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it’s posible to include a iPad mask Like iPhone or Macbook?



Sorry currently no!

Hi, I’ve just purchase the theme. But i do not get the purchase code to access ‘My Template Builder’, please advise. Thank you!

ps3z Purchased

Hi 1/3productbox images and buttons arent showing well.its fluiding to each images.please test it.

Regards Ps3z

Hi I’m having problems with templatebuilder where when i ask for the html at the end of the builder it just hangs the browser, tried in chrome, firefox and IE same result each time.

Any ideas? John

Purchase code not working. I have located my purchase code, but it is not working… I tried updating the plugin from my WordPress admin and I received a failed plugin update… can you help me?

I need to implement this on Icontact. Is this possible with using their module set up instead of HTML?

This template is responsive on every client except Android 4 where it is too wide, even when viewed landscape. Android 2.3 is fine. I have checked this both on Litmus and Email on Acid. Other templates I have used are responsive on Android 4. Please can you solve this.



I’ll have to check that please stay tuned!


It happens on your original template before any changes.