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Can I change the default width so that it can support screen with 1280 dpi and above?


Hi ellieman, due to a lack of time, unfortunately, we do not provide customization services for the theme.


i mean, can i do it my self?

Hi, This is Grace from lushgazine.com . I have problems as below, looking forward to your revert: 1. Very slow page loading 2. Photos are not showing on bloglovin.com 3. Checked at http://validator.w3.org/ and got the following problems:- Validation Output: 6 Errors

Error Line 10, Column 64: Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv on element meta. <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge,chrome=1” /> ? Warning Line 310, Column 64: Section lacks heading. Consider using h2-h6 elements to add identifying headings to all sections. <section id=”content” role=”main” class=”clearfix animated”> ? Error Line 807, Column 117: The center element is obsolete. Use CSS instead. …>


<center><!- www.instagme.com -> ? Error Line 808, Column 227: The allowtransparency attribute on the iframe element is obsolete. Use CSS instead. …er:none; overflow:hidden; width:285px; height: 285px” ></iframe></center> ? Error Line 808, Column 227: The frameborder attribute on the iframe element is obsolete. Use CSS instead. …er:none; overflow:hidden; width:285px; height: 285px” ></iframe></center> ? Error Line 808, Column 227: The scrolling attribute on the iframe element is obsolete. Use CSS instead. …er:none; overflow:hidden; width:285px; height: 285px” ></iframe></center> ? Warning Line 877, Column 109: The border attribute is obsolete. Consider specifying img { border: 0; } in CSS instead. …om/pixel/p-MeJkn3xGpKZBJ.gif” border=”0” height=”1” width=”1” alt=”Quantcast”/> ? Error Line 881, Column 9: Stray end tag script. </script> ? Warning Line 911, Column 109: The border attribute is obsolete. Consider specifying img { border: 0; } in CSS instead. …om/pixel/p-MeJkn3xGpKZBJ.gif” border=”0” height=”1” width=”1” alt=”Quantcast”/> ?

Awaiting for your reply, thanks.


Hi Grace,

1. Very slow page loading happens not because of the theme. You have some sort of a plugin, maybe an outdated plugin which cause this behavior. Another thing is that you have lots of plugins. All these plugins outputs lots of CSS and JS files and it’s also make a huge impact on the loading speed. Please open theme demo and see how it loads. If you want your site to load faster, consider to disable some plugins.

2. We have lots of customers who use Bloglovin and there were no complains before. If you experience such issue, please give the URL where we can see it.

3. The meta error is not not critical and it does not harm your site in any way. Sections have H2 tags. The center element is not coming from a theme, it’s coming from the Instagram plugin

4. Instagram: Instagram is a third party plugin. We can’t support of fix errors in third party plugins. Please consider to contact the plugin developer.

For support please register at our support forum as we not provide support here.


Thanks for the prompt reply and suggestions. I will check with the plugin developers on that. As for the Bloglovin URL, please see here: https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/4181481


For Bloglovin please check that the “For each article in a feed, show” is selected as “Full text” and not as “Summary”.

Is there ever actually going to be an update for this theme? I enquired 6 months ago and got told ‘very soon’ and the forum is filled for months with everyone getting told ‘very near future’ I can not believe how long people have been waiting for an update…


Hi AustinUK, the update will be released in July or even sooner.

Guys, we’re not gonna go back and forth about you all doing your job. We have more than one account with Envato and have purchased several themes throughout the years.

Unless you just answered a message we sent to you months ago, you professing that you answer every message negates the fact. We can provide snapshots, if you like…

As we stated before, we’re happy that you guys are finally updating Simplemag a year later and cannot wait to get the updates.

Thanks again.


All your questions in our support forum were answered and we’ve never received an email from you. Thank you.

Nad28 Purchased


I’m sorry I need your help I have a concern, since 4 days, I try to properly configure the my blog, but I have a little trouble. I install / uninstall several times shortcode plugins, but nothing to do it does not work. So I completely uninstall / install my blog on my web host. install again, the mother and child theme theme. Then the shortcode plugins, but it still does not work. I even install the demo hoping that it works but no, still nothing.

Is there something I do wrong?

I also would like to create a menu where categories have pictures, that would lead to multiple subcategories

For example: Main Menu:

1) Alberta 2) Immigration 3) Travel

1-A) Calgary (with photo) ...... 1-B) Hiking (with photo) ... 1c) City (with photo)

1A 1 Welcom to Calgary (1 post) 1A2 Calgary is Amazing (2 post) 1A3 bla bla bla (3 post)

and same for hiking and City

Thank you in advance for your help, I tear out my hair for 4 days without success.


Hi, is the problem only with plugin? We have a new plugin version on our support forum. Please register at the forum and download the new shortcodes plugin version.

Can i manually change the width of the theme? To make it like my current site: www.jenniferbeals.cn?


It can be done with CSS. If you familiar with CSS you can change it, if not you can hire a developer for this job.

Would you please recommend a hosting service that I can use your theme without a problem? Im from Turkey. My site will be international.


Hi doranmarel, basically you can use any hosting you find suitable for you by price.

Hi, love the look of your theme.

Does the front page have a page editor? so i can add wording and images bellow the slider and keep featured posts etc?

Also is it easy to take off the date on each feed (i.e. featured posts, latest categories etc) on the home page? and can i change the wording of the titles?


Can I confirm that in this new update it will have a page editor for the front page? If so I will wait for the update and purchase it again for another project.


Hi, I’m still waiting for a reply :yawn:


HI, sorry for a late reply. Yes, there is a WP editor as a Page Composer section.

I have a Blog: http://rigofotografia.com.br/novoblog This theme keeps my posts on the first page, like my Blog? I do not need to import content from my blog in replacing themes? Thank you!


Hi rigofotografia, thank you for your interest. Theme works with posts, if you current theme also works with default WordPress posts and categories, then the new theme will automatically output all your posts. You do not need to import anything.

Hey I love your theme, I was just wondering if i could add woocomerce to it?


Hi Mr_kreative, thank you for your interest. You can install the WooCommerce plugin, the functionality will work, but additional work is needed in order to make the shop to look like the theme. You also need to create a special template file for WC products pages.

matt3o Purchased

This is a very nice looking theme, definitely something different from the all-the-same themes around and well worth its price.

Also the customization is really simple and making your very own layout is a snap.

Anyway I do not share the 5-stars rating completely. Things I wished I knew before buying (I’m referring to v2.1.1):

1) it is not possible to set a “standard” font (arial/helvetica/times), you can only use Google fonts (I should have checked the support forum where people are arguing about this, but honestly I thought this was a pretty basic feature)

2) Google fonts are loaded with full styles support, so you are loading bold/italic/cyrillic/etc even if you don’t need them

3) You can filter by category or tag only in masonry layout. If you want a simple “blog like” list you can not apply any filter to the posts.

4) The code is generally very well structured and it’s easy to find the file that you want to modify, but I spotted some very small “bugs” here and there. They don’t interfere with the theme functionality but it’s not nice to see them. Author seems to ignore bug reports on the support forum, but maybe he just notes them for future releases.

5) Some very small inconsistencies in the sidebar styles (sometimes link are underlined, sometimes are not, sometimes are with a higher letter spacing, sometimes are in one font, sometimes in another, sometimes it uses light gray, sometimes light blue).

This anyway remains one of the best themes over here.


Thank you for your feedback.

Bugs and errors are fixed and will be available in a new theme version which is coming in July or sooner.

If you need support and help please continue to post questions on the support forum so we can keep all conversation in one place.

Does SimpleMag support WooCommerce?


You can install the WooCommerce plugin, the functionality will work, but additional work is needed in order to make the shop to look like the theme. You also need to create a special template file for WC products pages.

Hi – possibly a dumb question but is it possible to replace the comments section with Facebook comments?

Many thanks!


Hi, you can use on the available Facebook comments plugins.

How can I make search result with pictures? I couldnt find it :( thanks


HI, search results already have pictures. Please continue this discussion on our support forum.


ok. done!

See here my problems: http://www.vita.andreaszech.tv/kontakt/

I searched the file to change the contact-data in german, example “Your Name”.

See my xing-url. it’s too long. So will changed the witdh ? Where ?

Thank you for your help !


bye the way: when i changed your default.po in de_DE.po or prestige-de_DE-po and save this in .mo and transfer it of my server, so i didn’t see any changes. What i do to solve this ?


HI, not sure i understand your first question. The URL takes me to a site where i see something else but not SimpleMag theme. In order to make the translation files to work you need to install WordPress in German. For further support please register at our support forum as we do not provide support here.


I just purchased this theme and installed the demo content however the site looks nothing like the demo and has notes which says define your site’s menu…

How can I correct this problem – www.theLOEYW.com – you can see the error messages


Answered on the forum

Hello, your theme is very good. Will there be an update in the foreseeable future, in which a design for bbpress is included?


There is going to an update in July. Unfortunately bbPress is not going to be part of this update, but we will consider to add it in the future.

So I just purchased the theme less than an hour ago ready to get started only to find that the demo looks absolutely nothing like the sample site. I am aware that the images could not be provided because of copyright issue but having the layout preset and already there is important for a beginner such as myself. Please advise. I love the theme but the time it will take to even attempt to replicate the demo is way too long.

Is there anyway to get the site to look like the demo site minus images? Please and thank you.


Answered on the forum


which forum?

Presale question: I see the specs say: last updated 9 August 13. And Software version WordPress 3.9. Is this fully compatible with WP 3.92?


Hi, currently it support the latest WP version and the new update is going to be released in July.