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Gruvloy check your email.

@Cline123 … thank you. one last question in your email.

@CLINE123 … I got it!!! Thank you!!!

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hi, how to make “Light Sky” default theme? Thanks

ait Author


you need to configure it in the CSS file.

Thanks. Martin

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@Chouinard, don’t be hasty in your frustration :) Reading through the comments I’ve observed that the them author has been very helpful and committed to resolving our issues. Of course we’d like our issues solved as fast as possible but I have confidence in Affinity.

In fact I just abandoned another theme I purchased in favor of this one especially when I saw the level of support. Plus I’ve also learned from the other posters as well.

So I loaded the theme manually and got it to install. But my frustration continues as I have now spent half of the day trying to get what I would think would be simple things done. I have not even had any luck getting the home page to show the Nivo slider, much less a slider at all.

I am by no means an expert at Wordpress or building templates for Wordpress, but I am a web designer/developer and know my way around html, css, and some php and js. I have customized other Wordpress templates without too much trouble but this is just crazy that I am having this much trouble with this.

I have selected to use a Nivo Slider for the home page. I have set the image urls for the slides (which are correct as I have tested them on another page) but the page will not show the slider. I have looked at the code and it considers the slider a single image slider no matter what I do.

Also, when I try and create a different page with a Nivo slider, it hard codes the following element style into the slider element

I can see where it is doing this in the header-slider-subpage.php file but I have no idea why becasue if your slider image has a height greater than 71 (I am using the same slide images as are in the demo so they do) then you only see the top 71 pixels of the slide and no slide controls.

I basically want a home page that looks just like the one in the demo of this theme but with a Nivo Slider at the top.

I am willing to work at it, but if it is this hard to even get a slider working on the home page, I dont have a good feeling about further modifications and customization.

I guess I am looking for any suggestions before I potentially throw in the towel. I really like the look and layout of this theme but just cant afford to have it take this much time to customize it.

Thanks for any ideas you guys may have.

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if you edit your “Home” page, click on “Page Slider Style” and select Nivo slider from dropdown.

It’ll start working :)

Thanks. Martin



I did exactly what you said and set the Page Slider Style to Nivo when I first started working on the page. So, it is set as you say but it will not show anything other than an empty single image slider on the page.

I would also like to know why every time I create a new page and set it to have a Nivo Slider, it makes the slider height 71 px. In the header-slider-subpage.php file it has code that sets the slider div to have the following inline style – style=”overflow: hidden; height=71px;” Why is it doing that? It means that only 71 px of the slide are actually seen and makes the controls not visible as well.

Also, I have been able to create the three boxes under the slider like you have in your demo home page but would also like to add the 2 boxes (one about 1/3 wide and the other 2/3 wide) like you have on your demo home page. Where is that done? Is it in the short codes section of the home page admin as well?

I am really trying to stick it out with this theme so any help is greatly appreciated.


Kenan – Probably not what you want to hear, but to change to any of the other background combos advertised as coming with the theme (such as “Light Sky”), you’ll need to edit the CSS file for the theme. Specifically, screen.css, in the CSS subfolder. It’s not available through the standard theme CSS editor in the admin site, so you’ll have to FTP to your site to edit it.

The different color combos are stored in the “theme” subfolder, and you’ll have to copy and paste the css from the css file for the color you want into the bottom of screen.css.

I’d highly encourage the theme author to do one of the following for a future update, in order of best solution, to least best solution:

1) Add a way to change the background theme in the admin site. Really, the programming/db work for this shouldn’t be difficult. This is a standard feature of every other theme that advertises different theme colors.

2) Add a “css override” text box to the admin panel for the theme. At least this way it would be easy to copy and paste in the CSS necessary to change the background. You could even provide the CSS examples in the admin screen for easy copy and paste.

3) Move screen.css to where it’s accessible through the standard WP theme CSS editor (under “Theme” -> “Editor”).

ait Author

Thank you for your post. We plan an update, but unfortunatelly got distracted by 2 new websites we have to create as usual – ASAP :)

We plan to implement all features you are talking about.

Thanks. Martin


I uploaded and installed the theme and I have alot of go yet with configuration, just wanted to know how come when I upload all the files in the zip as well as the XML , the slider and everything falls apart? I deleted everything and restarted and it still doesn’t work properly.

That and there’s two home pages, I just want mine to look like the preview with the kwicks slider, on the main page but I can’t seem to find where to edit the home page or its settings.

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This isn’t Simplicius Simplicissimus, I feel slighted. I expected something a little more simple, not something convoluted, hard to manage and downright burdensome.

I really hate to be negative, but for the past two days have been wasted in trying to get this to work like the demo; I am frustrated and disappointed.

This is my first time using themeforest or buying from this designer so I will not rate until some progress can be made.

This is clearly my opinion.

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To use the demo’s home page instead of mine I went into Settings and set a static home page and selected the demo’s. Then I went into the Menu and removed my own home page and added the demo’s to the menu instead and that resolved the issue.

The Kwicks slider fell apart for me as well until I removed the “http…” from the URL and left the/wp…. I had to double check the correct URL as well by simply copying the URL from the Media Library just to be sure and then pasting it.

I have to agree Afinity/IT has been very helpful and so has Cline123. Both of their tips have helped my get this theme loaded. @Davekatague … this will be a great theme for your blog.

Cline123 … any tips on how to change background image? tech at mpbp dot org.

thank you

The theme looks good so far. I do have a question though: Is the Theme/Color/etc switcher on the left side part of the template? Can we turn that off through some sort of options panel? Thanks! :)

ait Author


theme switcher on the left hand side is a part of a template you will get. You can simply disable it via WP admin.

Thanks. Martin

Also the footer doesn’t have the divisions the words are all mashed together. It would be easier if i could just edit the demo, I just needed the main page to have the kwiks slider

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good morning please as I could customize the demo the Cultural UP Simplicius Simplicissimus Universal WP3 Template


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If anyone needs help with this theme I can help you. I have played with it for the last week.


contact me and Ill show you how to make adjustments!

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You asked for it! You’re going to get a ton of requests!:)

I am having a little trouble with the sidebar.. Following the instructions I have setup others widgets so that the default Categories, Archive and Search should be turned off. However, that’s not the case, since even though my new widgets show up, so do the default ones. How do I get rid of them..



coolpakman – I encountered the same bug. If you try to add a widget from the normal widget admin screen, under appearance, the default categories, archive and search will remain in the template. To make them go away, you’ll need to activate at least one sidebar widget on the page edit screen. The least obtrusive option for me was to activate the search box on the page edit screen. That made at least the categories and archives boxes go away.

Thanks for your help DaylightDigital..

However, I am not sure where to find the widgets in the page edit screen. i assume you mean that I should edit a page and manipulate widgets from there. Unfortunately, I dont know where to look. Can you please briefly explain this to me so that I can progress further, please..

Thanks ML

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Does anyone know if this theme is working with “All In One SEO yet?