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First, I love the template. I have made some simple text and image replacements, but when I preview the site locally or on the server, I lose all navigation. Any ideas?

I am using firefox and safari if that makes a difference.



Hi Kate,

sorry for answering so late, unfortunately I found no possibility to let Themeforest inform me when new comments are written here.

Thanks for you bugreport, I can reproduce it and will publish an updated version of Sliding Pages the next few days.


baffone Purchased

Hi, Bogdan, nice design and very original l;ayout. I’ve just presented it to a client for approval, and I’ll let you know if it goes ahead. What I cannot understand is how you can “Set individual background colors or background images for every page”, as you state. How can you have different backgrounds for every page, if there is only ONE page? Thanks,


Hi Guido,

thank you for your message! Yes it is possible to set individual background for every page. You have to modify / extend the CSS to accomplish this: for every screen you have an unique ID like:

<div id="Home" class="slide"> ...

So you expand your CSS and add an individual background-color or background-image:

div#Home { background #123456 url(images/my-image.jpg) no-repeat; }

In this manner you can define individual backgrounds for every page.

Best regards, Bogdan

Hi Bogdan,

This is perfect for my portfolio website. Although I’m having trouble editing the files you have supplied in order to put my own images, and remove the header navigation bar? if you could offer an help I would be very grateful


Hello Dominic,

thanks for purchasing my Sliding Pages Theme, I am glad you like it!

I have sent you the hints you need by mail and hope that helps you proceed with your site.

Best regards, Bogdan

Is it possible to place videos in your template? Thanks

Hello lfasano,

yes of course it is. However the videos should load only after clicking on some play button as we have only one big page here and all the contents load at once.

Best regards, Bogdan


If you have a question, please write me an e-mail bg@medianotions.de)">(bg@medianotions.de) as I am not getting a message when new comments are posted here and so I can’t respond your questions promptly.

Thanks, Bogdan

Bogdanio – This is amazing. I just bought a template for my main site and after seeing this one, and the possibilities, I had to purchase it and start working with it.

I’ve also wanted to learn more about the grid system and new JS extensions – this is a great learning tool in addition to a great site framework.

Simple question: I’m trying to replace the image on the main page from: Teaser Dummy


Of course the imgage is there but it shows a blank with red x. any ideas?

Thanks, Brent

To clarify previous post. I’m just trying to change the image on the main page. Your images that came with the zip file all work fine. When I change to one of my own it never displays and I get the missing image box. Can you help me? This is not usage if I can’t change images.

Thanks, Brent Adams


Hi Brent, thanks for purchasing my Template. I will answer you via e-mail, that’s more convenient for both of us.