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One very quick question, can your slideshow portraits (vertical thumbnails along the right side of the screen) be different from the large slides that show up (high res shots in the center of the monitor) – just checking, as this is keep to the art we’re displaying.

Many thanks!


Unfortunately, no. Thumbnails are the same as big picture


Does this theme work like your Chocolate theme? (behind the scenes in WP)

I have that now and considering this one, just wondering how much of “re-do” I have to do if I switch over.

Thanks :) Love the Chocolate but digging this one more for my main site.


Does this theme function like Chocolate in the back end of WP?

I have the Chocolate theme now but I like this one more for my main site. Just curious how much I have to change if I convert over..



Slash WP have backend logic very similar to Chocolate WP. But the PHP code behind it is completely different. So, unfortunately, content can not be transfered automatically between them.

But if you want to build a NEW site, Slash will suite you perfectly. Backend is not more complicated than in Chocolate. But its more stable and more “wordpress-native” so to say.

Is there a sample sql dump that can be provided?


I’ve just created the FAQ entry regarding this question: http://themeforest.net/item/slash-wp/faq/701905

Well I have a potential client that is super excited about this theme & the Crea theme. I love them both and admittedly think they’d both be a great fit for her website, however, I’m super nervous about using them because of all the comments on Crea about lack of support. Are you going to be able to respond to questions about the theme? ~s


We are providing technical support via our centralised online Helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/

We have lots of items in portfolio and can not respond to comments to all of them.

If you have doubts concerning our items quality please refer to their rating and number of people who rated them ;)

May be cannot write this but cannot ….I need to write :

I have before so many problems whit this theme , for first because I have before big problem with EI9 ( resolve already because problem of my PC ) , second the staff of Dream Theme fast have help me from support forum , not only have answer at the questions ! In short good themes and good support !

Dream Theme is themes part of the best themes on Themeforest ….for quality themes and professional assistance

Thanks, man!

Hi there!

I fell in love with this theme! But 2 questions are open before i buy it!

1.) I want to use it as personal portfolio. So i need to have portfolio entries with a describing text and a gallery attached (more than 1 picture). I didnt find a relating post, just saw entries with text+1 picture (or video), or ONLY pictures (gallery). Is it possible to have what i want? (text+gallery).

edit: actually found blog post that got more than 1 picture inserted, but you need to click them each single one. Is it possible to sum them up to a gallery? (also for portfolio entries?)

2.) Does the lightbox you use support describing text below/above/wherever the photos (when openend in lightbox)?

Thank you for fast reply!

I tried the link, but i still have to open every single image with a click. I cant “go on” in the lighbox…?

Last questions:

1.) Do you support po/mo files (translation)? 2.) Do you support german cufonts (according to german umlauts äöü…)

Best regards, Pat

1) For theme translation we recommend to use “CodeStyling Localization” plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/codestyling-localization/ It allows to create .mo/.po files. And translate theme via WP native interface.

2) Some fonts have support of umlauts. But you can easily generate another font and upload it to “fonts/” folder.

Bought! :)

Nice theme, especially the Ipad compatibility! Most of my potential clients usually try to find the well photographer in web with help of Ipad now, because they are young and web-surfing by ipad is conveniently for them. They told me many times that they become angry when can’t see well the uploading photos of the site on screen of ipad.

Just a few questions:

1. http://slash.dream-theme.com/portfolios/portfolio-demo/ – it is well looking portfolio, really. Then the visitors open the http://slash.dream-theme.com/?portfolio=mauris-elementum-video and find a few photos there. Ok. But how them look at all photos in this portfolio? Now, if i understood all right, they need open the photos one by one in order to see it in large size. Is it possible to do as well as in the galleries lightbox (with slide-show buttons) in adminpanel? Exactly like this: http://sl.dream-theme.com/wp/demo2/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/sl-gallery.jpg

Or is it possible to connect into the portfolio item the associated gallery? Sometimes one project contains 300+ pcs of pictures. It is well for visitors to open one of photo from portfolio and look on all pictures in this portfolio as slide-show.

2. Is it possible to adjust a “price” or “announcement” sidebar on home-page?

Sorry for my English..


1. We are going to “links” photos in standard WP gallery in future updates. 1.1. We do not recommend upload such huge number of photos to the gallery: Uploading 300+ thumbnail will be real pain for users:)

2. We are not planning to integrate this feature. But good freelancer can help you with it. Slash was developed according to almost all possible WP codex guidelines, so it’s not a problem for a specialist.

Thanks for quick and detailed answers!

1. Well, noted! 1.1. Ok, and maybe, the link on flickr-gallery inside of each such “huge” portfolio (300+) is decision.

Maybe, a few words about of my workflow will helpful for your team. First of all, after getting order and after photo session we produce 200-400 pcs of jpg-pictures “ready for printing”. Then we upload this quantity to the flickr.com into the protected album – only customers can see it. After they check it, we open this album for all visitors for promotional purposes. Even the album will contain 10.000 photos, they still are able to look it comfortably by flickr’s slide-show option. So, as you kindly inform me now, such way of workflow is rather difficult for wordpress… Ok, noted too.

2. Right. Maybe, i can do it myself (my hobby :) after installation of updated version of the amazing (!!) Slash-WP theme.

Have a nice weekend!

Hey… Can you please also integrate this kind of image display in gallery and posts also in your next release.


I like your this theme….hmmm may be I can switch from chocolate to this one, but how much customization i can do, like changing the background of the menu…moving the search from bottom to top…..


Thanks for the link ;)

Concerning your second question. Slash WP have backend logic very similar to Chocolate WP. But the PHP code behind it is completely different. So, unfortunately, content can not be transfered automatically between them.

Ok, final question before I make my purchase to this theme…Can I customize the logo? and what’s the dimension I can use? 188×130 is it max dimension?

Hey Dreamtheme, Seems like you don’t want to answer my question before I purchase…so here I just purchased and I guess you can answer my question now?

Ok, final question before I make my purchase to this theme…Can I customize the logo? and what’s the dimension I can use? 188×130 is it max dimension?

Best theme I’ve ever used on any site of mine. In just a couple days I’ve figured out just about everything about it and will start populating it more today. My blog already looks amazing and the portfolio, although currently holding only my sample photos is SUPER fast to build and looks incredible! I had a handful of frontpage images before I just removed them and they ALSO look superb.

Just a fantastic theme – rated, commented and loved. I will be buying another copy shortly for another site.



thanks for feedback!

Hi guys:

Terrific template. I’m using it to build an artist’s website.

Firebug nor Stylizer help me discover the size of your slideshow images.

Would you kindly tell me native size of your photos n your slideshow.



Hello. Thanks!

We are using pictures with width=”1040” height=”650”

Does it include a quick install (wp + theme), with sample data (like joomla templates)?

No. There is no copy of WordPress itself in theme package.

But theme installation process is as simple as could be.

I bought this theme and after working on it for a few days I must say it is very well done! Looks very good right out of the ‘zip’, works well and fast. The code is well written and easy to adjust or build upon. The theme’s ‘Portrait’ (or constrained proportions) homepage slider needs some improvements to look acceptable on the screen if you want to mix landscape and portrait photos in it. It was easy to fix that with just a few lines of code. Now it looks gorgeous. The other minor issue is that the theme ignores the custom crop to thumbnails that you may have done using the admin panel. It was also easy to fix and even improve performance with the right thumbnail size set in the WP installation. I must note that the theme as released is not compatible with WP installations that have wp-content directory renamed. For those who want that and are not afraid of editing php – it is a one-line fix, not a deal breaker.

Dream-Theme, great job!! One of the best I’ve ever seen. Thank you.


Thanks for extended feedback!

Can you, please specify what’s the issue with mixed (portrait + landscape) photos? We’ve got the special option called “preserve default slide proportions” for this purpose.

Regarding thumbnails. We are using same “original” image to make sure that all thumbnail are looking good. (Thumbnails are 150×150 by default. And most unexperienced users will use default settings). But we are thinking to enable this feature for experienced users via specially patched files.

Would you be so kind to provide a link to your site (here in comments or via our helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ )? It would be nice to see how this feature works on real sites.

Thanks, again!

Kindest regards, Miroslav (from Dream-Theme)

I think I need to apologize for using the word ‘acceptable’ without words ‘to me’ following it. It is a matter of personal taste after all. The first thing I did not like was that the vertical photos was attached to the top and the bottom of the browser window, not even the visible area. The very top and the very bottom of the photo were hidden under the top and bottom bars. And I like it much better when there is a small even margin at the top and the bottom of the photos if the sides must have the ‘bars’. The second thing I did not like was that horizontal photos which were wider than the browser width would crop from the right side only, not centered (might be browser specific though). The third thing was that the photos were centered in the browser window with no regards to the fact that the left aside (menu) pane is wider than the right slides strip pane. The photos seemed not in the center of the visual space as the result. I wanted: 1. The vertical photos shall be visually centered with almost the same top margin as the side panels and the equal visual bottom margin. 2. The horizontal photos that are larger than browser window shall fill the window as in ‘no-constrain’ mode. 3. The horizontal photos that are narrower than the browser window shall be centered and have vertical margins the same way as the vertical photos. 4. It should feel natural while resizing.

I think I was able to achieve that by changing js/slider.js file. I’ve given the details to Miroslav about this and the thumbnails issue as well. I can not share it right here, sorry.

Hi there! Thanks for this awesome theme. You really gave me the fun back to have a self-hosted website. I’m so happy with that. I tried many themes and throwed a lot of money out of the window, but this one is the greatest of them all and the price is unbelievable. Thanks, Gracie, Tack, Danke, Bedankt …


we are very glad to hear that our theme is helpful ;)


To IvanITconsulting:

“The theme’s ‘Portrait’ (or constrained proportions) homepage slider needs some improvements to look acceptable on the screen if you want to mix landscape and portrait photos in it. It was easy to fix that with just a few lines of code. Now it looks gorgeous.”

Please feel free to share, thanks…

I figured out how to group wordpress gallery images inside highslide lightbox.

If anyone is interested -> pm me, cause the HTML code would mess up the fields here.

Looks great but can i level up and lose the “slash” element of the theme – ie square boxes rather than slanty boxes?

Thanks! This feature can not be disabled.

Hello , only a more question and after I buy the theme because I like so much !!

I tink sure is not theme SEO Friendly , but I want know , is problem for index pages with so many javasript and special effect of the theme ? or is like a normal theme not SEO Friendly ? ......

Thanks in advance


Slash WP is meeting highest quality standards in terms of HTML , CSS, JS, PHP , design etc. Its rich javascript-powered animation will not influence the SEO effectiveness at all. Moreover structure of its HTML was developed to be search engines friendly.

You can install any WordPress SEO plugin you want and it will work just fine. We recommending to use All in One SEO Pack ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/ ) for this purpose.

Hi Great theme just a quick one. I am working on local host on the home full screen slider when I change the tab (in my browser) to a new page then return back to the tab the home page is on it is the arrow and images are changing frantically automatically as in they change in a millisecond any ideas cheers?


We observed this issue only in Opera. What browser and what operating system are you using?

Please submit a ticket via our helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ We will investigate this issue.

Hi there,

So far liking the theme, just have a few questions…

1) What are the size parameters for the main logo? 2) Is there a way to change the color of the black trim on the top, bottom, and menu bar? 3) How do I make it so I have a slideshow on the home page vs my latest post? 4) For each image on the homepage – can I hyperlink them?



1) logo width must be 206 pixels or less; if you want transparent background of logo, it must be non-layered 24-bit .PNG

2) this customization can be done only if you are familiar with CSS and Photoshop. You can install FireBug (plugin for FireFox) to see which background images and other CSS properties should be changed. Otherwise you can hire a freelancer to do this customization.

3) and 4) you can link any slide to any web-page (or other document) you like. Simply add desired link to “Slider options” box.

If you have any other questions, please, feel free to contact us via helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ ;)