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Nice but you have a wrong ‘cut out’ on the right side of the progress bar, the lines dont match, did you slice it from one whole or leave a part out..

gr, PowerThemes


Hi, I know what you mean, the progress bar is not in final version and yes in some cases it does cot out wrong on the side. I know how to solve this problem, its just about math actually, just didnt get to it yet. Thank you for pointing that out. I hope you like my work.

nice work…


Thank you i hope you will like future sites as well

Hi, please, confirm as soon as you get it updated-finished (about first comment from you above)


Hi, update has been done and its ready for download. Thank you for waiting

Do you have a website?


Hi, yes our website is www.webakery.asia . Unfortunately we have been extremely busy lately and still didn’t find time to work on our real website, facebook page etc.

but everything is coming very soon! So far you can subscribe and receive news when we finish all those.

Thanks for your interest.

weduggit Purchased

Great work! how do I edit the twitter section? ie: put my username in for my feeds?



We are glad you like it!

in order change twitter feed, simply change

... http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/envato.json?callback= ...


... http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/YOURUSERNAME.json?callback= ...

If you didn’t edit the template yet you can find this on line 172 in index.html

If you like our template, don’t forget to rate ;)

Thank’s for this very nice template … and also for your precious help !

Wish you the best :)

Wow! Great work Buddy!


Thanks, glad you like it :)

Hello! Is the PSD layered so that I can remove the image of the city skyline? I love everything else, just need to remove the city and then I will purchase. Thanks :)


Hi, Yes the psd is completely layered. Actually the city skyline i a stand alone image so you dont need to even open PSD to remove it. Glad you like the template, thank you

Great theme. I’ve downloaded and installed it.

I’m looking to have someone do some light customization to it to fit our branding and design.

Would you, or someone you know, be interested? Or perhaps have a recommendation?

Many Thanks,



Hi, Im glad you liked our template. We can do some costumization, just send us private message with requirements and we can discuss it. Thanks

I’m sorry I did not understand, however, that the user enters the email where it ends … you tell me the line of code that shows this? thanks

Hi, I would like to buy this but could you please tell me where the emails are saved of subscribers?



Hi, glad you like the template.

I have pre-coded simple script which saves all subscribers into text file. Of course you can replace this function with database connection.

Thank you

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to find the instructions on how to install the template on my website so that the main URL www.mysite.com goes to this template rather than to my actual website.

I tried finding instructions, but the documentation doesn’t seem to have any instructions on how to install the page. If there is any, which folder is it located in please?

Thank you.


Hi, this template is simple HTML page. There is no installation other than just copy files onto your server. If you want your page to show this template, either you have to copy it to the root of your server or if you have website in your root and want to use this template only temporarily, create new folder for this template and then either with PHP or htaccess make the redirection.

This template has full documentation, but documentation doesn’t include manual for individuals how to setup redirects etc, as it is impossible to cover every single case.

Thank you

Subscription is not working


Hi, to help you, you need to give more details. Aso the subscription is there and ready but you need to alter everything to the needs of your server.