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Hey folks, Any idea about link color management? I’d like to change the color and decoration of links? I suppose I need to edit something in style.css , but I don’t know which code to replace, and I’m having trouble here. I’m sure it’s simple enough.


try pasting this in the custom css section in options page:
a {

Hi there =)

Bought your theme cause I thaught looked really good =) Now I have a problem, I cannot get it working really.

1. The only page thats created from beiginning is “About”. I want Blog and Portfolio aswell. But I cannot send posts to the blogpage after created the page Blog. I cannot choose “blog” in the category in the post. How do I choose to place the post in the blog?!

2. How do I set up a portfolio page like on http://themeforest.net/item/simplic-blog-and-portfolio-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/125153 ? Is that made with tables ?!

This is my page www.stylebyellen.se

Cheers Fredrik



Please check help file that is located in the archive you’ve downloaded from themeforest.

In two words: Go to the admin panel and create some Portfolio posts. Then edit your Portfolio page and insert portfolio shortcode in it. (First button in 3rd row). Or visit Appearance menus and add link to the portfolio category to your menu.

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Hi, I was wondering how you could make a blog page. When I make a post, it doesn’t seem to go anywhere… Please check it out! http://www.luq.in


Go to the Appearance->Menu and add a link to your blog category. Then publish some posts to the your blog category

Hi there

Love this theme… but is there a way to get the posts in the portfolio to display in a custom order instead of the most recent entry first?



You can try tweaking the publishing date, to “re-order” items. Small hack 8-)

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Just wondering in “Read More” portion of my blog posts, the posted date scrolls down behind the image/video inserted into the post.

ie) http://luq.in/?p=97

Is there a way to fix this problem? plz n thank you!


Hmm, try adding tags to your posts.

I’ll take why it’s working that way without tags

jhyun Purchased

Ohhhh alright thanks! It works! :)

Great theme! One thing I was hoping to find a way to change: I finally figured out how to add the portfolio items with the shortcode, and to show portfolio items in the slider on the main page, the only issue I am having is that the cropped item in the slider and in the gallery thumbnail automatically centers, so if you have a vertical image it may be cropping the wrong area for a thumbnail. Is there any way to change where the crop for the preview on slider and thumbnail is?

I figured out a way to separate the slider items and the gallery items by using different categories. What I would like to accomplish now is when someone clicks on one of the images in the slider on the home page, it either takes them to the Gallery Page that I added, or does nothing altogether. I am trying to avoid using a high-res photo (the dimensions of the slider are 1080×450) that a user can then just right click on and save. Is there a relatively easy way to change the action when someone clicks on a slider image? I do not want it to open in lightbox or portfolio item, I just want it to go to a specific page, or do nothing. Thanks!

Hi, you can try to put this code inside of the initJsSweetness() function in js/js.js. file
$j(this).bind("contextmenu", function(e) {
This is isn’t a bullet proof solution (actually there’s no way to prevent user from saving the images), but it will help you a bit.

Actually, at this point I am thinking it might be easier to not worry about the right-clicking for images and just try to change the click action when clicking on an image in the slider. Is there a relatively easy way to change the click behavior when clicking on an image? I want it to go to a specific page, or just not do anything. Thanks!



You can try to install one of the redirection plugins for wordpress. And then Manage redirections, so instead of showing the page, it will be redirected to another url.

Or if you want to remove links from the slider, then open includes/theme-functions.php and find printSlider function. then instead of this line

$output .= '<a class="'.$link["prettyphoto"].$link["class"].'" title="'.$post_title.'" href="'.$link["href"].'">'.$post_img.'';

use this
$output .= $post_img

Trying to setup www.andrewarslan.com

Any idea why on the main page its only showing 3 portfolio posts instead of 4 ? Thanks.


I believe this is happening because you need to publish more projects. Projects that are listed in the slider are excluded from grid at the bottom.


Is it possible to translate the theme in french for exemple ? You said that there is localisation option in the theme presentation but what about the buttons ?



Buttons are css styled, so you shouldn’t face any problems with that

I finally narrowed it down to the Simplic Theme. But I want to be able to click on the main picture that appears and go to an article or page. Is that possible to do?



Yes it’s possible. There is an option under Theme Options page which lets you to set which action should be performed on click

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Very nice theme but one thing…

I do not want to use the existing PrettyPhoto plugin embedded in the site to view images. For one it doesn’t present consecutive images. You have to close each PrettyPhoto popup then click to open another image. Second, I just don’t think it is very attractive. I would prefer to use one like Fancybox.

Is it possible to disable the default PrettyPhoto code? I installed fancybox but when I click on a thumbnail two popup boxes with the images open. I want to therefore remove the reference to the PrettyPhoto.

Thank you!



Yes you can disable prettyPhoto. To do that open js/js.js file and remove this code
$j("a[rel^='prettyPhoto'], .prettyPhoto, .gallery a, #slider .prettyphoto a").prettyPhoto({
        animationSpeed: 'normal', /* fast/slow/normal */
        padding: 15, /* padding for each side of the picture */
        opacity: 0.7, /* Value betwee 0 and 1 */
        showTitle: false, /* true/false */
        allowresize: true, /* true/false */
        counter_separator_label: '/', /* The separator for the gallery counter 1 "of" 2 */
        theme: 'facebook', /* light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */
        hideflash: false, /* Hides all the flash object on a page, set to TRUE if flash appears over prettyPhoto */
        modal: false, /* If set to true, only the close button will close the window */
        changepicturecallback: function(){}, /* Called everytime an item is shown/changed */
        callback: function(){} /* Called when prettyPhoto is closed */

I’ve been trying to take the gray border off of my pictures but it won’t come off…and I’ve also been trying to center them and align them the way I want but the pictures stay left aligned no matter what I do…

How can I fix this?



Sorry, what border are you talking about?

How can I also add a blog page…I can’t find how to…



Use Appearance->Menus to add link to the category you are using for the blog section.

here is the link to where you’ll see the gray border that I’m talking about…


And it seems to happen in all the pictures I’ve put up…

How can I take that off? and my picture keep aligning to the left instead of center even though I pick the center option…why aren’t the pictures aligning?

Please paste this code in the custom css section in options page:
.prettyPhoto img, .imgpreview img, .imgfade, .favorite_photos_ul .zoom, #thumbs .zoom, img.alignleft, img.alignright, img.aligncenter {

And please make sure that you use latest theme version.

...And what size should my featured pictures be because the one I have on the homepage at http://eddysvelasquez.com is currently kinda screwed up…



Hey there, I just got one problem, when I create a new post with an image, can you explain me why I can’t see the pictures without clicking on? I just can see video. You can check it : http://nathkingcool.com/ I just want people to see images without clicking, I’d thought about to only create new pages, but I got to many pictures to show..

Thank you Mixey and congratulations, this theme is very good :-)


When you create/add post. Try clicking on the “Featured image” section in the right column of the edit screen. You should tell WordPress which image to use as a featured

Thanks Mixey I appreciate all the help! It’s a great theme :) I’ll be back if I have any more questions…

Beautiful theme. I haven’t purchased it yet because I have a question. I’m looking for a very clean and minimal theme. I noticed that you have a light gray background with a pattern. Is there any way to change that to a all white background with no patterns?


Yes, easy task. There is a special option in the theme options page, where you can upload your own background image (in your case it could be just a white 1×1px size gif/jpeg file)

So I purchased the theme and made the background white. Looking good. :-)

However, all my pages and posts are not visible or working now.


Thanks for the purchase! Please take a look in the help file. You should make some adjustments at theme options page.

if you’ll have question ask here or via my profile page

I have a random date to the left of my posts on my homepage? It doesn’t appear to be a date, but could be a mangled version of a date. How can I make this an actual date tag to the post or remove the feature all together?


Could you share the url of your site? I’ll take a look

Opps… please open tpl_default.php file and find this line
&lt;?php the_time('jS'); _e(" of "); the_time('Y'); ?&gt;
make it look like
<?php the_time('jS'); _e(" of "); the_time('F'); ?>