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diybooths Purchased

Hello, I’m trying to remove the slider in the “Everything you need to know” section. I just want static icons and text in rows, not in slider format. I tried removing the slider code but it seems to mess up everything. Can you help?

Thank you.


@soichi Yes, we can help you or do it for you, please add this required at our forum. We will tell you what to delete and what to add there. Thanks!

Hell CoralixThemes,

I am having a issue with background picture, is their any way I can put a different picture?


yes, please add this question at the forum and we will help you, step by step :) Regards!

Hello ,

We are trying to embed video in the theme, but it’s not get re size on tablets and phones.


Please let us know what’s the issue.



Looks fantastic! Please add your question at the forum, we will help you there. You have the forum link at our profile or at the documentation file. Thanks!

Can i use this landing page on my wordpress blog?

Looks great!

@Stenderup A good solution is:
  1. Create a folder on your server (named demo)
  2. Upload the files of Simplify there.
  3. Use the landing with this url: www.yourwebsite.com/demo/index.html

The landing is very simple to use, you just have to replace images and text. If you need help just let us know.

Good luck with your project!

Presale question:

can i add fullwidth google map to the bottom? can you help me with this trouble after I buy your files?


yes, sure. please send me your email or contact us to our email address, coralixthemes at gmail.com


@bpxF5Lae You dont have any contact information at your profile, so we dont have a way to contact you. Also, let us know what version you will be using: app or book, what of the 6 different colors do you want? Regards!


We have answered your question at the forum! :)

bpxF5Lae Purchased

if I delete About section -> pricing will be broken (only one price visible)


yes, they are using the same slider animation, please add your question at the forum and we will help you there. Coralixthemes.com, thanks!


We have answered your question at the forum! :)

zupym Purchased

Hi, i would like to resize size of the header on top since it is really huge and it empahsise it self when you come to the page instead of the product in slider. How can I do that?

Thank you. Matic


@zupym go to our website, forum, register, http://www.coralixthemes.com/wp-login.php?action=register Item Purchase Code must be enter there.

zupym Purchased

I will but i dont have button Licence certificate. I can send you printscreen with proof of my purchase.


ok to our email coralixthemes at gmail.com

wildtea Purchased

I followed your instructions to find a purchase code so I could be added to the forum but there was no option to find this. I just need documentation how to install this landing page please.


@wildtea To add a question at our forum you must register first: http://www.coralixthemes.com/wp-login.php?action=register

The Item Purchase Code can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/leoqbu2

Simplify is a HTML Landing Page, not a WordPress Theme. You just need to edit your images and text and upload all the files into your server. It is as simple as that.

If you need help with the customization let us know!

frankeee Purchased

Your Unique Pricing Table is a nice effect – but it doesnt work in IE8 and the responsive design also doesnt work perfectly.


@frankeee We know it doesnt work perfectly on IE. Feel free to add all your questions, report, bugs, etc. on our Forum at our Website. We have just made in update with a better php file for the contact form. We can work on the pricing table for the next update. Thanks for let us know! Regards.

Hi. I just purchased this and am trying to install it. Wordpress will not allow the installation. I’ve tried several times, and every time, it stalls and does nothing. I’ve never had this difficulty with any other theme. Eventually, I get a message stating, “Are you sure you want to do this?” But the theme never installs. Any thoughts? Thanks!


This is HTML Template :) You can use it as html, just upload all the files into your server after editing the text and images. It is one page website, it is very easy to use and update. Let us know if you need anything else! Regards!

Ah, it appears this is not a theme for wordpress. I would like to cancel this purchase, as I only use wordpress. How can I get a refund? It’s unfortunate, because I think the theme looks really great. But I can only use themes that will install seamlessly on wordpress without extra coding. Thank you.


@michrichmond We really sorry about that. It is under the HTML Template Category not WordPress Category. Regards!


Thank you for your response. Can I get a refund since I cannot use this? Thank you!


You should contact themeforest. Regards!

torrid Purchased

Hi – I just purchased the template. I was wondering if you have the 3D book mock up with layers so one can create similar books – like a PSD or something? It’s not in the ASSETS – I thought that would be part of it. Please let me know. Thanks…


Dear torrid,
You should read our FAQ: Are the demo images included? No, the content is for presentation purposes only and it’s merely an example of how your website will look, but you need to use your own images.
The book resource is at the documentation file.
Also, you can open a topic at our forum to ask this or other resources and we will send you the link. Regards!


The link is also at the item description here at Themeforest.

garydem Purchased

I put a support question in your forum on the 22th regarding changing the icon, and haven’t received an answer???


Sorry about the delay. We already answered it.

cfoinfo Purchased

I can’t get your demo book page (book>index.php) to work on iPad.

1) The tips section cuts off on the right. 2) The image next to ‘read this book on your ipad’ does not display unless you tap the screen. 3) The sample pages section cuts off on the right. 4) The Get the News button on the Newsletter Registration overlaps the container box. 5) The pricing slider does not work if you remove the About the Author section.

Do you have any fixes for these? (I added this to your forum)


Hello cfoinfo,
We did tests and it is working fine on iphone and ipad.
1. The tips are a carousel.
2. You can delete the animation for the ipad and you will see the images all the time (it will be no necessary to tab the screen.)
3. It is a carousel, the last one is not complete, but there are arrows, the user understand that there are more images there. If you want to can adjust that in the css styles.
4. We see it perfectly fine.
5. Yes, to make the pricing table works please do not delete that section, just use a style, display: none; to hide “About the author”.

To see how the landing page looks on different devices you can also use this tool: http://responsinator.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsimplify.coralixthemes.com%2Fbook%2Findex.html

Thanks for asking, good luck with your project!

simonadp Purchased

hy, i have some questions about the form:

1. is it possible to add a captcha? 2. how can i disable the “required” function? 3. i need to create a thank you page (in order to monitore it) instead of the green message. how can i do that?

thanks for the support


Everything you are asking for is part of the customization work.
We dont offer customization with the support.
1. You can add the captcha code in the form section, 2. You can delete the required function from the js file, 3. You can duplicate the original page and use it for a thank you page.

We can tell you that everything you ask for is possible with this template. Maybe you should look for someone at Microlancer to help you with the customization.
Good luck with your project!

What should I do if I don’t want the theme to be responsive? Is there any way to disable it or should I just delete CSS rules and bootstrap responsive stylesheet? Would you give me a hand on this? I already bought the theme but I cant find my item purchase code (I can only see the Regular License link, I can’t find the License Certificate link as shown in the instructions).


Delete the responsive grid from bootstrap. In the documentation file you will find that information to download the purchased code and how to login to the forum.

Take a look at: Original Template -> Final Product to see one of our buyer successful stories!

Can I get this theme to work on my wordpress using a landing page plugin?


I don’t think so.

Is there a wordpress version of this theme?


Not at he moment. But if you need any help please let us know!

shikabwe Purchased

How do make the images not display in a circle under #TIPS. I looked around the flexislider.css and could not find anything. Please help


Please add your question at the forum, we will help you with that. It is very easy to do :)


Is there a wordpress version?


Not for now, regards.