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This is awesome. Make a WordPress version, friend. Thumbs up!

Thanks a lot! We are going to start WP version development on coming Monday. This will not be fast, but we hope to make really awesome product! BTW , we will try to provide maximal mobile device compatability;)

I had a feeling this was going to be difficult because of browser compatibility but I hope you figure something out. Out of interest, I was wondering if you could be so kind as to share what resources you use to ensure mobile device compatibility?

Thanks ;)

Please let me know when this is available. sam @samingersoll dot blah blah com

Unfortunately, not as soon as we want it to be:)

We are planning to release it in a month or so. But belive me, it will be something that is worth wating!

So how far along is the html version, almost finished with the documentation?

Hi, I hope to submit it this weekend (crossing fingers) :)

cool looking forward to playing with the html version this week then

We’ve fixed al issues even on iOS devices. manual is almos ready. I’m hoping to submit theme the day after tommorrow.

any more news on the html version?


Is there any news about a WP version? I’m waiting this for my site :)



Halfway done ;) Hoping to start testing the stable beta on the 16th of September. Also hoping to release it in the end of the month.

still waiting bub…

i am sorry, i do not know how to use this layout for my tumblr theme.. i paid for this..but i dont know how to do anything on how to put it on my tumblr..can anyone email me at ninameow@hotmail.com to please let me know how to do so? please. thanks


This look amazing. We are looking for someone to customize this template in order to make a ecommerce website.

Could you do the customization for us?

If not do you have any contacts that could help?

Thanks a lot


How do I install psd files into my slash wp ?

PSD files can not be installed into WP themes :) they can be used by a professional developer for deep theme customization.

May I ask what your issue is and why do you need to “install psd files into my slash wp” ?