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Gorgeous theme! Do you have links to other people’s sites that have used this theme?


Thank you for your kind words!

This is quite a new theme and even it has some purchases most of the people who bought it havent got in touch with us. Probably they havent encountered any problems in using the theme. Just a few of the buyers who contacted us also shared their site with the theme running on it. Unfortunately, i am not sure if we are allowed to share those links here in a public forum. If you really want to see some samples probably will be better to send me a PM.

Best, Mihai from Buridava Team.

This is great and super easy to use. I do have a question about the portfolio showing on the home page is there a way to remove the link icon? I tried login in to support and have not received a password yet


Unfortunately right now its not possible to do that from a setting of the shortcode. However, if you PM me, and give me temporary access to your wordpress installation i would be able to change it for you. Please be aware that this is a more like a quick hardcoded solution, and once i have removed it you cant bring it back.

P.S. Sounds weird that you didn’t received email from support forum. Will have a look.

Best, Mihai.

Just had to stop by and say “AWESOME THEME!!” I recommend this to anyone thinking about buying it. I personally have bought a few themes form themeforest and well most of them I did not use do to file issues, etc, but this theme is Great, Easy to use, and has no issues. Highly Recommend!

Ok so I registered on “http://buridava.com/support/” and am still waiting for an email it says ” A password will be e-mailed to you.” but I do not know how long does this take? I am having the ” LayerSlider: old jQuery issue”. and also my slider on my website does not resize when I make the rowers window larger it makes my slider break? any ideas as to how to fix these issues?? TY

Also this theme does not look right on a mobile device the menu is this grey drop down and the slider is also broken?? I really need to get these errors fixed….............


Please send me a PM so i can help you better. Send it from here: http://themeforest.net/user/buridava Please give me a link to your website also, so i can see the problem, otherwise i am not able to provide any help.

Best, Mihai.

Congratulations my friend! You become Top New Author in Themeforest :)

Well, I really didnt noticed it:) So thank you for the heads up!

A beautiful theme and phenomenal support! Very impressed.

Thank you for your kind words!


what does translation ready mean? Is it possible to use different languages for the content or is it just for the backend?

Thanks for the information,



Translation ready means that you will get a special file that can be then opened into a tool and this tool will help you out to translate term by term from english into the language you want. As a result you will have a new file with the strings in your language and my theme will automatically pull texts from there and therefor the theme will display in your language.

Of course what i described here is only a general idea of the process, but if you purchase the theme i will be able to provide detailed instructions on how to do it.

I have to mention that if you want a way for your users to switch languages in real time this is not possible at the moment. The site will only display one language at a time, the language you set and the language you have translations files for.

Best, Mihai.

Hey, I bought this theme yesterday, have an issue with creating a child theme. Created a topic over on your support forum but haven’t had a response yet – really could do with getting it sorted today – thanks!


I got your request and i am working on a solution for you. I am going to reply back in a few hours in the support forum.

Thank you for your patience. Best, Mihai.

Just wanted to say that this really is a great theme; easy to use, good documentation and great support if you have any questions. Great job! If you’re thinking about buying this theme: go for it!

Hello Petra,

Thank you for your kind words. Appreciate it!

Hello, I am trying to enter my purchase code for automatic updates but it keep saying that my code is not valid and I just bought the theme, please let me know what can be the problem.

Thank you


Well, it’s strange, i do not offer any automatic updates. Where are you trying to do that? Can you please explain better what are you trying to do? I will then provide better help for you.

Best, Mihai.

well after I uploaded the theme that said “To receive auto-updates, you need to enter your item purchase code. You can find it on your CodeCanyon downloads page, just click on the “Licence Certificate” button of the corresponding item. This will download a text file which contains your purchase code” so I went a head and entered the purchase code than this is what come up “Your purchase code doesn’t appear to be valid. Please make sure that you entered your purchase code correctly.”, if you have an email I will email you a screen shot :-)

Oki so i think you got a bit confused. It seems that youre talking about LayerSlider autoupdate feature, and not about theme autoupdate, because theme doesnt support that.

In the text it says “CodeCanyon” and not ThemeForest. What i did is have purchased an extended license for that plugin and bundled it with the theme. So if you want auto-update featured enabled you will have to buy the plugin from CodeCanyon and thats how you will get your purchase code for it. Otherwise, i will keep the plugin updated with theme updates.

If you want more details please send me a PM from here http://themeforest.net/user/buridava

Best, Mihai.

Hi I’ve just started using the Simplissimo theme on two websites – one is now live at apptestlondon.com and the other is under dev at webtestlondon.com I like the theme’s style – its clean and minimal but there’s also some nice graphical tricks and features thrown in. Will be great if you can keep the theme updated with the odd new feature here and there. So far, so good… Cheers, Pat Walsh – apptestlondon.com

Hi there, great theme! I have one question, is there anyway to use a my own custom font face? Thanks a lot!


Right now it’s not possible to do that via theme options. If you open a support ticket at http://buridava.com/support/ i might be able to support you further with giving you some steps so you can achieve what you want.

Best, Mihai.

Is there a simple way to change the rainbow colored border in the boxed-icon?


Yes, it’s possible to change that using the visual composer. There is a setting for that in the title shortcode. But you will need to have the latest version 1.2. If you have the first 1.0 version, then converting to version 1.2 would mean to redo the content, because we have now switched to a visual way to build pages, which is much more easy and intuitive to use.

Best, Mihai.

Hiā€”before I purchase, I was wondering if I can have 2 blogs. One would be a true blog and the other would be News, but use the blog format. thanks


Yes, you will be able to build such a thing, ie 2 blogs, and have 2 pages: one with the normal blog, and the second one with the news blog.

You can use the regular posts format and add them in a category called news, and then you will be able to create a blog page that will only list from the news category.

Please let me know if i can help you with something else, or you need more explanations.

Best, Mihai.

Nice simple design, great theme and wonderful support.

Can you have 2 different blogs?


Yes, it’s possible. To make a blog loop, you will use a shortcode, and the shortcode can be configured in many ways, like you can choose the categories from where you will see blog posts and so on. For example you can create a blog loop listing posts from category News, and you can create another blog loop listing posts from all the other categories except News. You can even lists posts by author, or choose posts individually that you want to appear.

Best, Mihai.


Nice theme, giving a lot of possibilities so I may consider it for new project. But I have one pre sale question.

On the home page you have a slider. But what if I just want a static image? Can I do that?

Kind regards,


Hello Chrys,

The theme allows you to customize the body font and the h1-h6 font. This means you can use a system font face or a google font face one. So right now its not possible to use your own custom font face. Now those titles are using the H2 tag.

“Or can I imagine replace the title in each “box” by a picture? And Have a plain separator underneath and then my text? I don’t really understand if at the begining the boxes are just plain and then you customize them or if they automatically are separated in two sections. The top of the box with the title which is on a greyish background and the separator and then the text on white background.” – i hope i understood what you meant so here it goes: you can split each row into columns; and you have lots of combinations of columns. Now, you can then define a background or NOT for each this column. This is the way those boxes work like. If you want you dont define any background and you can just see the main page background color. As for you idea of recreating the title area with an image and below a separator, i think it’s possible. Like you add an image shortcode, and right below it add a separator where you can set the color and height of it, and then add the text. And all these 3 elements (image, separator and tex) are going to sit in a column. So if you decide to apply a white background to that column, then it will be exactly like the boxes you already see. I also have to say that columns are automatically given right margins, and equally distanced. You will find very easy visually to understand this because the page its built using a visual composer. Here is a screenshot: http://d.pr/i/tkhT

“Then on demo site on homepage you have a big section with icons (fully responsive design – unlimited homepage layout..) Can I consider replacing them by my own pictures (small photos for example) and what size would be needed?” – you can change all texts for those and also change the icon, but it’s not possible to define your own custom icons, so you cant bring yet your own images (but probably this will be added in the future, but cant tell you yet when that will happen). You will only be able to choose from a list of predefined icons. See list here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

I have done my best to make it as clear as possible, but please let me know if you need any other clarifications.

Best, Mihai.


Ok! That helped to have a screenshot of the visual composer. I now understand what I can do.

As for the font, i was not thinking about my own font but more of a google font. So I assume when you say I can change the font you think about the 500 + google fonts that already exist is that it? If it is, that’s plenty enough for my project ;-)

Thank you for your quick answer and the details, I appreciate.

Kind regards


Hi Chrys,

Yes, i know i should be doing some videos explaining better what this visual composer can do. But not getting enough time, yet.

For the font yes, you can choose from that big list of 500+ google fonts. One small clarification thought. You cant set a different font for each H1-H6 tag, but you can only set one for all of them. Just thought to mention it to be super clear. However you can adjust the line-height and font-size individually for each H1-H6 tags.

Thanks, Mihai.

Hello, I’ve tried registering for support but my password hasn’t been emailed to me and I now I need some urgent support please. Can you help? Thanks

Hello, please write me a message from http://themeforest.net/user/buridava and i will get back to you ASAP. Please describe there the problem you are facing.

Best, Mihai.

Hi there. I just purchased your theme and trying to upload the demo content. I get the following error:

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 38273024) (tried to allocate 2839843 bytes) in /homepages/1/d127135612/htdocs/testing/wp-includes/class-http.php on line 1336

In the documentation, you say if there’s a problem uploading the XML file, “A good idea is to leave the option Download and import file attachments unchecked.”

However, without any images in the demo content, I’m not sure where to upload images (e.g. featured content on homepage?)

Here’s my test site: http://testing.kees.ca

Thanks for your help!



Please contact me via http://themeforest.net/user/buridava and we will go from there and see how i can help you. Sounds like your Wordpress installation is the problem.

Best, Mihai.

Excellent theme, very happy with it. Great after-sales too.



Thank you!

Hi, I’m trying to get full posts to show up on blog page but can’t. I replied to a thread on the support site about this but realised that maybe because it’s marked resolved you won’t see it. http://buridava.com/support/forums/topic/excerpt-showing-instead-of-full-post/

I really need to get this solved today – could you message me with the fix please?



Hello Henry,

I am sorry, i missed your comment. I will take a look, but can you please provide to me an admin and password? Share with me on the support forum, but mark it as private.

Best, Mihai.

Hi Mihai, thanks for your response. I actually made you an admin a while ago, the site is http://educationgateway.org/ – let me know if you need a password reset – thanks!