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Hello, why the Revolution Slider makes my site so slow to load? and also why did it suddenly disappear from my main website?

Hi, revolution slider is a bit heavy but the weight depends basically on images. For a faster performance try the QT slideshow, it supports videos as well.

By the way the homepage on first load took only about 5 seconds so not so slow in the end…

Hi I just installed the latest version of your theme and realized that the slider no longer works. What is the fix for this. Thank you

By the way, I’m using Revolution Slider.

New version just uploaded with tons of new features and fixes. Sorry but old slider was not working with wp 4.3. You’ll get a update notice from Envato in couple of hours! Thanks!

I’m interested in purchasing this theme. However, I want to confirm a few things. Have all updates been made at this point and included in the theme download or will I have to obtain recent updated file after purchase directly from you?

Hi, all updates are always free forever! After the purchase every further update will be downloadable from themeforest including all updated premium plugins included in the product. You’ll get an email after every update is uploaded. Usually are published once a month with new features and more functions. Thanks!

Why is “releasess” spelt like that? and “Radio Channelss”

Hi, sorry small error as were updated some translation strings and the s remained from previous string. Already fixed in next version is just the menu name, anyway is in custom-tupes/releases/release-type.php line 28 there is a .’s’ to delete at end of the line, same for podcast. Thanks for the message and is already fixed for next theme version.

One more question, are all the updates now installed for this theme? I’m a beginning developer and I’m just afraid to purchase the theme if there are things I can’t fix that aren’t updated yet. I want to be able to install the demo with ease and without conflicts aside from normal things. :) Thank you for your prompt response earlier.

hi, all updated, thanks! Whatever you need more just write us! thanks!


idjego Purchased

Hi, it is possible to translate this theme to Spanish ?? Where is the .mo file or .po ?? Thanks !

Hi, actually not all the theme is translatable. You can create the .mo .po files with poedit. We are working on fully translatable theme for next month.


idjego Purchased

Thank you. Then I hope this new version. Thank you !!

Hi, I’m looking this theme and it’s great, but I have some quite questions :)

1) Different users can create their own profiles and upload their own mp3 files? I mean when the user login option have an upload album, song or something like that

2) Unregistered users can listen to songs and search for an artist or song free?

Many thanks

Hello: 1. no you do this by plugins, can’t help you on these advanced features as themes are more about the design. 2) yes sure

Hi, my site is

1. As I can increase the number of releases on that page? 2. How can I create a top 10 of the most watched releases? 3. How can I create a good search engine Releases?

Thank you for your replies!

Hi! You have actually a database error. I suggest you to reinstall Wordpress by replacing his core files via FTP with latest version (4.3) . you don’t need to delete any content. Also, check the settings of your wp-config file, as it seems maybe that the password of my Sql is wrong.

About the number of releases in the archives, in the latest theme version you can change the number of items for every post type. Go in qantum panel – layout.

2. for most watched and similar, you need to use external plugins. There may be some for free too. They need to support custom post types. 3. Actually is a cool idea, I’ll put it in development, a cool engine with multiple fields. Very cool idea. Maybe there is some plugin that does it i’ll check and eventually put it within the theme. Thanks! If you wanna try yourself, do some search in wordpress repositoty like “custom advanced search” or similar.


alex2u Purchased

hey! I bring not to run the slider … it always comes an error message … what can I do? thanks, alex

Hello, I see you have a bootstrap slider but you are missing the slides. Please check the documentation as this theme contains 4 sliders and anyone is different. Be sure to have latest theme version also which is 3.3. If you have 3.2 or lower this is the issue. Thanks!

Are you planning to implement the new music platform ? i think it owuld be neat to have, mixcloud, and soundcloud and allow all 3 platform to work for ether the release / podcast sections.

It’s a cool idea we were already thinking about that, if they allow implementation we will go for that!


xviiixvi Purchased

I used to be able to post the releases on the front and have the categories listed to so people could choose between genres. Now since the update. Visual Composer will not let me do that. How do I roll back to a previous version. I appreciate the updates but I don’t like having to reconfigure my site when that happens.


xviiixvi Purchased

Any response to this?


xviiixvi Purchased

Apparenlty the limit with the blog posts setup on the front page is DIRECTLY connected to the WP setting in the General link. The Post Grid settings are limited by the number of default posts per page and it doesn’t look like you can change it… This WP Visual Composer Updates is seriously screwing with my template and upon looking at the plugin on Code Canyon I am not the only upset.

Yes seems they changed a lot of things, if you have a copy of the old version of the theme you have the old visual composer in the plugins folder of the theme or the product. Otherwise please send an email and I’ll send you the old one. Thanks!