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The content font is quite small. How can I change that? See the blog post: http://realtyboosthub.com/tester-post/ (tiny font, can barely read it!)

Hello brashberry,

You can find this info in our FAQ: http://simplicitywp.olegnax.com/faq/#20

For further assistance please, use our help forum: http://help.olegnax.com/categories/simplicity-ecommerce-wordpress-theme-responsive

Kind Regards

Thank you!

hey, ive purchased your theme about a year ago, and now i cant see it in the downloads area why is that ? i need an update because my site has been hacked. i have a license certification

Hi gabbypia,

I think that you used some other account for purchase. If you are sure that you’ve made a purchase using this account, then contact envato support http://support.envato.com/

Hi gabbypia,

I think that you used some other account for purchase. If you are sure that you’ve made a purchase using this account, then contact envato support http://support.envato.com/

Hey there,

Wherever we click on the link to edit the shipping address or edit the billing address, it just redirects to the my-account page.

We’ve changed this;

We updated to the latest version of simplicity, but we had to revert back as a lot of the plugins – role based pricing haven’t got up to speed yet.

Do you know if we can just updated specific files in the simplicity folder that will get this to work?

the site is ctmd.ca and I can send login info if you need to if you email me here; nick@viperfish.ca”>

Hi partylikearockstar,

Please, check WooCommerce and Simplicity versions compatibility here: http://help.olegnax.com/discussion/2562/simplicity-theme-updates-latest-2-1#Item_4

You can compare the changes in the latest version and update just a few files but we cannot guarantee that all will work fine and we suggest to keep the latest theme and plug-in versions.

Kind Regards

Hi, I have question for uploading video.

is is possible to add video in product page??

Can I use this plug in?? http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-request-a-quote/6460218 I want to use this kind of Quote system instead of regular cart.

Thank you

Hello ARIMA_T,

1. Yes, you can add video into product page content

2. We haven’t used this plug-in and unfortunately we cannot say for sure if it will work without any issues.

Kind Regards


cqcvip Purchased

I promise to “Item Purchase Code” is correct, but was unable to register your site: http://help.olegnax.com/, The reCAPTCHA value tips: – was not entered correctly. Please try again. I tried 30 this will not work, have an email to: mail@olegnax.com, may have been no reply.

Hi cqcvip,

I’ve created account for you, check your email.


cqcvip Purchased

Hello, I bought the WordPress “simplicity” theme, but how to get the page style: http://simplicitywp.olegnax.com/shop-full-width-with-slideshow/. Please tell me, thank you!,my email:cqcvip@qq.com

Hi cqcvip,

You need to install woocommerce plugin for shop functionality. You can learn how to change page layout in our documentation.


Is it safe to install latest version of woocommerce? Does it work with theme?

Hi mijodragsamardzija,

No, latest version of woocommerce was released yesterday, when our theme a month ago. Wait while we update the theme.

For further assistance please use our help forum: http://help.olegnax.com/

Hi, What’s the latest Jigoshop version your theme is compatible with? I’ve tried upgrading Jigoshop from 1.8.4 and my site wouldn’t work. Thank you.

Hi seannevo,

Theme version 2.2.1 from April 28, 2015:

- JigoShop v1.17.3 support

Kind regards.

Pre-purchase question:

Hi there,

I found myself with this warning while testing your theme


Can you explain and/or take care of whatever is going on. My client would kill me if I setup such site.

Please advice.

Other than that I LOVE your theme. Would have bought it immediately, but the McAfee warning is a show stopper.



The link provided at your screenshot do nothing with our theme.

You can check Simplicity theme here: http://simplicitywp.olegnax.com/

Kind Regards

Sorry, this was a mix-up ;) THX


jigowatt Purchased


It seems that the theme seems to be hijacking the WordPress admin and replacing fonts ect. Is this a bug with the latest version of the theme?

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Hello jigowatt,

Please, post more details on our help forum, so our staff will be able to check: http://help.olegnax.com/categories/simplicity-ecommerce-wordpress-theme-responsive