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having same problem with mobile nav moving away when you try to click on it ? Can you email me the fix please.

Hi, please open a topic on the support forum or send directly the credentials to and describe a bit more the problem so i’ll help you asap, thanks!


There seems to be an issue with the mobile version of the podcasts page the page tends to move to the right if you stretch it and when you scroll up the page its very difficult to move up as the page moves very rapidly up and done

didn’t understand nothing, and the support here will stop. Please you know where support ticket goes, not hear as is impossible to track the conversation, thanks!

Hi, is there a download option of track on player?

Hi, actually not but you can tweak the theme using the icon of download instead of the cart, and uploading the download files as mp3 or with a download manager plugin, in case you want to track the downloads.

Still no social icon for Instagram?

Hello, already added in new version out in a week or less


djbluefl Purchased

Is there a manual for the Slam Theme?

Hi Am new to word press. And bought this theme. It says once click demo install which i presume means that what i see in the demo before i bought will be installed so i can customize that and use it which for me would be an easier way to start learning how to change and what to do to make the site my own in my time ….. The question is it says ONE CLICK DEMO INSTALLER But where is that and how do you upload that as all I see id a folder saying slam and a folder saying child. I want the actual demo that you have running on my website which is word press ready… Any help would be great right now

Hi, the process is very simple but you need to open the manual and check the instructions. There are also about 10 short videos in case you need extra help, anyway if you see the videos about installation is very easy.

Here you have the specific page for you with the video:

Hi, I have updated my theme following the iatructions. But wen i go to quantum panel some of the options dont display it ! Is that normal? Can you help me ? Thanks.

Hi, no is not. If you sent a support ticket from the forum or an email it will be answered soon. Please send the wp admin access to Thanks! PS. possibly some files were not uploaded correctly, so maybe you want to retry first by reuploading the theme.

Pre-sale question: does this theme have RTL support??

Need for sure some css fix on text alignment as sometimes is forced with left alignment.

Is there any way to make the front 3 releases slider show something like 5 releases, so it appears smaller? Seems like that would be quite a task to edit in the code.

Also, in that same releases carousel if there is a way to keep the information panel default to close every time the page is loaded that would be great. it kind of sporadically jumps around as is right now.

Hello, you cannot easily make variants of that carousel, because there is a lot of mathematical calculations to make it work. About the open and close, i’ll see to make it. Thanks!