the permalink to be specific to each posts or is that only with a content page? Also, can you lead me to where I can read the difference in using posts vs page?

Hi FugalLulu

Sometimes there is a need to flush the permalinks in WordPress.
Navigate to Settings -> Permalinks,
set to Plain and save,
then set to what you had before and save again.

You can read about the difference between the posts and pages at

Hi! Pre-purchase question: Current version of Worpress is 4.5.2, and this theme is compatible with 4.5 only. Will this theme work currently anyway with the 4.5.2 Wordpress Version? Someone told me that the page composer is not working with the current wordpress version – is that right? Thanks for a quick answer! Best!

Hi tc6060, thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. The theme is compatible with the current version 4.5.2

2. No, it’s not correct, the Page Composer is working ok.

I just paid for another 6 months of support and when I go to add a ticket on ThemesIndep and I put in my purchase code, it says that someone else has that code. How do I fix this – I need support help. Thnx!!

Please verify that you have a correct purchase id. Navigate to Downloads page of your account, click on the Download button and then click on the last, 4th, option. After the txt file is downloaded open the file and “Item Purchase Code”. Copy the code and open a new account at our support center.

I see questions about your site “Kitchen Design Network” asked by another user: Infinitum. Perhaps you can contact this person.


stpaul Purchased

what are the recommended image sizes for this theme?

Hi stpaul,

Please open a new topic at our support center


I am trying to upload mail chimp popup code to Header and Footer Plugin to add the Subscribe Pop up. But every time i upload the code it disables the main page slider as well all the post images in the home page. Please advice.

Hi jassijass123,

It can happen because of three reasons:

1. You are not copying the code correctly.
2. You are not placing it in the right place.
3. Both.

Please open a new topic at our support center and provide us more info about it. Where are you placing the code? What code is it?

Okay thank you


nzawol Purchased

The instagram logo in the theme needs to be updated to the new instagram logo that was launched a couple weeks ago. Thanks.

Sure, thank you.


Need to fix a couple of things.

1. The favicon of our website has disappeared and I don’t find a spot where I can reupload it.

2. The slides in the homepage slider aren’t moving by itself and I have tried fixing this a couple of months ago finally giving up not getting the right fix. Would like to fix both of these this time around :) Looking forward for your reply! Cheers

Hi pravin_tungsten

I will start with the second question: Please update your theme version to the latest one, which is 4.2

As the favicon is a WordPress core functionality, we decided to move it to WordPress customizer that you can find under Appearance -> Customize -> Site Identity -> Site Icon

how to remove the page title section from pages please?

Hi Chedr

Please have a look at this post:


When disabling the sidebar for posts, is there any way to make the posts width larger? I would like the posts to be as wide as the post section and sidebar combined.

If I purchase support, is this something I could get help with?


Hi angelagiakas

There is a solution posted on this thread of our support forum, which can be accessed by registering and providing your support license code.