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Quick question before purchase: Can the color of the site be changed easily from WP admin?


Main background of the site can easily be changed via wp-admin. you can play with background builder on our demo site: http://sl.dream-theme.com/wp/demo2/blog-layouts/blog-masonry/ (You will find the tool to change background in the right top corner of the demo)

But if you want to change the background under sidebar, posts etc. you will need a help of person with proper skills (but it’s rather easy, I must admit)

I already have the Crea WP and Chocolate WP from you and was wondering if i replace Chocolate to Slash Wp do I need to remake Photo albums, blogs and sites ore do day work without problems together?

Slash WP have backend logic very similar to Chocolate WP. But the PHP code behind it is completely different. So, unfortunately, content can not be transfered automatically between them.

But if you want to build a NEW site, Slash will suite you perfectly. Backend is not more complicated than in Chocolate. But its more stable and more “wordpress-native” so to say.

I’m 90% through my site build with Slash. I’ll post the url in a couple of days.

This template is kick-ass. I’m blown away with the shortcodes and js. Nice theme to drill in to.

Slash knocks it out of the park. Congratulations D-T! Great, great and beautiful theme. Well done!


Does this theme support self-hosted MP4 videos in portfolio? (not YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Would play through JW Player likely.


At this moment this feature is not supported. But w are planning to implement it in nearest future


Can fotomoto be integrated in to the site?



We have never tested Slash WP with fotomoto’s plugin. But I must admit that Slash has very good compatibility with third party plugins.

Any chance you can run the fotomoto plugin before I buy, would be good to know.


Hi Skizzo !

about SEO , sincerely with this theme in my site indexed everything, even what I did not want to be indexed. I so strange sincerely that a this tipe of theme is all right for SEO , normally is intrusive, but not in SLAH …......I tink that sure the code HTML and JS and CSS is like at the Author have tell you ! If you want a theme like this , buy only this, because is so difficult found a theme like this rich in javascript without a intrusive code , but rather good also in the code for the SEO .

Hey, thanks for comment. Just a small tip: you can use robots.txt file to restrict indexing of certain pages ;)

Help – I love this theme and am a long way through customising it but STILL awaiting response to support query lodged 24 hours ago. Maybe that’s just how long it takes BUT if anyone out there can help me out this theme together on a paid basis get in touch awlt at zen dot co dot uk. URGENT Dream-Theme please deal with my ticket as this has the it entail to be one of he best full screen themes of the year


Please don’t be THAT hasty :)

You’ve submited a ticket “Tue, Nov 1 2011 2:53pm”. I’ve just personally replied it (now it’s “Wed, Nov 2 2011 9:02am”). So it far from 24 hours :)


this is what you suggested in an earlier post:

1) For theme translation we recommend to use “CodeStyling Localization” plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/codestyling-localization/ It allows to create .mo/.po files. And translate theme via WP native interface.

I installed the plugin, but your theme doesnt get found of the plugin??

Sorry, what you men by “doesnt get found of the plugin”?

Plugin will create its own menu it does not integrate to theme options page…

If you are experiencing problems, please submit a ticket via our helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – we will assist with plugin setup (don’t forget to post your site address and WP-admin accesses).

In the plugins own Menu, i find everything listed thats translate-ready (like slash is supposed to be). But slash dosnt appear in that menu…

First of, thanks for creating a kick-ass theme for us eyecandy nuts out there.

The theme is working great, apart from the slider and static homepage.

The featured image shows up as the background like I want it, but I get no “menu” on the right hand side for the images in the album. The slider and the static homepage acts the same, they both show the featured image as the background, but no menu. I also can’t get any text to show up in the lower right hand corner.

Any ideas? I’ve tried both .png and .jpg formats, and I’ve uploaded the images in a seperate photoalbum like instructed in the user manual.

Thanx in advance!

Hello. Thanks for feedback.

This is firs time, when I hear of this issue… please submit a ticket via our helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ (don’t forget to post your site address and WP-admin accesses) – we will create a couple of testing page, so you will get the idea of how homepages works.

Okay, I looked around in the settings and the manual some more, and now the slideshow menu works fine. I didn’t make more than one slide, and expected this slide to showcase my entire gallery. My bad. ^^

On the other hand, I still can’t get the text description to show up on the slideshow page, even after scrounging the manual.

The manual states “In WYSIWYG box you can add Slide description (see Fig. 6.3., description field is marked “2”).”, but the text I add in the WYSIWYG box does not show up in the description-field on the slide.

Where do I write the description?

Thanx for the quick reply. :)


You can add a description to every slide in the big content field that you are usually using to write post (in regular post types). There is the logic of creating each slide:

- featured image – is a big slide picture;

- title – is the title of slide (dark background, big white text)

- content area with WYSIWYG – is the slide description (light field with dark small text)

If you need further assistance concerning this question, please submit a ticket via our helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ (don’t forget to post your site address and WP-admin accesses)

Thanks for great theme. Very solid and well documented template.

The result: http://susanfalk.ca/



Nicely done! Thanks for sharing!

Hello, great job with this theme! Is really outstanding!

I’ve just purchased it and I’m trying to insert a youtube video on the homepage, I’ve downloaded the jwplayer free from this link http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-flv-player/ and uploaded in the “jwplayer_” folder (renamed to “jwplayer”) but at the moment I’m getting an error as it can be seen following this link http://www.franelmondodeibalocchi.it/. How can I fix it? what does it gave it?

Many thanks in advance for your help. Fabio

Already solved, thank you!


I used ftp to upload because it dids.t work the regular way. Now the manual says:

Attention! After uploading the theme to your hosting you are to: 1) Set CHMOD 777 to the folder “your_site/wp-content/themes/dt-slash/cache”. 2) Set CHMOD 644 to the file “your_site/wp-content/themes/dt-slash/resize.php”. 3) The folder “your_site/wp-content/uploads” must be created. Make sure that CHMOD is set to 777.

I don’t have a cleu what that means. I checked and the “your_site/wp-content/themes/dt-slash/cache” is empty and the resize I can’t find.

Hello, Forget about the previous question. I got i and got in. Now I met an error in the TMEME OPTIONS . Can you help?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function esc_textarea() in /var/www/web/..../...../wp-content/themes/dt-slash/dt-slash/plugins/options-framework/admin/options-interface.php on line 97


Your issue is caused by 2 factors:

1) Most probably you have WP version under 3.2

2) (not related to errors you are getting) Theme installed in the “themes/dt-slash/dt-slash/” (but should be installed to “themes/dt-slash/”)

hi, can i put a video in the home page in SLASH HTML template?


No this feature supported only for WP version.

Would you be able to do some extra work on the theme, by means of freelance work.

As a photographer the one thing that I would need as much as anything else is password protected galleries.

Do you know if you could do this within this theme, does wordpress already have a feature that supports this ???


We are not available for freelance. Sorry

I noticed that you can put a gallery on a full width page


I believe you can password protect any wordpress page, if this is true, and I can put a gallery on a full width page, then I can work with that.


It is easy to put some kind of plugin to play mp3 on this theme?

Hello!! Very nice Theme!!

I have some questions:

- I can not leave the gallery with four columns as in your example.

- I can not translate some words. All are with the text “LANGUAGE_ZONE”?

- My widgets are not appearing on the homepage. Just the other pages. Why?


Hello! Thanks for feedback!

I suppose you have some JS error if your gallery is not building masonry layout. Widgets are not supported on homepage (there’s simply not enough room for them). But we can enable theme for you.

Please, submit a ticket via our Helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/

Hi again,

im picking up an older post of me that you didnt answer, because i still need to translate the theme.

I Downloaded the plugin you recommended:


But it (the plugin) doesnt “find” slash as translateable theme (so it doesnt appear in the plugin’s list). Anything to care for? I think this could be interesting for more users.

I read through the whole plugins tutorial and e.g. tried creating empty po files but slash still doesnt appear in the plugins list.

Any help appreciated


i know i could hardcode it, but the translation via plugin would be much easier


Out fault: forgot to call load_theme_textdomain :)

Please download slightly modified functions.php here: http://sl.dream-theme.com/downloads/functions.zip

Also make sure that you have “dt-slash/languages/” folder created and CHMOD on it is set to “777”

Sorry for inconvenience.

Works! Thank you. Will you include this in future updates or do i need to redo changes in funtctions.php?


Dnn Purchased

Is possible categories in galleries? (yes, pls!)

Unfortunately, no. sorry