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apotts1234 and others, I would recommend not upgrading to WP 3 .+ at all as the Gallery that uses the Pretty Photo js falls apart. It also seems that Scholar is not supporting this theme at all – not that he is obligated to, but it is a pity as it is a beautiful template.

If we make a fix for the Pretty Photo issue, we will let everyone know.

Scholar, please come back, your work is AWESOME and the fixes needed for your theme would help a lot of people who purchased your theme.

Love – Us Down Here

I would like to buy this theme for my site but I’m not sure due to the little problem with SEO _sholar not supporting it anymore or develop it further..

I have wordpress 3.3 installed, is there anyone getting this theme to work with this version?

regards Fox32

Hi there,

I just tried to upload this to my wordpress site and it didnt work. it said:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can you please help me out

I would like to purchase this theme. Does it work on the latest version of Wordpress? This is a lovely theme, so I hope it is still available and functioning as it should on WP 3 .4.1 – or whatever the latest version is as of July 3, 2012.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Need help, updated to WP 3 .4 and I’m having trouble with the front (main page) the text is Spanish (with accents) is not displaying correctly. PLEASE HELP , I bought this theme about 2 year ago and love the theme.


Hi there – will you be updating this for WP 3.5?

I read that portfolio page won’t work with Contact Form 7 Plugin. I deactivate the contact form plugin but the problem persist. Any suggestions on how to make the portfolio page work?

Thanks, P

Themeforest should remove themes if the authors are not going to support them. I’m glad I read these comments before buying this theme.

Hi there, I’m having trouble with the loading time of this page: Any suggestions?

And then the images within posts aren’t formatted as they are in the theme preview. For example: Instead of a lightbox it goes to a new page.