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I still haven’t found a solution check it out at really struggling. I seem to put the display: none; property everywhere and nothing.


I just checked your website and this code should do the trick:

#product-slider img{ display: none; }


Very nice! :)

Clean & easy to customize!

I just wish Vegur font supported € sign I tried to download it form cufon with euro sign support but it breaks the font, didn’t spend much time on it :/

I love this design! Any chance of a wordpress version?

Also, on the scrolling page, would it be possible to make the menu fixed at the top?


Hi ! Great template. One problem exist : In all the form fields, the text is black on a black background. Where can I change that ?

serait-il possible de créer un menu déroulant afin de profiter des sous-pages (parent, etc.) ? Comment faire ?

In the index.html sample, when you click “slider slice” the top navigation does not automatically appear. Is there a way I can configure it so it does?

Hey, how come i can’t have my Twitter feed at the bottom? when i change it goes blank

Really good. Wish you much sales!;