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hetul Purchased

How do I change the default Font for Heading?

is it possible to use Google Fonts instead?

Thanks hk

Also trying to configure the front boxes with icons without the actual icons. Does anyone know how to do that? When I delete the icon= tag it messes up.

Hi, great theme but kinda hard do work with if you´re not a pro, but I do like the effort being put in to help us out!

I got a question: How can I add a fifth image to the kwicks page slider? I have five products that must be shown on the front page so I really need this to work.



SkyMax Purchased

Hello, great theme, but please advise:

No SEO plugins work with this template, with no option within the theme to change your TITLE and META tags per page.

I think this string in the header.php file may have something to do with it?

Is there a way I can manually add titles, keywords, and descriptions? I’m pretty lost and frustrated, any help would be greatly appreciated !!

ACampion Purchased

ccbtools. Try Headspace for your SEO needs. It works well with this theme.


I am looking for a new template for my business and was wondering how difficult it would be to change the background gradient so it more closely matches my logo colors?

Thank you, Derek

Oh and almost forgot. I would also need to add some space for a larger logo. Is that a difficult process to change?


SkyMax Purchased

ACampion, Headstart works great – you’re a life safer!

Very much appreciated!!

I can’t get the theme installed every time I try I get an error. So we can’t get theme access. This is the error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in wp-content\themes\wpprecious\wpprecious\chimera\theme\filters.php on line 23

cyberhrc Purchased

2 fast questions:

- I need more pictures on slider.. 4 is max so far and i need 6.. Where to change that?

- Is there some way when i use [get_post] to show more news than just last 1? I want like 4-5 of them


Does the theme author answer posts here or is there some other place we need to post questions?

thanks Derek

Anybody get this theme to work in IE7 or 8 like it claims? If so … how?

Does anyone answer questions about this theme anymore???

Sorry my “bug” was posted to the wrong theme.

I can’t get the theme installed every time I try I get an error. So we can’t get theme access. This is the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in wp-content\themes\wpprecious\wpprecious\chimera\theme\filters.php on line 23

My apologies.

If you need info on how to change the slideroptions there´s a hint at http://www.ait.sk/support/discussion/23/modify-kwiks-slider

but it´s incomplete as of now, there are more things that need changing but I hope the author will reply shortly.

ccbtools Purchased

thanks for the heads up on headspace


Hi !
Very nice theme !
Just a simple question, is it possible to have the sidebar on the left hand side instead of the right one ?

Thanks to let me know

By far, the worst support ever had :(

ait Author

There are more people answering questions on support forum and therefore I didn’t know that you have posted something there. I’ll find out more details about your question.

It is also important to note that we as authors are not required to provide support and you are not guaranteed a response. We still do our best to help out as much as we can!


You, as coder, may be are not obliged to provide a support (and, in fact, don’t do it) but, for sure, you have to guarantee bug free on your code, as it’s impossible to check the theme before buy it. I advised you a solution for a bug that prevent use of excerpt on your shortcode function, on 7th october http://www.ait.sk/support/discussion/32/recent-news and asked to solve your bug in coding titles that breaks when an apostrophe is in title’s text (and also suggested how to) and you deleted that thread (now I understand why you use your own forum, instead this space) and, by now, no solutions, no upgrades. Before, I asked for a modify of your shortcodes, adding a recent_posts, you answered that have to do it by myself, I did. Other users asked for the same features so you promised to do it in two days, are passed 12, by now. Your support is ridiculous and you use irony to mask your defects, a simple visit to your forum reading your answers can demonstrate this. All this, only to explain to future buyers what they have to expect by you. Not to be argumentative but only to inform other user, for me this conversation is over.

ait Author

Thanks for your opinion, we will do our best to improve our support.

ait Author

Hi all,

As we are constantly increasing number of items and our sales, we have decided to launch a discussion forum for all Themeforest stuff we have :)

There are several reasons we have decided to do it:

  1. Themeforest discussions are not searchable and many of you are asking again and again the same questions.
  2. A lot of people are contacting us via email and therefore nobody else can see answers to their questions.

So if you’d like to ask something or discuss, feel free to do it on:

Please be aware that we no longer provide any support via email nor item discussions.

If anybody can help with setting this theme up and publishing the content in such a way that it resembles the demo theme I would like to hire you. Please get in touch with me. Thanks