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Hello, I have been able to import this into DreamWeaver since there was an uopdate that allows it to handle the template. I have been able to preview it in dream weavers browser test. It looks Great I have also been able to change some off the code to display my websites name on the title header. (yay me) Im having problems however getting it to look on my remote server like it looks in DreamWeaver….How can I get the other index files to link up so that it all looks correct on my webpage? Once I can get that to work Im pretty set with replacing everything with my images. and content…so far its displaying like this: www.phoenixphotoservices.com Any help would be appreciated…

Well now…not sure what I did …but I got it up….LOL now to do whatever I did to the blog page :-)

found difficult in editing the email address on the CONTACT MENU . pls help me. i need it badly


this is html version of the theme; so it’s not powered by any scripts…

maybe WordPress version will be more suitable for you: http://themeforest.net/item/slash-wp/701905



, where can i edit the color of background or shall we say the border which is black, and il change it into another color…

Hi, please use FireBug (FireFox plugin) to define which CSS properties should be changed and where.

How do I get the patch that fixes the up side down images problem?


I’m afraid I do not understand what bug are we talking about… Please, submit a support request via our online HelpDesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our support staff will try to assist you.

These guys were having the same problem I’m having.

2 MONTHS AGO cgcourson SAYS “My gallery pages are appearing upside down in safari on the MAC OS ”

1 MONTH AGO StephanRitter SAYS “Hello, i have the same problem like “cgcourson” on windows is all ok, but on safari in MAC OS all the thumb-pics are upside down. the gallery pages and the little pics on the right at the index page.”

Your response was: 1 MONTH AGO Dream-Theme REPLIED Hi, patch will be available in day or two

Where’s the patch? How do I get it?


Please, submit a support request via our online HelpDesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our support staff will get back to you ASAP and assist solving this issue.

Hi Dream-Theme,

i bough this item using my other account ttbinc. but i had it deleted same as this one soon.

im making this fully dynamic but im having a problem with this part. img class=”pg_thumb” style=”display: block;” src=”media/images/backgrounds/lg_1.jpg” width=”1920” height=”1200” alt=”“

because this will be repeated as soon the others is added it will break the theme :(

so i figure out that this (style=”display: block;”) is giving me the problem. And as soon i delete that part it works ok but then the first image won’t load. i will need to click on another thumbnail and then click back to see it.

isn’t a way that I can fix this?? :’(

Hello… I can see there are some problems with Gallery.html images in safari, when you scroll down the page the images are deformed. If you promise to fix this I´ll buy it. I´m a fan of your work, in the past I get depth theme. After some changes of ajax, works just great, my client is very happy.

That´s why I insist to repair this images problem.

Best Regards Claudia


I would like some assistance with your “logo” image – I prefer the style of yours over what I’ve created, would you be willing to create a logo for me, 3 words – or could you provide the font for your logo image please?


Hi, theme includes PSDs required for changing logo. Can you please point what’s the problem using them?


In the http://sl.dream-theme.com/html/home-dark.html Do not have vertical scroll to low resolutions The menu/submenu was “overflowled” in low resolution.


Hi, unfortunately HTML version of this template is not optimized for that.

Hi, I’m working my way through integrating this theme into a site and found that it was missing an RSS icon for the footer so I made one. Thought others might want to use it as well so made it available for download here.

Hope someone finds it useful.

Hey, Thanks!


I just noticed that this template http://sl.dream-theme.com/html/home-light.html the thumbnails do not load when viewed on Android. I tried 2 different browsers with the same result on both the original Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S2 LTE. Is it possible to get a fix for that?


HTML version was created about year and a half ago. At that moment it was not optimized for mobile devices. But you can use WP version of the theme (it’s HTML and CSS code) as a reference: http://themeforest.net/item/slash-wp/701905

(without purchasing it)

For photo light example. It require image that has width 240 (img src=”usr/new/06s.jpg”). What if the image width that I have is 150. I want it to stretch to 240? is it possible?

<div class="gallery-box"> <div class="article"> <div class="img-holder"> <a href="usr/new/06.jpg" title="This is photo no. 4"> <img src="usr/new/06s.jpg" width="240" height="400" alt="" /> </a> </div> </div> <div class="article_footer_b" /> </div>

Hi, You’ll need to completely rewrite the that page template…

can i replace the black stitched background in typography with a full screen image like on the home page


Sorry overlooked your request in author dashboard :(

This can be done in CSS . If you are familiar with it, you can use FireBug (FireFox plugin for web-developers) or Chrome web developers tools to define which style should be changed and where. Here’s an awesome screencast by WooThemes on how to use it: http://vimeo.com/20917974 . Otherwise please consider hiring an experienced developer/freelancer to assist with it.


How Can I Set The thumb Scroller to Auto Play

Sorry. Our HTML and PSD templates are for PRO use only. We do not provide any support for them :(

Please Help!!!

How Can I Set The thumbScroller To Auto Play

figured it out forget it lol


I’d love an update to support retina screen resolutions.

I’m afraid we’re not planning it:( Sorry.


mattiak Purchased

hi, I have problems with the pictures on portfolio-masonry, which can go well only small pictures (for example 240×360 or similar)? if I have a 1100×900 image you see badly!

Is it responsive?

This is quite old template. So, unfortunately, no.

that’s a pity