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terbeck Purchased

Have you checked the names of the folders? It should be …/wp-content/themes/simplicity/...

But I do have a question as well:

Can anybody tell me how to center the whole wrapper? It doesn’t work with: width: 996px; margin: 0 auto;

And not by centering the text-alignment of the body-tag either.


qrpike Purchased

Maybe I completely missed it, but I do not see a BLOG page template. I cannot seem to find anything in the documentation of the theme either.

Please explain how to get a blog page setup as I am having extreme difficulty.


The blog page is the index page. It explains in the documentation how to set this up.

mitchwd Purchased

PLEASE NOTE : There is a bug in this theme that prevents you from storing wp-config.php one level up.

(As referred to in Hardening Wordpress: wp-config.php at http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress)

If you do move wp-config, the theme begins to distort and javascript breaks. :( I pulled out my hairs for hours over this one! :S Perhaps it could be fixed please?


The slider does not work with internet explorer 8. It just says loading with a ‘X’ – What am I doing wrong?


I got your email about this. Please respond to my reply.

vistorp Purchased

Hi, amazing theme, thanks, i just install it. How can i change the font-size in the menu and the width of it


The font size is not an option in the backend so you would have to change it in style.css. The width changes automatically.

vistorp Purchased

in what part of the style.css i try all the css and it dindt work thanks


nav a{

display:block; padding:8px 15px; text-decoration:none; background:none; font-size:14px; }

vistorp Purchased


Hi SEO -Scholar, love the theme. Is it possible to make the images in in the intro boxes of the home page linkable?

I know that there is a learn more box which has the same function, but I know some users will undoubtedly try to click on the image!

Many Thanks

Never mind, sorted, cheers

Never mind, sorted, cheers

Hello SEO _Scholar.

Just wondering if you have had any feedback regarding the gettopup lightbox plug in the theme uses?

Seems that if gettopup the site is down, the theme takes forever to load, and the gallery pop overs do not work.

Any advice on this you may have SEO _Scholar would be greatly appreciated.

x us down here

tmac108 Purchased

Hello SEO _Scholar,

I just updated to Wordpress 3.0.1 and I can’t see my Simplicity icon in my dashboard. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Tmac.


Do you mean the Simplicity Admin panel button? Did you check to see if it is activated still?

tmac108 Purchased

Hi SEO _Scholar,

I did activate the simplicity theme and it came back, but not as it was. Any suggestions? Please check out 5pointyoga.com to see what’s happening. My hosting company said the theme was not compatible with the 3.0.1 wordpress update. Is that true? If so, do you have an update coming? Actually I just looked at Apollo theme which I would buy if it works.

Looking forward to any help/advice! Thanks, Tmac.


Your stylesheet is loading because it has an extra “simplicity” in it. This is what yours currently looks like:

I’m not sure how that happened. Did you mess with the code at all? This line of code is in header.php if you know coding at all otherwise send me your login info and I can fix that for you.

tmac108 Purchased

Hi SEO _Scholar,

I changed the theme to your Apollo, but it still comes out weird. I didn’t purposely mess with the code, but I know I was having trouble downloading, so maybe it downloaded 2 times. I’m not sure.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

UN: 5pointyoga PW: 5pointyo23410

I would like to keep the Apollo theme.

Thanks, Tmac


I see that you switched to the Apollo theme, however, you forgot to upload the admin panel plugin for the Apollo theme. Add that one and deactivate the Simplicity one and it should work.

tmac108 Purchased

I think I’m getting there! Obviously I’m a novice. I just put that “apollo-panel” file in the plug in folder. Should I start from scratch with the media? I think the sizes might be different than the theme dictates.


What media is wrong? I’d be happy to fix that.


I recently bought your theme and I must say, what an awesome theme. Just have one question. How do I change the menu styles to something similiar to this site:


Thanks in advance.



Thanks for replying. Basically, I’d like to the menu to look like this:


I would like to remove the “grey boxes” around the menu items and replace it with an “underline” for selected menu items. How can I obtain this. Also, how do I change the “Home” to “HOME” tab? Thanks.


Open header.php and find the ul with the id of “nav”. It should look like this for you.

<ul id="nav">
    <li><a href="url to some page">some page</a></li>
        <li><a href="url to some page">some page</a></li>
        <li><a href="url to some page">some page</a></li>

Also, to change the style of the nav items open options.php and find #nav li:hover, and #nav li.current_page_item under the BACKGROUNDS sectins and remove those. The give those any sort of style you want.


Thanks but I am still confused as to how to obtain the NAV menue like:


My options.php file reads:

/* -- BACKGROUNDS -- */ body{ background:#eee; background:#<?php echo $design_option[‘simplicity_background_color’]; ?>;



nav ul,

ol.commentlist .even .highlight{ background:#fff; background:#<?php echo $design_option[‘simplicity_content_background_color’]; ?>; }

.coda-nav-left a { background: #fff url(“images/header_arrow_left2.png”) center no-repeat; background: #<?php echo $design_option[‘simplicity_content_background_color’]; ?> url(“images/header_arrow_left.png”) center no-repeat; }

.coda-nav-right a { background: #fff url(“images/header_arrow_right2.png”) center no-repeat; background: #<?php echo $design_option[‘simplicity_content_background_color’]; ?> url(“images/header_arrow_right.png”) center no-repeat; }

content #sidebar,

intro-column-container .introColumn .introColumnLink,


.highlight, .readmore, #filter, ul.image-grid li .boxlink, #contact #google-map-container, #wrapper-container .wp-pagenavi a, #wrapper-container .wp-pagenavi span, ol.commentlist .even, { background:#eee; background:#<?php echo $design_option[‘simplicity_boxes_background_color’]; ?>; }



respond #submit{

background:#dfdfdf; background:#<?php echo $design_option[‘simplicity_button_background_color’]; ?>; }

If it is not too much trouble, could you please show me exactly how to obtain. I would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Could you please help me with one other thing? On the home page, how do I get the “fader” effect rather than the “slider” effect for the imgaes. How can I remove the “arrow” on the slider? Thanks.


For the arrows, go to style.css and look for:

/* -Arrow styling- */

underneath that you will find the styles for the arrows.

For the fader effect I’m honestly not sure. I’m not sure if you even can.

evan777 Purchased

Have had theme installed fine for a few weeks. Now the slider is broken. Have not made any changes to the site, checked in both firefox and safari. Just says “loading” and no image arrives. Images are still in proper place, and I re-iterate, have not changed anything.

see issue at www.bromeliadsetc.com

Update: turned off rotating images, saved, turned them back on and saved, and now it works. Strange


Strange. Well, glad it’s fixed :). By the way, your site looks great. Your header images are awesome.

When the web page is displayed using IE there is a problem with the slider. The white circles behind the arrows on the slider in IE are missing. How can i correct this problem?


I did that to on purpose to correct an IE browser problem. The IE browser can’t make circles like the other browsers can so the only way to fix that in IE is to make those circles images.


okay. Thanks. Great theme by the way!


How do I remove the social icons in the footer? Thanks.


Delete them from footer.php