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Good Job, GLWS ;)

hey Enabled ciao! Probably I have misunderstood the whole thing, but I’m already in love with your product :)

Said that, I’m running Time Lapse Italia on a theGossip Wordpress theme instance, which I love but.. it lacks from the mobile menu approach.

Would it be possible to purchase your item.. not sure if it can be taken as a plugin only?.. so that I can get THAT GREAT MENU but keeping my site?

I believe that is quite impossible, but.. think about it guys, if it ain’t like that: make it a mobile/tablet only menu… you’d sell it amazingly!

Ciao and thanks 4 your time


Does this work on desktops too?


Mobiles and tablets only, as the item title states! :)

Hi, In the main menu, If you click a tab a sub menu opens but does not close others and this make not to large the navigation, the same in galleries Wide.html and other issues, I rated 5 stars because this is a very usefull template, except by this problem. Wating for a tip.


There current jQuery code only closes the navigation items, you need to modify the code for the navigation found in custom.js. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in custom modifications at the moment!


Thanks anyway

Claudia Purchased

at last, i have finish my mobile site, There are some things I think you need to fix in your template, the most important is to make collapse menu items, toggles and dropdowns when you click an other, that problem is in many of your templates, an other important is widescreen portfolio not possible to link from simple image menu section, These problems with not collapse issues makes the navigation large and not intuitive, the the rest of the template is JUST GREAT, clean and very useful. Hope you find the motivation to fix that issues and I´m sure the sales are going up and up. Thanks for your support. Claudia


I love the theme, but I am not sure if I understand it correctly: It is a theme for mobile only. 1. So is there a switching plugin provided to use another theme when on desktop? 2. What happens with the mobile theme shortcodes I use if I am on another (desktop) theme? Are they ignored? Can I write specific content for desktop and for mobile theme? 3. Do you have other themes that are suited for desktop and mobile? 4. Can I easily replace the colors and background with my ci colors?

Thank you very much :)


Thank you for the kind words, but, It’s a template. Sitebar | Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template.


is it possible to load index.html with open side-menu? what does the trick? cant find it :)



To do it only for the homescreen would be pretty complicated, but I can assist you, meaning, show you what needs to be done to edit it. Can you please send me a message through our support form and I will explain what needs to be done! :)

Sitebar vs slideby (mobile templates) differ in nav bar appear from left? or not differ in this matter, but differ in other things?

please answer since i want buy now and i can not decide between the two?


well navigation show is identical? this is appropriate for a hybrid nhtml5 App using eg Titanium or PhoneGap?

hello is it possible to embedin xcode as a webview for upload to applstoreas anative app( with other native elements in the app such tabs and navigation controls..)


Hey there! We’ve had many customers in the past use our apps with PhoneGap, and have successfully uploaded them to the AppStore, we must inform you though, that using our items for any AppStore requires you to purchase an extended license! Apologies for the late reply, we’ve just updated our hardware and we’re back up running!