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Good day SEO _Scholar. Did you receive my email with login info? Thanks

Yeah, I was out of town for the weekend. I will check your email now.

We have noticed that there are reports of bugs in your theme. We are considering purchasing the theme today, can you let us know if all bug issues have been resolved, thanks, Dave

They aren’t yet but:

1) These “bugs” don’t really affect anything. They are just validation errors meaning something isn’t technically worded correctly in the coding.

2) I am going to fix these this weekend and you can always re-download the theme.

Is the slider customizable? Will we be able to adjust the speed?

Hi !

really nice theme! I am thinking of purchasing it but I have one question before, the blog page, is it possible to view full blog posts and not just small drafts with “read more” buttons. ?

thanks in advance! Bets regards / Gabriella

Well, yes that would be possible but it would require a very small amount of changes to the template. Basically all you would have to do is open index.php and delete the line that said “the_excerpt”.

Hi, love the theme. I would like to use an image instead of a solid color for the background. How can I add the image?


edit the body tag in options.php


I bought your theme, but cant seem to make my blog page look near as similar as yours, PLEASE HELP !!, I’ve also I try to change some of the colors in the control panel but it does not change the colors in my page.

Hope you can help. Tks.


Will you send me your login info. And did you read the documentation (just making sure).

I like this theme very much and am thinking of purchasing. I also see you say that it is “video ready.” I’m wondering, however, if it is possible (and how difficult it would be) to add different kinds of video other than YouTube (i.e. Flash, Quicktime, etc.) to the Portfolio page (which, by the way, are VERY slick) and also even audio files.

It wouldn’t be that difficult if you have some programming experience but it currently isn’t built in to the theme.


its possible to load flv files in the slider on the frontpage?

rg. Alwin

@ gabriellahennings

To make your blog show the full posts, don’t delete “the excerpt”, but replace:




Hope that helps.

See for an example.

Hi, I got the color thing up and going, I had to reinstall the theme about 4 times but suddenly it started working.

Now here is the other thing that after many, many tries just can’t change, My webpage is in Spanish and I wish to change in the contact info from: Phone to Tel., form Fax to Nextel etc, but every time I make a change in the contact.php file it disappears (in the webpage) the line in which I make a change, also need to change the Name, website and submit, botton can you please help me out and help me by telling me where can I change this things.

Thanks for your prompt answer.


is it compatible with WP version 3.0?

how can I add change or add a different background image for the site?

and also, can you tell me where to control the nav bar background color that is shown when you are on that page.

Hello, how do I make it so the primary URL is not the blog page? I believe I set everything up correctly, but alas, its not working correctly.

I want to be the landing page.

thanks in advance.

Hi, itis possible to integrate a .swf object into the Slider? 360grade Panorama?


Hi guys,

checking in on my question from a couple of days ago about the homepage / blog landing page… thoughts?



Sorry guys, I found the answer in your documentation. I must have been tired when setting this up.


I bought the theme but when I upload it to wordpress it says that the style sheet is missing and therefore the theme is broken and will not upload????

Please advise? I’ve also sent you an email SEO two days ago?


Im having the same problem as the above person – it says the style sheet is missing.

I need to get this website up and running ! Please advise!!

I also just purchased the theme and need help getting the theme to activate due to the “stylesheet” missing.

Please advice!