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do you have a mega drop down menu option included?

Hi, We are using css menu, so you can easily use it as mega menu just adding more column in dropdown. If you need any help send us email, we will help you. Thanks:-)

Thank You pxcreatetemplate!

I really like this template and I’m very interested (actually in both of your templates) with this one – when the site is shrunk to mobile view – the menu becomes a drop down – which is fine – however the entire menu is just stacked within the drop down – its impossible to know what is a main menu and what is a sub-menu item. Is there a way to fix that and/or adjust that? Maybe by adding -> in front of submenu items?

Yes, its depends on mobile and tables browser, but you can convert it in sliding menu instead of select box Thanks:-)

Is that something you can help me do after I buy?

Is there a possibility to upgrade to version 3 Bootstrap? I just tried it, but I fail: (

Thats it. Go go go :)

Thank you :)

Great template and excellent after sales support.

Do you plan on supporting Bootstrap 3, now that it has released? Will you push out a major update if you do?

Hi, Yes we are working on it. :)

Bootstrap v3 updated :-)

Great! Thank you!

Is it possible to use jQuery 1.9.1 with the Bootstrap 2 version of this Theme? I’d like to update to support a plugin I’d like to use, but I don’t want to break the theme either.


Yes, please email us, will help you. Thanks:-)

When is the bootstrap3 version coming out?

It’s already bootstrap 3. Download latest version.


Nice theme. A quick question before I buy this. Is this theme coming with the dummy data as in the demo?


Hi thanks for interest. This is simple html template, no back end. You will get all things but not images. If you need back end also, you can purchase our simpleone opencart theme. Thanks:-)

Are you going to update to Bootstrap 3.1.0?

Yes, its compatible with 3.1.0 :-) Thanks

Hi Px Create, thank you for your superfast answer, even on weekend. I like the theme very much!

Glad you like template & thanks for good word :)

Thank you

I purchased your Responsive Template from WrapBootsrap.com. Do you still offer Upgrades and Support even though you aren’t working with WrapBootstrap.com any longer?

Please send us email.

I love this design of site template! Would be nice to have one directly for virtual sales and Paypal checkout. I wouldn’t really know where to start on implementing that..

Hi, you can easily purchase this template from themeforest. Thanks

Hi, I like the template. One question, though. How can I change the view in the category page to list view by default instead of grid view. Thanks.

Hi Thanks for purchase,

Its minor change, please email us, We will send you update, what you should change.


Hi, Home Style4 (index4.html) —> “slideshow: true” but It didn’t work (auto slide with carousel)

Hi, Thanks for Purchase. You need to do “slideshow: true” in both place.. Here is code….

$(window).load(function() {
          // The slider being synced must be initialized first
            animation: "slide",
            controlNav: false,
            animationLoop: false,
            slideshow: true,
            itemWidth: 226,
            //itemMargin: 15,
            asNavFor: '#sliderindex4'
    animation: "slide",
    controlNav: false,
    animationLoop: false,
    slideshow: true,
    sync: "#carouseindex4" 


Hello, I love your template. One question, though. How can I change the view in the category page to list view by default instead of grid view. Thanks in advance.

Hi, replied you an email.


Hi, replied you an email.


Thanks! It works :)


Is it possible to know the links of product images that you used? It seems you have chosen them from Photodune, but I couldn’t find myself.

Regards, Alex

Please send us email we will share links.

Is it compatible with bootstrap 3.3?

Yes thanks

Can we have a demo for bootstrap 3.3?