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Awesome design! GLWS mate :D:D:D

Thank you my friend, it is a pleasure.

Good job my Friend :)

Thank you my friend :bigwink:

Clean and very nice theme. Good luck dude!

Thank you :D

Hi, Just out of curiosity – that integration with whmcs – does that work you install wordpress in the root and whmcs in subfolder and your template linking between those two systems ?

Thanks – Matt.

Hi, WHMCS is a proprietary system, so it must be integrated with WordPress. By integrating the two systems gets as a result. regards

i also have question about whmcs integration.This integration work with free wordpress bridge plugin or have some better solution?

Hi, WHMCS system integration is directly with the customer system and this is reflected in the subject is directly client panel that system, where the customer can use all the options of whmcs. regards

thanks for quick answare

No problem man, I’m here to serve :D


Great theme and integration with WHMCS. I am needing a theme like this for a project I am about to start. For the domain names what company does this link up with and can this be altered?



Thanks for your comment and thank if interest, with this theme you can edit and add all the general content of the entire site, you can put the number of domains, prices, etc. .. according to your needs. In general the theme is fully editable.


Thank you my friend. :D

Nice work! Good luck with sales!

Thanks for your comment :D

Looks wonderfull ;)

Thanks for your comment, my friend :D

nice theme how to use boxed type . plz create boxed type demo.thanks

Thanks for your comment, I will work on that :D

Great work GLWS

Thanl you my friend.

Nice theme! Is it possible to have 5 pricing tables? I can only see 4 in the preview.

Thanks for your comment, you can put all price tables you want.


I meant 5 tables on the same line, is that possible?

Dear friend, if you put more than 4 plans in the same line and would break the theme design :D

Do you have a demo for Dark Variation and ShortCodes?


Thanks for your comment, I will prepare a Dark demo so you can see the dark theme option.

Is it possible for me to put a video where the slider is?

Thank you for the quick response. Also, I am having some errors with the footer on some pages, Can i get support via email?

Dear friend if you are having a problem with the configuration of the theme, we can help you set up your site without any problem, just write to: regards

Is there anyway to get phone support?

Questions before purchase..

WHMCS Integration: Please can you give more details on how this is done before I buy. Your earlier replies looked like bad translation and didn’t go into detail. What type of integration does this template use, Do you get a separate whmcs client area template that matches wordpress template?

Pricing tables: Can we adjust the width of the tables so we can have more then 4 on one line? Having more then 4 on one line is very important.

Thanks for your comment, the integration the theme has is with a pluggin called WHMCS. The system WHMCS has his own page and style for his use (whmcs use), but our theme has is own page and style for WHMCS use. In our theme you only need to put the URL where you have located your system WHMCS. When a client want to use this system, he only has to go to the page asigned for you in your site, and the client will have the opportunity to enjoy all the services your hosting give, inside is own site and with the style of your site. Ex :

And about the price table. The design of the site is created with the style of 4 tables, BUT if you like we can send you a new style, for you to put more than 4 tables on one line.You only has to send us an e-mail to the support with te number of your buy/purchase.


I don’t find answer from previews whmcs integration.

There is 3 methods : WMPU WHMCS Plugin for Wordpress WHMCS Plugin for Wordpress Modify whcms template to match theme design.

If you had choose one of 2 first method i will bought all you whmcs theme, else i won’t.


Dear friend thanks for your comment, I use integration for the theme is “WHMCS Bridge”

I leave it to your choice, this plugin gives its customers access to all functions of the WHMCS system. regards

hi, i am interested in your theme . few question 1. is it possible to change color of header and footer to Dark Red or Glass Red . 2. In Web hosting there are two option is it possible to create more option like them ? 3. Is it Possible According to Visit from country they are visiting convert currency according to there country . 4. Is it Easy to create price table ? 5. on clicking login it takes them to whmcs page login ? 6. does it comes with setup wizard to setting it same as demo site ?

sorry for too many question

Friend thanks for your questions, our team will give answer to your questions by the support, but to command told him that many of the things I wonder if you can do. regards

does the login at the top of the page, reflect the WHMCS login? or is that just a WP login?

second question: when WHMCS needs updating, does the current theme need to be replaced, can can we update WHMCS worry free, without making any changes to this theme?

Thanks for your comment session login top, leads the start of session WHMCS, and if love could change the WP Logon.

You can modify all the contents of your WHMCS and theme will not have problems of any kind, the integration of WHMCS has nothing to do with the style and theme codes, are completely separate.


Great design. Love it! But it still has some few issues to solve.I will send you an email with some of the issues I found with.

Still needs some more updates to work perfectly. WHMCS Bridge did not love it. Not able to edit the way you want it and it doesn’t not integrate perfect.

Dear friend thanks for your comment, and I’m glad you like our theme, our support will give you answers to your questions.


where is all the demo data? to make it look exactly like your demo as my site doesnt display correctly?