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i’ve just bought your template, and i cannot download it. i get this : “This item has been flagged for being downloaded too many times in one day.” it is not true. what can i do? and on this page when i click on : “You have already purchased this file. You can download it here. If you wish, you can purchase it again.” i go on page no found…


Oh dear, I am sorry that you are having this problem. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do from my end. You will have to contact support.

Ok. Thank you

Are you able to add more pages to the nav?


Yes, but you will have to alter the width of the menu in the css.

nice template :)


Thank you very much indeed.

shordje Purchased

Very nice Template!

But i have 1 big Problem over here: Every hover of an image (About-Section) or while switching subsites the main-menu blinks up too :(

Is there any short way to fix this?

ps: sorry for my problems with findin’ the right words – i hope my german-english is good enough to explain the situation.

EDDINE Purchased

Hi, i have bought your NICE template today. Everything works correctly except the contact form. I enter my email in the “send.php” form, then made some tests, i got the succes message but i never receive any message. How can i fix this? Thank you for your answer.


Hi, this is only a simple contact form that uses php, it should work as I haven’t had any queries regarding this yet. I use this form for my design site, so I know it’s fine. Maybe you could ask your hosting company? Sorry that I can’t assist you any further as forms aren’t really my forte.

Are vertical images supported in background or it can only be all image of the same size? Thanks


The images resize to fill the browser whilst maintaining the image dimension ratio.

Hi. Template is great. I am curious however, about several lines that mention assets that do not exist: one example is: ”../img/progress.gif”

Also, there is a nice gif. called loader.gif that doesn’t seem to appear anywhere on the page.



The loader.gif is part of the Nivo Slider it shows before the images load.

I’ve found the other missing gif, it’s in the default settings of the supersized.css. I added styles to this and haven’t removed the codes for the sections that aren’t used for this theme.

If this bothers you before my next update, go through supersized,shutter.css and remove the images that aren’t used i.e anything with img/...

Thanks for pointing this out.

ragarnol Purchased


How can I add some menu in nav?

And what will I do when I want to increase main bodys height?


You can add another link in the menu giving it a new id, as the other pages have been done. You will then have to alter the width in the css. The same applies to the main body height.

Icemanmx Purchased

Hello Nice theme, but how can i put a other height on the panel? When i put a flash embed code the flash is more then 400px height. I even try to edit the panel-wrapper, col2 and subcontainer to a other height, but nothing seams to function…

Best Regards Icemanmx


Please contact me through my profile page so that I can take a look for you.

Why doesn’t the mouse has the hand icon when hovering over the main page control arrows? Is there a quick fix? I tried chrome and IE…



Thank you so much : )


That’s ok, please don’t forget to rate my theme as it’s looking a little lonely in my portfolio without any stars…. :(


I will, no problem!

I can’t seem to be able to make the prettyPhoto gallery work. Your html code only shows how it works with one image.

Could you post a sample for multiple images? Where does this line have to be inserted?

<li><a href="style/images/work/large.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]"><img src="style/images/work/small.jpg" /></a></li>

Thank a lot!

Simply give each picture a new name for each li, I have explained it in the documentation. There’s also a link to the plugin which will help if you are stuck.
<li><a href="style/images/work/large1.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]"><img src="style/images/work/small1.jpg" /></a></li> <li><a href="style/images/work/large2.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]"><img src="style/images/work/small2.jpg" /></a></li>

Thanks josweb.

Well, I understand WHAT code needs to be inserted, I just don’t know WHERE to INSERT the code you just mentioned…

Where in the code below does it need to inserted?

<li class="one"> <div class="portfolio-list"> <div class="portfolio-thumbnail"> <h3>Vimeo Video</h3> <p>Sed rhoncus euismod odio. Nunc mi ligula, auctor ac tincidunt eu, condimentum.</p> <p><a href="work/large.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]">preview</a> | <a href="#">visit site</a></p> </div> <!--END portfolio-thumbnail--><img src="work/thumb.jpg" width="150" height="120" alt="" class="portimg" /></div> </li>

You don’t need to insert any code? You just need to give each new picture and new name instead of ‘large’. If you have any more questions please contact me through my profile page. Thank you!

Hi, so far everything works fine. Beautiful template.

I need to change some features to be more user friendly for the group of the “no webfreaks”. I have had some “normal” folks testing out the template, they did not intuively understand how to unfold the menu and the content. Possible customers, gone with the wind ;-)

The first thing I’d like to change is the easypaginate script. Instead of just having the numbers of pages at the bottom, I want the script to render “page 1 2 3”. How is this to achieve?

Second thing is the menu foldout. If I would change the size and form of the button, is there anything, I will have to change besides probably sizes in CSS ?

Alternativly I am thinking about having the foldout Menu and Content visible from the start on. How can I realize this?

Thank you for your assistance


Hi, many thanks for purchasing my theme, I’m glad that you like it. I’m sorry but I am really busy at them moment and have to go away due to family illness. I do hope that you find the answers to your questions, maybe you could ask in the forum or visit the links in the documentation for further help. I do apologize for the inconvenience at this present time.