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How can i change the footer in the theme? I’ve been trying everything and cant find the footer text.

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Hello, I recently purchased the Skoon theme. my header logo is extremely large. what is the recommended size in order for it to fit all sizes correctly and not move with a scroll? Thank you

my site link is

figured it out

HI. I´ve tried to install the theme and wordpress tells me this “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Hi there.

You need to install not

Hi. I’ve installed your theme, but the RECENT NEWS appears in one column only, and it should be two colums. How can i fix this? Thanks

In the options panel give your logo a top margin of 44px

Correct. Thank you!!

Great! Don’t forget to leave a positive rating ;)

Olá, gostaria de saber se há possibilidade de desconto?

Oi, eu não acho que é possível. Obrigado.

was wondering if I could get some help on this. somehow added an ad to my theme, and cannot locate the file for the source code to delete it at – it says drunk and naked teen, I do not want it to appear on my site

<body class=”blog”>

<header id="main-header">
         teen drunk and naked  
\\ <!-.wrapper->

The logo is located in the header.php file.

hi, how can i import demo database for my theme?thanks

Hi there.

In the admin panel go to Tools > Import and select WordPress, then locate the demo.xml file.


Hello there. I am very much interested in your theme and would like to know if you can help to install this demo on my site and i can afterward change the texts and images to suit my site’s mission. Pls reply ASAP. Thank you

Hi there.

If you already have WordPress installed then yes I will help with the theme and demo data installation, It’s very easy to install though.


Hello, I wonder if you can add a Google Adsense ads next to my site’s logo. I’m just getting upload image, unable to add the Google ad unit code. You can do this?

I’ve found that the Google ad appears only when I also active an image ad in the theme options. When I take the picture in the theme options, Google’s announcement also comes out. I wanted to display only the Google ad. Thanks in advance.

Remove these two lines that come before and after the Google code:

<?php if( of_get_option('header_ad') ) { ?>

<?php } ?>

Resolveu meu problema, obrigado!

Hello, I would remove the black bars that contains the dates of the posts and are superimposed on images of publications on the homepage. Thanks in advance.

Hi there.

Go to the Custom CSS tab in the options panel and paste the following code:

#top-posts .cap-meta, 
.popular-post .cap-meta {
    display: none;


does it support right to left language ?

Currently it does not.


Good day! I wonder how to leave only the first initial of the titles of posts on the homepage capitalized. Currently, all the initials of the words are capitalized, and I wanted just the first title to stay, for better spelling and aesthetics. Thanks in advance!

Hi there.

In the options page go to the Custom CSS tab and paste the following code:

.feat-cap, .feat-cap .post-title a, .feat-cap a { text-transform: none; }



How can I hide the author name from posts?

Hi there.

In the Admin go to “Theme Options” and then the “Custom CSS Box” tab. Paste the following code:

#top-posts li.cap-author, 
.post-meta .post-author {display: none;}

Thank you.

Thank you!

Hi, i’m interested in your template. I would like to know, is the template available in Italian? Thanks.

Hi there.

If you write your posts in Italian then your posts will be displayed in Italian. There are a few text strings that will need to be translated though, all these text strings are in the .po file for easy translation.

Thank you.

Thanks for your help. I really like the theme. What’s the best way to add Google adsense to the right column of the website

Just paste the Google AdSense code in a text widget.

Hello! Is this theme SEO Optimized, Retina ready?

Hi there.

1. Yes it is SEO optimized.

2. No it is not Retina ready, but you can check the demo on a Retina Display and see if you like what you see.

Thank you.

Hello, I have a Google responsive ad at the top of the page, next to the logo in the header. But it is only displayed on the desktop version, and I wanted to show it on the mobile version, it is the highest paid ad. I would like to know how to proceed. Thanks in advance.

Hi there.

This will be fixed in the next update. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Thank you.