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Not satisfied with the result bro :( i wanted to remove the featured image from single post but it also removed from the main page. any way to to remove featured image (top image) from single post? :crying:


1. Open article.php file in theme’s root directory. 2. Find and replace line #13 with next code:

<?php if ('image' == $post_format && has_post_thumbnail() && !is_single()) : ?>

I have another question. I don’t want to use the main menu and the top/bottom menu, so I want to remove the site administrators tips! how can I do that please?!

1. Open footer.php template and remove line #44 2. Open header.php template and remove line #94

thank you, but it didn’t work! :(

Try to remove line #53 in header.php and line #35 in footer.php.

What about changing the main language? I’ve found .po and .mo but changes doesn’t seem to apper on theme

Thanks a lot

Thanks, I knew that. I mean where is the php file that contains that text “See all Archives”(i thought it was sidebar) because editing the *.po files make no changes in my webpage. Thanks a lot.

inc/init.php – Line 531

That’s all. Thanks PixelForeces ;)

Hi, i recently bought the theme and i can’t find the way to translate some text like “read more”, “submit content” i didn’t find them in the language file.

Thanks for your help !


“read more” located in the language file. Where did you see “submit content” string?

Hum sorry made a typo, i wanted to say “submit comment”

The same file: languages/en_US.po

Could’ve done without the extra elements and messy css. Otherwise good template!

Hi I want to increase logo size. It´s very small. How I can do it? Thanks

thanks for response

In Appearance > Header:

“Images of exactly 135 × 40 pixels will be used as-is” If you try upload more size image does not show (only a little icon)

Put this code inside theme’s functions.php file to increase log o size up to 300×300 pixels.

add_filter('simplog_custom_header_args', 'simplog_logo_size');

function simplog_logo_size($args)
    $args['width'] = 300;
    $args['height'] = 300;

OK. Perfect. Thanks!!

hello, when will add Meta Tags facebook?

How it relates to the theme? It looks like facebook issue.

My bad xD I was doing it wrong…

Well but i have some questions, how can i put the title at the top of the all posts?

What title?

What is the name of the font used for the logo?

Hi, really amazing and simple theme. I want to buy it for my website batuhankok.com. Can you add screenshots of the admin panel? I am curious… Also will be updated? ( my english is bad:) )

Thank you so much.

Is there a theme administration panel?

No, only logo and layout settings

Okey, thank you so much.

The homepage shows the full post, how do I set it so that it only shows a preview of the post?


Insert “read more” code in post.

This is a really good looking theme. i just purchased it. looking forward to using it, hopefully installation goes well :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you for this great theme!

There’s only one problem: The Twitter Widgets seems to be “broken”. Not only on my blog but also in the live preview here on themeforest. Do I have to install a plugin to get it work?

Kind Regards, Richey.


Update with fixed twitter widget will be uploaded today. Thank out.

Perfect! Thank you!

I have a simple question. I purchased this and thought I could change the main menu color from orange to #75CFE8 but it doesn’t seem to be easily achievable. I’ve checked the stylesheet.css, but all that I’ve found that is changeable are borders around the main menu.

Could you give me the line of code or custom CSS I need to change the color from orange to #75CFE8?


Does it make Turkish character problem?

It was not tested on such kind of problem.


Did you inquire supports the Arabic language “template – Control Panel” ?


No, we don’t.

Hello. I’ve WordPress 3.8.1 and i bought this theme. I can’t understand about post images in posts on main page. When i insert image before “read more” it isn’t look like Live demo. How i can make post preview like “Awesome illustration: Preserve Nature by markusgindl by admin” and “Using a Wacom in my creative workflow”

i tried but i can make only this

Ahh, and of course i load for each post “post miniature image” but it isn’t show :(


Did you use “featured image” box to set the image? Also you can make test wordpress installation and load demo data to see how it works.


I see some similar questions, but i cant still solve it.

How can i change language to things like : by, posted, comments, in category, with?

Regards Thanks


All these things are standard for wordpress. You have to change wordpress language.

I did, i uploaded file es_ES.po and all of them but blog still look english. advice?


Try to download wordpress with integrated language pack.

One of the most beautiful theme in Themeforest, really impress me.

Hi, is there a way for me to change category from full post to excerpt?

Hi! What a great design theme

Before i order it… Is it possible to add some woocommerce or another shoping into this template for free?

What about adding some banners to it, and using something like adsense from google?

And what about WP 4.0