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Great design! Best of luck in sales :)


Awesome Work ! GLWS :)

great design

Hello nice, theme. But the responsiveness is buggy on the first page, doesnt automatically resize as you resize the window.

Hello amohamed,

Thanks for pointing out. I have fixed that.

Nice looking theme, good luck with sales!

This is really good stuff – love it!

Awesome theme qc, glws mate!;)

Looks fantastic , wish you the best with sales :)

Amazing! Good luck ;)

Beautiful work..

Thank You Guys For All Your Words !


The only question I have… is it possible to make the # show in the url so people can email the link of specific tab?


Hello CrucialCounty,

Thanks for your words !

Yes, It is easy to enable #url.

Just set “changeHash: true” in init.js line no : 44


- Mandar

great looking theme. Is is possible to add another fullscreen section (like the home/start page?



  • nevermind.. just read the description. It does have a fullpage page template.

Hello briguy33,

Thanks for your interest in Singlet !

However you can have Fullscreen Section only Once. as It is not treated as Page Template but Intro Section.


- Mandar

this is pre-sales question

will you add on the accordion plug in ?

Hello jikey,

Thanks for your interest in Singlet !

Tabs, Accordian etc are built in with this theme.

Look Here : http://themeforest.quadcodes.com/wordpress/singlet/hello-world/


- Mandar

just bought… love it so much…. but can i have a small request?

it’s about the blog if it’s possible to choose the content load by category or tag will be greats!

First off EXCELLENT theme. I purchased it yesterday.

I’m having a problem. I started populating the theme with my own content. Got to adding my own full screen image, logos and edited text. But when I start adding images and links to the PORTFOLIO section, the theme seems to break. None of the images will show and none of the links work (navigation and custom).

I know i wasn’t using images at the exact size as your demo. Could that be the problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Todd Kelley http://toddkelley.net/vcard/

Hello toddkelley,

Thanks for purchasing Singlet & Your words !

Problem here is : You can’t use characters other than A-Z , 0-9 for page title. Since Singlet assigns page title as page id, Character other than A-Z , 0-9 does not validate as ID & Hence your site is broken.

I’ll be working on fixing this Page Title limitation for my next update. But till then, Please remove ”?” from the page title “Need to Reach Me?” & Everything else should work as you expected.


- Mandar

An Update Has been released fixing various known issues. Now You May Use Any Special character in the title as well. I recommend updating your theme to the latest version.


todd kelly i having the same problem …. now my template became not very responsive … the size wont really auto resize if you change the screen size….


Hello jikey,

Thanks for purchasing Singlet !

Todd kelly’s issue is due to special character he used in page title.

You can add normal Page to the Front by choosing “Clean/Default” page template.

I’ll be submitting update soon to fix bullets & window resize issue.


- Mandar

1 more thing … i can’t add any normal page at the front … the template will break as well …main intro full page bg will gone…

also aslo … there is not bullet point style? bcos the css seem like take it all off

is me again …. just wonder how to make the accordion support html ?

You can select Clean / default page template & use shortcodes to generate accordion.