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Shortcodes don’t seem to work. I even looked for add_shortcode function to see where this functionality is implemented but I couldn’t find it. The css code for the shortcodes seems to be missing too. Please help

I will re-upload the theme again tomorrow to ensure they are in there. I’ll notify you when I do.

Okay, try re-downloading it again. I re-uploaded the theme and the shortcodes are definitely in there.

Thanks, the shortcodes are working now! :)

Cool Theme. Well Done!

Thanks TRixation!

Is the theme WP 3 compatible?

Yup, it should work fine in WP3 .


Nive Theme. :-) I dont get the shadow behind the Content to work. See my link:

Any ideas?

That is very strange. Will you send me your wordpress login to so I can take a look at what’s going on?

Love the theme. Very well thought out. I was easily able to get a site up and running with little trouble. One issue though. When I added a sub-navigation element, the subnavigation flickers and I’m unable to click on the subnav element. I’m on Mac OS X 10 .4 with Firefox 3.6.3.

Thanks for all your hard work on this theme! It shows!

Can you send me a link to your site?


How can i change the font-size of the “Home Page Intro Message”?

Thanx a lot!!

Greetz Arndt

Open style.css and look for this div: #welcome-message.

It doesn’t matter what I do but I can’t get the header image on the front page to show up. Please see dishinan/”> as this is the site temp link until I get this fixed we don’t want to move the site.

It looks like your home page is your blog page. Did you set it up like the documentation says?

Hi there, I recently purchased this theme and think it is great – really quick and easy to set up. I have a question about the shortcodes. I see you mentioned in some of the previous comments, to reinstall the theme. If I do this will I lose all my settings for the colours, and the home page settings?

Many thanks

I don’t believe so, but to be safe just re-upload the theme and not the plugin.

Hi. Do I need to do anything special to activate the contact us form so the data can be emailed? I’m new to wordpress.

Also, I would like to add another column to the home page option. Is this possible?

Thanks so much!

What do you mean by data? Like an attachment? You would have to manually code that in yourself.

Also, another column on the homepage is certainly possible but again you would have to code this yourself.

I’m trying to build a website out of this theme. I normally use the Contao CMS (fka TYPOlight) and am kind of new to Wordpress. How do I get those same three columns like on the home page and how do I get pictures in the slideshow..? How do I put a new logo in the place of the Simplicity logo in the example?

Thanks, Emiel

Hmm… I have just bought the theme, but I can’t get the shadow around the 3 content boxes on the home page to work.

What could the problem be?

My apologies, I found the answers to my questions in the documentation…

Hi, I just bought the theme. Had trouble installing it through wordpress, kept saying the css was missing. WE managed to do it via our Cpanel, but the theme-specific admin panel doesn’t seem to be showing up.

Any idea why?

If you send me your WP login I can take a look.

Beautiful File, VERY well documented, one of the easiest files we have worked with and the results are STUNNING . Took 20 mins total to set up and build the site.

Thank you SEO _Scholar for submitting!!

A must have File for anyone looking for an easy to impliment WP theme.

x Us down here

Thanks manamedia!

Spectacular Theme.

Im having a problem though. The homepage of the site is not the page i have created as ‘home page’. Even though i have set this as page number 0.

You need to setup the homepage as it says in the documentation.

I am trying to add my twitter account to the homepage but I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function twitter_messages() in /home/filterfi/public_html/wp-content/themes/simplicity/homepage.php on line 165

I also don’t know where to look for the documentation.

You need to install and activate the twitter plugin.

The documentation came with the download. It’s the file labeled “documentation”.

Hi! Very awesome theme. Is there any way to make any of the Intro Boxes a recent posts widget or something similar? My main reason for setting this up is to have easy links on the home page to blog articles. Thanks so much!

No, that option isn’t built it.

Nice theme! Quick question – can this theme be used within Thesis, or in conjunction with Thesis?

I’m really not sure.

does it work for version 3.0?

Yes, it does.

Hi, i’m having trouble with uploading pictures in NextGen Gallery on Wordpress 3.0 The pictures do not appear. Could you help me?

Can you send me a link to your site as well as your login info?