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Thanks for the quick response. That seemed to work. :)

So question on the the Nivio slider. For some reason the transitions hang a little in IE 8 . Has anybody else had this issue and how did you fix it? Seems to work great in FF

Hi, is there any way to disable “fancybox”?... I don’t want my images to be clickable.


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anyone get the all in one SEO to work with this theme yet?

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I sent a support request via email, how long does it take for them to respond?

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what do you need help with maybe I can help you


First – love the template concept. Let’s start with the positive ;)

I’m having a few problems with the template – which began with the auto install not working. :stress:

So I manually uploaded and installed it and now my wordpress admin panel menu is all skewed – it still works – but it looks like a series of nested lists which keep indenting. I have to say (with regret) I’m pretty disappointed with the documentation.

Crowd seems divided here – I do love the template features but it’s just not at all intuitive and the documentation is vague.

Any suggestions?

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How did you get the sliders to work?

I’m having problems getting the sliders to work and getting the “custom logo” graphic to take.

I tried using my own logo (a PNG file, set to RGB , all nice and proper) and it won’t work. Tried linking to the logo.png file the theme came with, still doesn’t work. I verified the URL , checked to make sure the files weren’t damaged, nothing technical wrong on either end.

I’m not getting a “red x of doom,” rather just another instance of the blog’s tagline in a smaller font, oddly.

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contact me via skype tankersfone Ill see if I can help you out


not sure what the issue is your having but I am sure I can help hit me up as well!

I just tried installing this theme and I get this error I am on wp 2.9.2

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_nav_menu() in /home/meghdes1/public_html/wp-content/themes/simplicius/header.php on line 120

Here is the line of code on line 120

<?php wp_nav_menu( array( ‘menu’ ?> ‘main’ ) ); ?>

Hope someone can help


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WP 3 .01 is the latest

tried everything I can think of. images not showing in slider. all urls are good image sizes are good turned on features downloaded all recommended addons config seems to be right is there something common I might be missing why images not showing on front page?


not sure what I was doing wrong but I got it working by installing the default content into the theme and then editing to match my needs thanks for a great template. soon as its finished im going to submit it for a golden web award im sure itll win for design and content. http://goldenwebawards.org/

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I’m having trouble accessing the dummy content from your site. It looks like your site’s down. When will it be up?

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Hi all,

As we are constantly increasing number of items and our sales, we have decided to launch a discussion forum for all Themeforest stuff we have :)

There are several reasons we have decided to do it: 1. Themeforest discussions are not searchable and many of you are asking again and again the same questions. 2. A lot of people are contacting us via email and therefore nobody else can see answers to their questions.

So if you’d like to ask something or discuss, feel free to do it on: http://www.ait.sk/support

Thanks. Martin

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Would be nice if you answered your emails, I sent mine a week ago.

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Does anyone know how setup the “Blog” page?

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hit me up  james@eavenue.ca   Ill point you in the right direction

I am on skype most of every day my skype is tankersfone

here is my Simplicissimus install



I have been reading through the discussions, but still am having trouble getting the NIVO slider to work on my Home page. It is set to NIVO in the general settings, and I have 3 images with correct URLS inserted. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

I also have a question as to how I can get the location box on the Contact page like it is in the template? I havent found the short code for that box. Does anyone know where that can be found?