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iAlex Purchased

Very nice :)

Just one quick question, where is the ‘about’ section supposed to appear?


“about” button is the first line on the social buttons.

iAlex Purchased

Also, I always get database error while trying to setup the database file.

Also like it is on your demo.


Be sure to edit correctly these necessary places in


which are mysql username and password according to your server configuration. In above code root is username and after comes password field which is empty. Run this script only once. I think the problem is this.

jonbeard Purchased

Whatever I try, I cannot get this thing to work… Can you please message me???

AIM : cooljn919

Really need this to work, its giving an error:


“Error While Creating Database”

Everything is setup correctly, and I cant figure out why its not working… Please any help??


Updated PHP File :


rush0143 Purchased

Hi, I need a help

I want to have more than two about icon with different description. So i will be removing the social icons and place different icons but once I click the icon it should show different description…

is it possible to scale it to 520 pixel widht?

Thanks Valerio

same with jonbeard

i always getting “Error While Creating Database”

can you tell me whats wrong..?

Thank you


Please check your e-mail

ignore my previous email.. it’s now working like a charm. forgive my stupidity..

your design is awesome :)

Thank you

mromny Purchased

I am having a hard time understanding where the line of code is for setting the countdown clock is at.

Can you please advise.


Open js/function.js with notpad++ and check line six.

dbatten Purchased

I can’t get this script to work for the life of me. Please HELP !! URGENT !

hi there, the live preview does not work. please can you fix the problem, so I can have a look. sergey