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Dnn Purchased

Suggestion for put music (mp3 or ogg) in this theme pls?


Dnn Purchased

Me again, i need more space in Gallery Options (in page settings). I have alot albuns (in show albuns options). Thank’s

I’m sorry but I can not get the question. Please be more specific.

Hello! I just purchased your theme for my “artsy” website, and i must say i really love it! Currently i’m playing with it on locahost (wamp), since i’m a bit scared to mess with the online version of my site.

Just few things to ask: thumbs and video thumbs seems not working for Masonry layout… all i get is a white box with icons inside…

Is it possible, for portfolio custom post, to get rid of portfolio in the slug, and just display portfolio item name?


How to set up my youtube video fullscreen on my website? Right now is 1280×720 and when I resize my website I am getting black bars. Your demo shows properly set up for video.


Youtube video can not be played in the fullscreen mode. This feature is supported for self-hosted videos only. This is the restriction of JW player.

Sorry, it was my mistake about thumbs and video thumbs not working (obviously) :)

But it would be really nice to find a way to use some pretty urls for portfolio items.

My actual website http://www.kurageart.eu displays portfolio elements as articles, and urls are quite well indexed (and some with quite good pagerank)

Example: actual url: http://www.kurageart.eu/giocattoli-futuristi.html will become custom post url: http://www.kurageart.eu/?portfolio=giocattoli-futuristi or, if i hack your custom post functions http://www.kurageart.eu/portfolio/giocattoli-futuristi

Do you know a solution for that? I really like the portfolio functionality, and they are a big reason why i bought the theme.. so a solution for this issue would be nice!

Hello. Unfortunately at this moment there is no way to change the urls for portfolio.

It would also be very nice being able to setup blog pages based on cathegory, instead rather using default cathegories for it or using blog pages only for latest post…

You can consider hiring freelancer to do this customisation. Theme’s PHP is written according to WP Codex guidelines so it will not be a problem for good specialist ;)

I’m a fairly novice WP user but for the life of me cannot get this to install.

I keep getting the same error – style sheet is missing. I’ve installed it to a completely fresh installation of WordPress 3.2.1 and it still will not install.

Getting quite frustrated now!

Most probably you are trying install “slash-wp_v.1.0.1.zip” file. This is NOT the installation file. Unzip it and install “dt-slash.zip” file instead.

If you still can not install the theme, please contact us via our online helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – we will assist with theme installation.

Nice one chaps – thank you for that. All installed and working fine :)

I went through the How to setup a home page slider. When I get to the part of creating a new page and choosing the gallery template it isn’t there.

where is your buyers badge?

There are any updates to the theme? Where can we keep track of the modifications or improvements of the theme?

We are going to submit the update today. We have solved minor problems and improved some admin functions.

i actually managed to do use the cool blog layout for custom categories… it was fairly easy, you’re right… Now i have to find out how to add a widget area to the home page

Please, submit a ticket via our online helpdesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ (If you have not done it yet). Don’t forget to mention you Site address, WP-admin and FTP accesses – we will gladly assist with this customization

Hi where do you get the images please?

You can purchase these photos from shutterstock. The photographer’s name is Konrad Bak.

Hello, I liked very much the theme and i have a question please,

Is it possible to change the main menu place from left to write ?

I will Create the site in other languages and i will use Arabic language.

thank you!!!


You will need a help of specialist experienced in CSS and Javascript: the amount of customization that is required to make this theme RTL is a little bit bigger than simple realign of menu. For example you will need to change the the Isotope JS settings to make it align posts rightwards; Javascript for slideshow homepages needed to be rebuild a little to make thumbnails ribbon show on the left side of the screen, etc.

So if you have proper skills (or a specialist with this skills) – buy theme without a doubt.

Brilliant theme! A couple questions for you (and I apologize if these have been asked already):

1) background slideshow.. videos?

2) background slideshow videos AND pictures?

3) background video for blog or portfolio pages?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts :D

Hello, thanks for feedback!

Unfortunately no to all. I have never seen any theme that has this features and works with adequate stability and speed on all modern browsers. We prefer to give users usable product. Not the “l’art pour l’art”

I am having difficulty setting this theme up. I’m currently setting up a website for my cousin and I can’t seem to make the homepage a slideshow, I’ve followed the steps in the manual but still not having any luck…

heres the link: http://www.rosspaulkeenan.com/

I’ve also set the homepage up so that it displays the slideshow, but when I add the slides they don’t appear… Do i need to set it as a featured image aswell as inserting into post or one or the other?

Thank you.

Excellent theme!

Disregard previous comment; I’ve figured it out! Woo.

Thank you for an awesome theme!!

5 Stars isnt enough


The dimension of the images on the main gallery: http://slash.dream-theme.com/gallery-2/gallery/


in the blog post: http://slash.dream-theme.com/

are different, meant to say they all are not same width and height… Is this something have to be set in backend or it’s processed automatically when upload or the dimension of the image you upload?

mine showing all same size for horizontal pictures and same for vertical ones. take a look: http://realtreasuresstudio.com/blog/blog-2/


Hey CSS & kurageart How did you guys manage to get the logo above the “SLASH” part???? Manually coded into the file or via backend?

It might be useful for someone:

There is an issue with using ‘only’ or ‘except’ options for the albums on a gallery page. If ‘Number of posts on this page’ is left empty – all albums are shown on the page regardless of the selected filtering options.

Workaround: set the desired number of albums per page. (or fix gallery.php)

Hi! Thank you very much for pointing on this problem. We have solved it and are going to submit an update withing few hours.

Hello! I purchased this wonderful theme (maybe one of the top ten in theme forest) but the contact forms (both the form on widget and the contact page (template) are not working :-( Any solution? (I’m trying also to contact you via http://support.dream-theme.com/ but your website does not loading at all from yesterday night).

Hi! We had some problems with our support site, but now it works fine. Sorry for these inconveniences.

Concerning your issue: 1. Please check the “target em@il” fild in your contact page settings; 2. Then check the e-mail in Users -> All users -> Administrator.

If your contact forms still won’t be working – please submit a ticket via http://support.dream-theme.com/ with your site address, WP-admin, FTP . We will gladly help you.

Live Preview seems broken?

Yep. Problems in Hetzner data-center… again :( Temporary I’ve switched demo to other host: http://slash.dream-theme.com/

It’s kinda slow (due to heavy load), but at least it works :)