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Clean work! Good luck :)

Thank you:) Appreciate it!

Great looking theme, very nice and clean.

I’m looking to have 2 portfolios, is this possible? As in 2 pages both called portfolio (say no. #1 & no. #2), but have completely different categories and artwork (myself and my colleagues).

Only other question was is it possible to just have no lightbox and just a link on the portfolio items?

Many thanks.


Thank you for your kind words!

It’s possible to have as many pages with portfolios as you want, but for now all will have same content. I am planning to release a new version where you will be able select what portfolio items to go into each portfolio page.

And to answer your other question, right now it’s possible to show both lightbox link and link to portfolio item on rollover. It’s not possible to show just one of them. But i can easily add this option in the next version i will release.

Regards, Buridava Team.

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you! Good luck with sales to you too:)

Very good one. Glws!

Thank you! Good luck with sales!

An excellent job.

Thank you for your kind words:) You’re theme looks awesome as well!

Great work. Glws!

Thanks! Glws to you too!

Felicitari! la cat mai multi romani pe aicea ce sa vanta! spor cu vanzarile! :)


Having an issue with homepage layout 2 which seems to be caused by [blog/] short code. Your documentation has definitions for all short codes except for this one. This is a new WP install with your theme and sample data, also tried using layout 2 data from documentation, still not displaying properly.

Hello jstiglic,

Thank you for your purchase!

Please go here http://themeforest.net/user/buridava and send me an email via contact form. Will be much easier to handle the request. If possible, can you give me a temporary access account to your wordpress install so i can check the problem?

Best Regards, Buridava Team.

Is it possible to install this theme and run it offline on a Windows computer to build the site – I have not had much success.

Hello angus82,

Thank you for your purchase!

Yes it’s possible. That’s the way i build it. You will need to have a local installation of a webserver. You can try this one http://www.wampserver.com/en/. Then you will have to install locally WordPress, by downloading latest version from here: http://wordpress.org/download/

Here is a tutorial on how you can achieve this: http://sixrevisions.com/web-development/install-wordpress-on-your-computer-using-wampserver/

For further support please contact me directly through the contact from from my profile: http://themeforest.net/user/buridava

Let me know how it goes.

Best Regards, Buridava Team.

Hi there – is is possible to change the font styles used in the menuing (as well as the remainder of the theme) if so desired; if so, what mechanism do you use? Is is changing the relevant .css directly, or can that be done by control panel?

Nice theme BTW.

Hi kiwihiker,

Thank you for your interest on our theme!

Here is a link with admin area screenshots to see what’s possible to modify from theme options: http://buridava.com/simplissimo/admin-panel/ Look at image named “5. Typography Settings”. You can change the body font and heading styles. Heading styles are used for top menu. You can choose between system fonts and also Google fonts. Google fonts are used by default. Also there is a live preview for Google fonts right in theme options. If you purchase the theme and would like further font customization that are not possible via theme options we will be more than happy to support you for free of course:)

Regards, Mihai from Buridava Team.

Hi, I’m having an issue… I’m just using the theme to do a very simple page. I want to make the background of the slider black, and i want it to be responsive. For some reason, the image is not responsive, and the background is white. Can you assist? http://trimtabbrewing.com/

Hello Jahshwa,

Thank you for your purchase!

For further assistance please contact me via my profile page. Looking at your site from iPhone looks responsive and I am not able to see any white. So please contact me there and I will be more than happy to support you. Also please give me as much info as possible. A screenshot with the problem will be great.

Regards, Mihai from Buridava Team.

The ability to select a menu is broken in this release. Please fix.


Hello Kulayphoto,

Thank you for your purchase!

The theme does indeed support WordPress menus. Something else must be wrong there that is not showing up. Please contact me via profile http://themeforest.net/user/buridava, and send me login details of your site so i can check in detail and fix your problem.

Regards, Mihai from Buridava Team.

For anyone else encountering this, please go and read this: http://buridava.com/support/forums/topic/conflict-with-all-in-one-seo-pack-plugin-menu-goes-away/

Regards, Mihai from Buridava Team.

Very clean, well implemented theme. The advanced slider is great bonus. The support is incredible (Mihai responsed to a question I sent him in just a few minutes). Highly recommended!

Glad i could help you!:)

Just wanted to post an update: I’ve bombarded Mihai with a lot of questions in the past couple days and asked for a few enhancements as well. He’s provided better support than I’ve received from any company. I have everything I wanted working in very short order and I really can’t recommend this theme enough. If you want a great package and great support what you want is here.

Thank you for your kind words:)

Fantastic Theme. Easy to implement and great documentation. I had a small issue with the All In One SEO plugin conflict and the fast support (which fixed the issue quickly by the way) was fantastic. Highly recommend these guys.

I’m glad to hear that all is good now:) Was my pleasure to help you out. Thank you!

It’s not works in IE

Dear buridava,

Is “http://buridava.com/simplissimo/” your site? if yes, by the way, can I get all the datas of this site. I think maybe I can learn how it works



Yes, thats the demo site. And you already got that content. You just have to follow instruction from documentation to import content. I cannot give you images, if thats what you meant, because images are under special license terms.

Best, Mihai.

Ok, That’s I mean, I don’t know where to place the images, but thank you anyway

Hi There,

I have your theme installed on a website. I have registered with your support forum but it simply doesn’t work and I cant post a new comment which is frustrating.

I need to know how to get the grey drop downs on the main nav. Wordpress says your theme doesnt support custom menus.



Sounds like you tried to make a new forum post on FAQ – Knowledgebase forum, and this is a closed forum, only allowed for FAQ, and not for support requests.

To create a new support post go here http://buridava.com/support/forums/forum/simplissimo-support/ and you will be able to create it.

As for your actual problem, sounds like you have a conflict with the All in One Seo Pack plugin. Just open the support forum and i will send you a new version of the theme that will fix this problem.

Thanks, Mihai

To everyone reading this post. An update to the theme has just been approved with fixes for the above problem (ie menu disappearing, and a few other fixes and additions – see the changelog).

Thanks, Mihai.

Hi I am interested in your theme and I would like to know if the following aspects are supported from the admin/configuration panel:

1. multiple blog pages, each displaying a separate blog category? 2. multiple portofolio pages, each displaying a separate portofolio category 3. sortable portofolios 4. can I add text (and shortcode) in the light box of the gallery (where I see the pictures) 5. I like the boxed version. What is the width of the main area (text area) and is it changeable? 6. Can I change the color of different parts of the website with color picker? And if yes, which parts? 7. can I use mega-menus and also can I change the gray color of the drop-down menu? 8. If I would like to sell some pictures from the website using your theme, how would I do it? is there any integration with woo commerce or other similar?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer quite the lengthily questions. I hope I will become your customer :)

Hello AlexMD,

Thank you for your interest! I will try to answer all your questions as best as possible.

1. right now it’s not possible to display multiple blog pages with different category, although i am working on a such a feature. 2. same thing here, not possible on this version, on next version it will be. 3. portfolios are sortable, please check in the demo site. 4. i dont fully understand this question, please clarify it and i will be more than glad to answer it. 5. The width of area when in boxed mode its 1140px. Curently its not possible to change it via themes options. It can be easily adjusted if you change few css lines. I can provide help with that. 6. It’s not possible now to change different parts of the website using color picker. The next version i am currently working on will have a visual composer that will have this option. Now you can only change the background image when in boxed mode. 7. Theme doesnt support megamenus, only the type of menu you can currently see on the demo site. The gray color can be changed via themes options with some css code i can provide. 8. I am sorry, the theme currently doesnt natively support woo commerce or something similar.

Best, Mihai.

Salut Mihai,

I am Romanian as well (one of the reasons I stopped at your theme :) ) but out of courtesy for other readers, I will continue (mostly) in English here… But if you would want we can take the discussion offline via PM (in order not to clutter things here).

Thank you very much for your detailed answers. To be honest I think the number 1 question is kind of a deal breaker unfortunately. I already have a website/blog that has more than 200 posts of different categories (www.micadu.ro). Right now I am not happy at all with the current theme looks so that’s why I am looking for something with more personality (like your theme for example). But also I need it to be functional and powerful in the back end as I am not good at all with coding websites :( So I guess I will have to wait until you will come up with the update until I will make a decision regarding buying/not buying. Do you have any timeframe or road map? I know how much effort you must put in these updates so my question is not to rush you, just to understand what are my options… Oh, also my website is multi-lingual (Romanian and English). Does your theme support multi-languages?

Multumesc din nou pentru ajutor si multa bafta! :)

Salut Alex,

Nice to see Romanian fellows around here:)

I will try to keep it short. I want to say that i totally understand you when you say that it’s a deal breaker for you. You should take your time and figure it our exactly what’s perfect for you.

As for a roadmap for the next update, i am planning to be somewhere at the end of next week (depends a bit also on reviewers). For me it’s a race to get it ready as soon as possible, but yet again i need to maintain code quality and also provide a great user experience. The focus will be mainly on admin area, but will have some additions in the front end also. About multi-language support, the theme only has support to be translated in different languages, ie load a language one at a time, and you will not be able to change language via front-end.

If you have more questions related or not related to the theme please PM me and i will be more than glad to answer you.

Mersi, Mihai.

How do I set where the emails go on the contact page?


There is a setting in Theme Options for that. On the General Settings tab -> Contact Email.

Thanks, Mihai.

Loving this theme. Great support. I would be very happy if you could add YouTube & Vimeo to the Social settings. Also if there was a way to turn off the header across all blog posts rather than on a per post basis that would be very useful.

Thanks, Paul

Hey Paul,

Please create a ticket in the support forum http://buridava.com/support/ and i will be able to help you with getting support for YouTube and Vimeo. I will probably need temporary access to your wordpress installation so when you will give them to me, just add another reply and mark that reply as private so i will only be able to see it.

As for the other request, we can further discuss it via support forum. As far as i understand you want the main title area to be disabled.

Best, Mihai.