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Hi guys, any update on ticket #762619? It’s been 3 days since we updated the ticket.

Hi, we will reply ASAP.

I received your response, thank you. I have since posted another reply and am now (again) waiting 3 days for an update. Is this your ‘ASAP’ – 3 days? Come on – some service please as we are paying clients.

Sorry, answered.


nofuchu Purchased

Hi, I bought this theme a few years ago.. I’m looking to get the latest update for this theme. My current version is 1.1.19. How can I get the latest version?

Hi, visit your downloads tab, re-download the new version and re-install it. Note you will need to re-create your pages as the theme uses Visual Composer plugin now which is included in the package.

Hello is it possible to have a filter portfolio in the side under the menu like on ryan west’s site Thanks for your return TT.

Hi, this is possible in old version of the theme only.

Hello again do you think it’s possible to have this old version of Skylab which is more appropriate to my design needs …thanks in advance tony TRUONG

Please email us via our profile page via our user page contact form here

Hi trying to make changes on the page, but visual composer won’t even open and show content. Why?

Hi, please email us via our profile page and provide us your URL, username and password for your site and we will take a look.


boojoox Purchased

hi i wanna use demo 1 i tried every way but i still cant figure out !! can you please help me ?

Hi, please create a support ticket by following this link and we will take a look.

Hello, concerning the alternative image gallery…is there a way to have a No Margin between thumbnail? thanks for your reply….TT

Please email us via our profile page and provide us your URL and we will take a look.

Hello I sent you an email two days ago and there’s still no answer concerning the no margin gallery thanks in advance TT.



Sednus Purchased

Hi Megatheme,

My Support finished a long time ago – having stuck with the old theme I unfortunately never used the opportunity to use support on the new version of Skylab, so if you’re able to please help that’d be really kind of you.

I think my question is a fair, unpaid or (new user) question too and applies to new customers and requires some attention… It’s regarding demo 6 and it’s mobile problems.

I have 2 images but can’t attach them here, please click on the link

...When loaded in portrait and Landscape aspect, everything on your demo displays incorrectly, as does it on my own website. I have tried to change every setting I can find in the REV SLIDER, but nothing fixes these problems nor aligns them correctly.

Please can you advise as it would be a huge help. I’m sure this issue applies to many new potential customers and requires some attention.

Warm Regards Tim Wecke

Hi, please email us via our profile page.

theme’s support page not responding!!! i opened 2 private and 1 public tickets but there is no answer. I regretted that bought this product.

i rewrite my issue again: subject: PORFOLIO SECTION VISUAL COMPOSER NOT WORKING message: try to add new portfolio but; portfolio menu, there is no Visual Composer’s buttons shown. “backend” or “frontend” buttons are invisible so i cant choose photos.

I have approved the refund.

Hi there, I’m looking at the Skylab (demo 1) and I have a pre-purchase question:

Do you have an image gallery without text content to show?

All the images I click on either in Home or in a Portfolio send me to s scroll down page of image + title + sometimes text.

My idea is I would like to have a home page that looks like Portfolio\Full width\4 columns, and then whichever image I click on would take me to an image gallery with the same layout 4 columns full width. Within this gallery if I click on an image, then it would enlarge it in a lightbox as it already does.

tl;dr version: is it possible to have an image gallery in same layout as portfolio 4 columns full width?



It is possible only for gallery grid with 5, 6, 7, 8 columns and with margins.

There is no chance of at least removing the margins? The margins look weird on mobile. Or how about making it an actual grid-style as opposed to masonry?

If not, do you think it’s possible to make those changes via code if I hire a web developer?

We can help to remove the margins. Please create a support ticket by following this link


abh_a Purchased

Hi guys, I have edited a ticket 2 days ago (#807440), can I have an answer please ;)

Hi, we will reply ASAP.