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Hallo Paul,

danke für deine Antwort ;-)) Es war sehr schnell. Ich habe deine Nachricht gestern gelesen. Ich freue mich sehr dass deine Seite auf mehreren Sprachen gemacht werden kann!

Ich bin noch sehr neu in Wordpressachen und trau mir nicht alles zu.

Aber wenn ich dein template kaufe kannst du mir ein paar Tipps geben für multilingual installation?

Ich habe momentan zwei Seiten:

www.smarald.com und ionwater.smarald.com

Und diese Seiten will ich in dein template integrieren.

Und ich sehe es ist sehr viel Arbeit!!!

best regads


Hallo Max,

Ein gute Artikel ist http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress

Hier finden Sie alle Informationen für WordPress Übersetzung. Ich habe auch ein “Support Grundsatz”. Mehr Informationen hier: http://support.icypixels.com/forums/topic/support-policy/ . Wenn Sie fragen haben und Sie haben Smarald gekauft, ich bitte Ihnen das Kundenforum zu benutzen.

Ob Sie zwei Seiten haben, dann sollen Sie zwei Genehmigungen kaufen.

Wenn ich das Fachvokabular benutzen sollen, dann spreche ich auf Englisch. Es ist leichter für mich weil ich nicht so gut Deutsch spreche. :) Ich bin aus Rumänien und zurzeit lerne ich Deutsch. :)

Schöne Tag!

Paul | Icy Pixels

Hi Paul,

pleas anwer of my last mesege

Thank you


Hi Max,

I’ve answered your message here: http://themeforest.net/item/smarald-retina-ready-responsive-wordpress-theme/4508885/comments?#comment_6220899

I haven’t received any other message from you. Would you mind sending it again?


Hi there,

I bought this theme long ago, but I don’t know how to get the latest update without deleting my existing one, do you know what can I do?

Normally this is done automatically in the wordpress dashboard, but I still have version 1.3.5, when I saw there is already version 1.4.. thanks!

Hi there alexamsterdam,

If you filled the Buyer Username and Buyer Api key in your Theme Customizer, then an update should appear in your WordPress dashboard.


Hello, This is gread one! I’ve just change theme. I used to use other WP theme. When I chaged theme my old pages still on ‘Smarald’ and not matching each other. How can I changed my old portfolio page as like ‘Smarald’ demo Works page? What can I do when I make New page for ‘Work’,’Team’,’Contact’... Please let me know.




Hi Jiung,

Firstly, let me thank you for the purchase and for choosing one of my products! I really appreciate it!

Generally you might want to use the Page Builder provided via Appearance > Page Builder so you can construct your pages like in the demo. I recommend using the demo-import .xml file provided with the download so you can import the demo content and have some sample templates to inspire yourself.

If I can be of any further assistance, or if you have any more questions, please let me know. Have a great day!

Paul | Icy Pixels | Customer Happiness Engineer

Hello there,

Just want to check before buying. Is theme works on Wordpress 3.9? & Doest Visual composer compatible?


Hello Paul, Just purchased the theme. However I have two Queries: 1) How can change the fonts & Typography as I dont see any options in customiser. 2) I see you have a pagebuilder already, which i would like to migrate all elements to visual composer. Is there any quick way ?

Responded on the forum.

Thank you Paul.

Hi Paul!

Where can I find buyers API key?

I can not find it with me.

For your help I thank you in advance.

Best Regards


Hi Max,

You can create one on ThemeForest > My Settings > API Keys


How do I make the gallery images smaller on individual portfolio pages? I have tried making the gallery images smaller, but it doesn’t make them smaller. Please help. http://lawrencevillelistings.com/#

Hi there,

Unfortunately that would require some customizations, or using images with a white background :)


Okay. Well one other question I had was that my portfolio navigation at the top is not working when a portfolio item has been clicked. If I click on the right arrow, nothing happens.http://lawrencevillelistings.com/?portfolio=tanning

Do you have a solution?

I’m going to inspect this once again as it’s something I’m not able to recreate on my demo. Maybe try redoing the ‘faulty’ portfolio items? Might be an issue because of the initial demo import?

Hi IcyPixels,

I still have version 1.0 – Just gone to update using the auto updating area in ‘customise theme’ and it’s not working. How do I update the theme without losing any of my content. Thanks!

Hi AustinUK,

It happens sometimes for the Envato API not to work properly so the auto-update won’t work through the WordPress dashboard.

If you haven’t modified the core files of the theme and used just custom CSS snippets, then you should be safe to update the theme.

However, if you haven’t implemented your customizations through a child theme, then I’m afraid you’ll have to do a diff check of your files and my theme files.

If you have any other questions, please let me know


Hi Paul,

Ok, I’m going to directly message you with my web address, I think I’ve only edited the theme customisations directly without a child theme.

Appreciate your quick response!

Hi Paul,

After an update to WP 10.9.2, all animations associated with the Portfolio feature (animated grid, lazy load, etc.) seem to be broken.

I sent you a detailed e-mail via your support page 4 days ago, but still haven’t heard back.

Can you please help me get my Website running normally again?


Responded on the forum :)

Thank you very much, Paul, for all your help. I can’t recommend you highly enough for your high-quality themes and excellent customer service! Icy Pixels rocks. :)

Thank you so much Peter!

My client bought this theme yesterday. I have a problem. I already tried the fix posted here about saving the template for pages that has the portfolio widget through the page builder. The only thing it fixed was the width and height of the portfolio items, width no thumbnail! I also imported the demo item provided and follow everything on your vid.

Any help?

For any support enquiries, please contact me from the account you purchased via http://icypixels.com/support/

I think I have configured something wrong in your theme. It responds extremely slow and I’m pretty sure it isn’t a hosting problem (it’s hosted in one of the best providers).

Can you check it out please? http://bigger.es/_dev/

Thanks in advance!.

Hi Jose,

I did some testing. Here are the results.

Your hosting: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sm4u9a10l3sjp7n/Screenshot%202014-09-11%2019.33.25.png?dl=0

My hosting: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ctc9m7uf1v77i9/Screenshot%202014-09-11%2019.34.28.png?dl=0

I’m using WPEngine, $99 plan.

So even though probably it’s one of the best providers you are using, most probably you are on a shared server. Anyway, it’s good to check this thing with your hosting company.


Theme Update

Version: 2.2.3

What’s new:

  • Fixed the behaviour of Aqua Page Builder plugin by syamilmj, which rendered it useless in WordPress 4.1. Managed to circumvent the problems with my own script implementation.
  • Removed the internal theme updater in favour of the more centralized Envato WordPress Toolkit, which is now a recommended plugin to be installed. Therefore, you can easily manage all your plugins and themes updates from that plugin only, and not on a theme by theme basis.

I’m having problems with vimeo on this theme. Using the new vimeo embed code, the video doesn’t play at all. The solution to this is by using the old vimeo embed code, but the video doesn’t show at all in mobile versions after switching to the old code. How do I solve this? is there any work around?

Hi there Tim,

I’m going to try to assist you in the following days, since I’m still during my exams, and I have a really busy schedule.



pirco Purchased

hallo, ich habe mit wordpress importer den demo content imported aber gleich einige fehler erhalten: z.b. “Failed to import “Homepage”: Invalid post type template”. aber auch “Failed to import “Price Tables”: Invalid post type template Failed to import “Columns”: Invalid post type template Failed to import “Page Elements”: Invalid post type template” etc.

gibt es da eine schnelle lösung?

Hallo pirco,

Vielen Dank dass Sie mein Produkt gekauft haben.

Vor dem Import Prozess, muss man erstmals die empfehlende Plugins installieren. Wahrscheinlich es wird besser sein, wenn Sie den Aqua Page Builder schon installiert und aktiviert ist. Aber es ist ganz Ok, wenn Sie jetzt diese Import Prozess nochmal machen, mit Aqua Page Builder aktiviert vor dem Prozess.

Viel Glück! Falls Sie weitere Probleme oder Fragen haben, bin ich hier oder auf http://icypixels.com/support/ erreichbar.



pirco Purchased

ok I tried a fresh install again but wasn’t able to get a /blog page the way you have it set up at http://smarald.icypixels.com/blog/

the aqua page builder only gives me the option to build a grid-like blog page but I’d like just a listing of all posts, paginated.

how can I achieve that?


pirco Purchased

note, I like to keep a custom home page (a portfolio grid) just want the listing of blog posts under /blog. thanks


pirco Purchased

oh never mind! I figured out it’s a WP setting… d’oh. sorry, thanks, please disregard.

Hey Pirco,

Glad you got it figured out.



pirco Purchased

I’m looking desperately for an option to enable lazy load on the portfolio images on the homepage.

I saw older info here in the comments that no such feature was available but a later message (more recent) seems to indicate that there should be such an option in the page builder block (for portfolio).

I just can’t find it.

what’s the easiest way for me to enable lazy loading on the homepage?

(tried your support email but it bounced back :(


pirco Purchased

any chance someone could show me where to enable ‘lazy load’ on the portfolio block?

according to this comment: http://themeforest.net/item/smarald-retina-ready-responsive-wordpress-theme/4508885/comments?filter=all&site=themeforest.net&term=lazy+load&utf8=%E2%9C%93#comment_4402325 it appears it should be possible?

I’m running version 1.4.3 of the theme and version 1.1.4 of Aqua page builder. here’s what I see: http://imgur.com/YuR4YOS

Hello Paul,

I bought your theme after looking at the reactions and the cool layout. I am trying to install the theme but when I uploaded everything in my wordpress i have the following problem. I dont see the contents or menu or pages after i uploaded everything. Is there a bug or something because i did everything what you did in the demo video (installing theme, installing plugins and uploading demo content.)

Greets Steve

Hi Steve,

Sorry for responding so late here. I did respond on your email though :)

Also, for further requests, always use http://icypixels.com/support/


Hi I using your theme but i am facing problem in portfolio. i want to set portfolio images in one by one block in scrolling in single portfolio. how can i submit my purchase code to you for further detail communication

I would like to try icy portfolio posts plugin before the purchased. I have downloaded from Github. However I couldn’t find any documentation how to use it ? Is there any shortcode?

Hi. Theme worked fine but now there is some error with portfolio. The settings are like you show in the tutorial video. Please help me to set the portfolio visual like on the demo page. Mine is here: www.loom.works

Hi veimer,

I’m sorry for not responding in time, but the ThemeForest comments is not something that I check regularly, because I have a dedicated platform setup for questions and support on http://icypixels.com/support/

I guess I should start checking more often, so I will avoid situations like this.

Thank you for your understanding.

Also, make sure you contact me using the purchase code from the account you purchased the theme from.