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Nice! Good luck for sales! :)

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Nice Work ! GLWS :)

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Looks nice mate! Good luck with sales :sunglasses:

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Super work Sandra! Love it! Love it! :-)

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Nice!! love the design :)

Thank you, glad you like it :)

Ooo, this is nice :) Great design :)

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Great, Good luck for sales!

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Awesome design, good luck with sales!

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How do i adjust the slideshow time to 15 seconds? Please help….

Hi, it is pretty easy you can change the duration in no time.

Open the jquery.jmslideshow file located in the javascript folder and edit the 41st line of code.

Default value is interval : 3500 , you need to change it to interval : 15000 , and that is it.

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One more question, on the home page slider has text on left and image on right – well my client wants text on the right side as well, with no images. He wants a schedule to be placed in these two columns. So where and how can I change where text can be placed where the image is? I tried to just put text in place of image and its not working. Thanks!

Hi, bigideaadv.

Just send me a PM so I can give you more detailed instructions.

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Sorry how do I PM you?

You can send me a PM from my profile page.

I just emailed you from pulsecolor….

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hi and good morning.

hope you can help me with the problem I have with the mail form. hosting provider tells me this:

The contact form you are using is attempting to send mail as the person who filled out the form. This latest policy change will block e-mail if the FROM address is using one of those domains listed in the link above (hotmail, gmail, yahoo…etc).

I would recommend changing your contact form to send using a FROM address that belongs to one of your DreamHost domains. You can set the REPLY-TO field to any other e-mail address and the mail should send without issue.

I do not understand how to do this since I do not program it, follow the instructions in the documentation only.

Sorry for the inconvenience

thank you very much for your attention ..

greetings and happy new year

sorry for my english…

hosting provider gave me this line: ini_set (sendmail_from, ‘prueba@dom.com‘); and he said it was very likely that this will work but not the place to put it or if there is some other error