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TCWriter Purchased

I could sell a lot of these to clients if it had WP 3 .0 menus…

Sorry – figured it out.

I want to use images without having a border around them. How can I do this please?

I have 3 problems with this theme:

1. The biggest problem is that the logo is not positioned correctly in IE and Chrome (or FF). For example, if it looks right in IE, it looks wrong in Chrome. If I adjust it to be positioned ok vertically in Chrome, it isn’t right in IE. After buying this template, I noticed that even the demo site is like this. I wish I would have noticed this before buying!

2. The twitter feed doesn’t work on the home page. All I get is this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function twitter_messages() in /home/irent/public_html/wp-content/themes/simplicity/homepage.php on line 165’

3. The header drop shadow does not go away even if I turn it off in the admin panel.

I always thought paid templates included support, but I can’t get the developer to reply to me about some serious functional problems with the template.

osdelu Purchased

Hello! I have a big probleme with this theme and it’s quiet urgent:

I am writing my page in russian and when I put the information into the “home page into message”, the page transferms russians words into the unreadable signs like those :


when the russian script is like this:

??? ?????? ????????

How to solve it? Please, I need your help!


osdelu Purchased

In fact, even here the page doesn’t accept the russian script…. Anyway, on the other windows of my page is working, except the home page! And I do need that it working in the russian language!

I am waiting for your reply!


osdelu Purchased

Somebody can help me with my probleme, please? It is urgent!

osdelu Purchased

Can any one answer me,please?

The portfolio page of this Theme uses the PrettyPhoto lightbox, which breaks in Wordpress 3.1. Will the theme be updated to fix this issue?


I can’t seem to add a picture in my post previews. I did all the steps written in the documentation, but nothing appears…

Also, the sidebar in all of my pages and posts appears to the left, messing up the layout of the text.

Can you help me?


Great theme!

I have one little problem: the mailform with PHP version “X-Mailer: PHP /5.2.12-nmm2” don’t show german “äöü”, do you know how to fix this? How can I give the mailer the utf-8?

I am just now working with this them and all is well so far. I was wondering how I would use a tiled image for the background of the page instead of the solid color options.?

I want to use a picture of water.


How can I add a picture to the blog entries. Where it lists all of the blogs titles can I add a small picture beside it?


moid Purchased

Where do you change the default (min) width of the drop down menu? I have quite short names in the drop down and i want to get rid of the extra white space.

moid Purchased

There is a bug with the editing of the Home page. When I edit the Intro boxes and write text with special characters (Å Ä Ö), it saves correctly. But it translates the characters to wierd signs, like: ä ö and â??. So it’s impossible to change something once you’ve saved it!

It’s only the Intro box Text that has this bug. The Intro Box Title and Header image description works fine!

Before save

After save

Hi SEO _Scholar,

I have previously purchased your Apollo theme, which is terrific. I’d like to buy your Simplicity theme, though, I have two quick questions:

1) With the line of text immediately under the slider, can you add a small image easily to the text? Like: text text text [IMAGE] text text, and have it be in line?

2) I saw that you can add a twitter widget to the front page—where does this go, and can you add other widgets in this space as well?

Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi SEO _Scholar,

I purchased your Simplicity Theme, and my client wishes to add an additional page-width box underneath the existing 3 boxes at the bottom of the home page.

I tried adding the text to the Home page, but that did not work. There is no area in the Theme Admin Panel’s “Home Page Options” to add additional text either.

How can I accomplish this??

Thank you in advance for your reply! BTW , I also sent you a message, as I didn’t know if you still checked these comments :-)

Hello SEO Scholar,

Have sent you a direct request, but have not had a reply regarding the Portfolio page. When you click on the image, the enlarged image does not show, the overlay is broken.

Any ideas or updates to fix this issue?


is where we see the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Are we good to upgrade to WP 3 .2 with this theme?