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The next_page on my homepage does not work. The URL loads to /page/2 but it is the same posts as the homepage.

The link is innerfatman.com


This might sound like a hassle, but I think the easiest way to find where the problem occurs would be to set up a second wordpress install and upload the theme. Create a blog page and a few posts, set the posts per page to 1 and see if it works. If it does, try adding the other things such as the plugins and note where it stops working.


It has something to do with the pages that the blog uses. Clicking “page 2” added /page/2 to the URL but there wasn’t anything at that URL. But if you went to http://innerfatman.com/blog/page/2, you see it. To fix it, I prepended “blog” to the “page” part in the pagination.

The code for that line now reads: $format = empty($perm_structure) ? ‘&page= #%’ : ‘blog/page/ #%/’

Problem solved.


Hmm sorry for the hassle. Let me know if there are any other issues.

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HI there,

Website is looking good en is functional… Just one question: why does it take so long for the home page to load?


Best regards, thx!


It looks like it’s loading just fine to me. My tool says 3.5s.


If you are using a custom generated color sheet, you can save the customcolor.php as a .css and change the file path to .css in header to make it load a little quicker.

Hello :)

Im preparing a mobile version different from the original page, its working perfect in iPhone (safari), Android (Chrome) but in Windows Phone (Internet Explorer) the images dont resize, can you test it and help me to solve this issue ?

The test page is: -http://idevmobile.com.br/mob_clickmania/

Thanks in advance


Which images don’t resize? I don’t have a windows phone to test it.


Just the games screenshots … the 2 sequences of 3 screenshots !!!


You hard coded those in TABLES, of course they are not going to resize. Why wouldnt you just use the method that ive already built into the theme to include images in any width increment such as 1/3, 1/4, etc. Then it would automatically resize.

Can you shift the menu to the right hand side instead of the left hand side? Tell me how? Thanks!

2nd Question: How Can I Create A LEFT Hand Sidebar On Every Page? Left Hand Side Is More Important From A Marketing Perspective. Thanks!

Hello again, I one of my questions was already asked and answered but I’m unclear of what the css should look like…

“Hi. Great Theme!!! I’d like to add just a light background to the footer. Is there a simple css I could add to make this happen? Thanks!

brainbuzzmedia AUTHOR 18 days ago Flag Yep, pop this in the custom css area in the theme settings: div.footer_wrapper { background-color:#eee; }”

Could you be a little bit more precise? Thanks


Im gettng ready to buy your theme but had a few questions:

1. Can the slider be full width? 2. Is the white color of the content background changeable?

Please advise.

Thanks, Ximena

Is it possible to bring out contact us form at the Main Page footer?

Thank You.

Is it possible to bring out contact us form at the Main Page footer? Can I also bring out recent Facebook on the footer as well? (just like recent tweets) Thank You.

Me again,

I have a large portfolio set up with the text displayed to the side. I see the word ‘Description’ in between my post title and the text on every post. How do I get rid of that?

Also, how can I make the portfolio items, sliders, blog posts, featured images, etc… NOT link to anything? I’ve tried entering # into the external link text but it still is a link. I would like to take away the hyperlink if at all possible so that it doesn’t even create a hover-over effect.

I really appreciate it! Sorry for asking so many questions – I’m on a tight deadline,


On that same topic, I’m aiming to make the portfolio items appear when you click on them like a lightbox effect. How would I do that? Thanks


That would require a bit of custom code. I can do it as soon as im free if you want. Email me and I will give you my rate.

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My host is informing me that I need to update to Wordpress 3.5.1.

Can you confirm that the theme is compatible with this upgrade?



Yes, it will be fine.

Can you please advise how to change the opacity on the rollover images.




In the file /js/settings.js if you search for .mag and change the .10 to something different it will change the opacity.

One more question.. On the one column portfolio page your demo only shows a small amount of ‘intro’ text. I have tried doing this but the article appears in full. Can you advise how to correct this?



Yep, just click the “more” button in the post editor.

Can you shift the menu to the right hand side instead of the left hand side? Tell me how? Thanks!

I guess support for this product has dried up. I’ll tweet it out to everyone.


Support is for help using the theme and addressing / fixing bugs not for asking repeatedly for free css / html customizations.

Hello, I am having some issues with the slider captions. When I change the caption to “right” it still stays on the left of the slider. I am using the rectangle style and the vertical style. Could you please help me?

Thanks so much!

Hi there – great theme (just purchased), I’d like some tweaks if you’ve time? I can send a list in return for your rate / turnaround time? Thanks.


Hi Will

Sorry, I have been quite busy lately and missed this. If you’d still like to, you can send me a message through my profile here and I will let you know the details.

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Hi folks. Love the template. quick question. I entered a list in the html body on one of the pages…but the bullet points aren’t appearing? Is this something that needs to be modified within the sytle sheet? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This is a bug, I’m going to update the theme with css to fix it.

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I’m posting this again regarding bullets…I tried your fix, and while it added bullets to the HTML body, it also added to the sidebar. Any insight on how to have bullets appears ONLY in the html body? Thanks.

change line 323 “ul li” to “ul li, div.thesidebar ul li”

add this after that area’s closing }:

div.main ul li { list-style-position: inside; list-style-type: disc; margin-bottom: 10px; }