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Very nice work buddy! Good luck :)

Good job… GLWS.. :D

noaptus Purchased


There’s somthing wrong with this template. My browser freezes after i have taken out and and on index.html.

Please advice.

Great looking template. Are you planning on doing a Wordpress or Joomla version?

noaptus Purchased

And this template does not look like the PSD. Ther some missing pages


i think @tartysmurf is right. thanks for buy my theme :)

looks just as good as the psd and i couldn’t see any pages missing from the screenshots

Pixelior Purchased

Haha, finally! Excellent work! Good luck with your sales! :)


thank you so much pixelior

design it for wordpress. i will buy it definitely

noaptus Purchased

I would like som naswer from the designer.

When i remove DOMAIN / Welcome to Smart Host / System Admin ect on the frontpage, after that my browser freezes.

@wahabali you are great designer. another Fantastic Design ! GLWS :)


thank you so… much :)

The webpage at http://wahabali.com/smarthost/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Error 137 (net::ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED): Unknown error.

Is an error I get when I try to view the theme. Want to buy the theme but first I wanna check the actual quality of the work before I do. Let me know if this is a problem on my side. If it is do you think you can make another place to view the theme?


please click here check the dark and light variations of design thanks. http://themeforest.net/item/smart-host-/full_screen_preview/3759113

DRam604 try this link as it works with me http://wahabali.com/smarthost/smarthost/dark/

double post sorry

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i just purchase the Theme.

Can you please tell me why you have your own google analytics code in this template?

Epucfail Purchased

Are you trying to kidding me? You wrote javascript code in your template but you dont know what it does?

Here is the code:


You found it in index.html line 58 to 66.

I really want an statement how this code comes into your theme without your knowledge about that!

Hi, Are you planning to make this theme also for Wordpress?

@Epucfail – I don’t really think you need a “statement of how this code came to be in the theme”—It was there, you’ve removed it. No harm done.

I have bought loads of templates on here that have analytics code within them, no big deal, I just do what you have done too and remove it.

@Wahabali – Great looking theme, considering this for an upcoming project :)

Hi, how are you? I want to buy this theme to open a bussiness to sell hosting.

But I have a question, how can I integrate the domain searching? And how can I management the costumers who buy domain and hosting in my page?

This theme comes with some pluging to do that?

Thanks in advance,


i am fine. this is only html theme if you want integrate the domain searching or managed hosting please wait few days i relase the wordpress version. thanks :)

Great theme! Could we see a WordPress version soon?

possible whmcs theme also?