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Good one Mixey! Check your mail :)


Thanks mate!

Impressive design!

:shocked: Great theme!!! Love it.

Mixey always perfect your designs.. Good luck sales mate..

ndruze Purchased

Like it much.

Works well, portfolio shot tag seems not to insert to page post Also I have noticed when you are on a single post the date that is on the top left of the post floats with the page which would be fine except it floats from the left to the center clashing with page content


Sorry for the shortcode, will update theme soon.

About the floating date, which browser/OS you are using? I don’t see such behavior, for me it floats in the left column. When the content is big enough it look great :)


I can send you a screenshot if you would like, feel free to email/pm me and I can send that to you. I am using Firefox 3.6.8 on OSX . I also see this error running Firefox 4 b6. I don’t see the error on either Safari or Chrome.

ndruze Purchased

hi mixey, i need help, how to center the image in post. The image don’t want to center but if i put problem solved. I dont want to use that code on every my post


Tomorrow I will update this theme. Stay tuned

Updated file is online.

Is there a problem with the update? I just bought the theme and when I activated it, got this message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /nfs/c01/h13/mnt/34439/domains/aislingawards.com/html/wp-content/themes/simplic/includes/twitter/wp-twitter-widget.php on line 37


Your server should run php5, your is running an older version, probably php4

Hi, Just wondering what way the portfolio / gallery works? If you upload 10 images to a page, will the images display as they are in example?


In live demo, portfolio is a category, which populates posts of custom type (portfolio) and display them as a grid. But you can also create page and insert a shortcode to output thumbnails for portfolio post items.

With standard wordpress functionality, you can upload multiple images to a single post and then insert a gallery in that post.

Hope it helps, Michael

thanks.. puchased it.. just wondering tho how do you set the BLOG page? it doesnt say how to in the help file? Thanks



Simply create category called Blog, then create new posts and assign them to the blog category.

Another thing to do: go to the appearance->menus. create new menu and assign it to the primary location (Wordpress 3.0 standard feature) and then add menu items to that menu. (Blog category, contact page and etc)


Theme looks great! I’m definitely bookmarking it.

I’m really interested in your GUI Shortcode. Is this a custom plugin you made? or is it free?

If you have built it maybe put it on CodeCanyon?



Hey, Thanks for bookmarking!

GUI for shortcodes is are buttons in the WYSIWYG editor, when you press button form display where you can choice options for the particular shortcode and based on your selections theme will generate and insert that shortcode in the posts body.


so this is custom theme functions and not a plugin?

Seems the live preview is broken. I’d like to see it before purchasing.




Hi Jacob,

I’m sorry for that, I had problems with my host. Now everything should be back to normal – please try again.


I have purchased 2 themes from Themeforest recently but none of them support Wordpress 3 i.e. the new menu feature. Also, the Login page is the default page. Is this theme use the Wordpress default login page?

regards, Will



This theme fully supports wordpress 3.0 menu manager and use default login page. site.com/wp-login

Great theme!!! Thanks a lot Michael for helping me with what seems really silly now; you’ve been great!


Thanks for the nice feedback!

Sorry quick question which is probably basic; if someone else knows please if you could help me, otherwise Michael:

-How do I add my portfolio photos to the portfolio page I created? I’ve tried every way possible (slugs, categories etc…) just can’t get them to appear on that damn page.

It’s probably really simple, I’m overlooking something…


Also is it possible to:

-Increase height of slider and reduce width? -Add more Social media ICons (I would need to be able to add one more)

Otherwise, great theme…really love it!!! It took me months to find the right one and this is definitely it!




Hi Julien,

you are right this is very easy :)

There are 2 ways of doing this:

1. You should go to the Appearance->Menus and add Portfolio Category to your menu structure.

2. Create a page and then with help of WYSIWYG editor insert shortcode into the post. As a result form should insert in to the post something like this: [portfolio category=”websites” view_type=”lightbox”]

I can’t add the portfolio category to the menu structure, it’s just not there…It clearly exists as all my portfolio items are in the category “portfolio”, that I created. Your second option I don’t understand at all…

Would it not be easier to have an option in your portfolio menu to direct any porfolio item to a specific page?



You can insert portfolio to the specific page with shortode. [portfolio category=”websites” view_type=”lightbox” items_count=”4”]

About menu please, check “Screen Options” and make sure that check box for the portfolio category is checked.


Ok, adding the “Portfolio Category” item to the menu was the easiest…I had not noticed the screen option…I was good with older wordpress versions, this one is a little more sneaky…

Thanks for your help!!!!! Again!!!!



Hello! I am also having issues with adding a portfolio to a page. I can’t see any other documentation on it, and there doesn’t seem to be a toolbar button for the shortcode.

I’ve used the directions you have previous laid out, and still no portfolio items show up. Here is my shorcode:

[portfolio category=”all” view_type=”lightbox” count=”4” layout_type=”grid”]

It doesn’t work when I specify a category either. Thought I would just shoot for all items.

I love the theme, and would love to figure this little thing out! Thanks so much!



Are you sure that you are using my theme? you don’t have a buyers badge.


love the theme, though i’m having a little problem with the home page. when in modern layout, the slider will not pick up the images in my posts, leaving a completely blank box.

Additionally, when clicking where the images should be, a lightbox attempts to load, but instead gives me an error:

'image can not be loaded. make sure the path is correct and image exist'

is there something I could have done to the theme which would be disrupting the link to the images?


It looks like you forgot to add a featured image when created the post. Please edit your post and set a featured image, there’s a special Wordpress button for that in the right column under the publish-tags section.

Great Theme

Before I purchase can you advise if it’s possible to play video on the front slider?

Many Thanks



You can add url of your video file (youtube or vimeo) and it will play after clicking on the thumbnail in lightbox.

P.S. Thanks for complementing