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I bought that template a few weeks ago….didn’t know update was coming up…good job..

wow, amazing theme, i am definitely going to buy this one. fantastic job!

just one q – is it possible to make the icons bigger without ruining everything? I have 50*50 icons i’d like to use, do I just replace the current ones with my own or will i need to make adjustments in css?

Thanks for the comments!

@loreleiweb – It should be a quick update, we may have to adjust the padding in the CSS since the current icons are currently 35px. Shoot me a message through my profile after you have a chance to play with the theme and I would be glad to help!

I set up the custom admin area to pull all images from a specific theme folder called “headings” so you’ll be able to just drop your new images in there and the admin page will let you use them in the headings.


The theme looks amazing! I have two questions: - Is it SEO optimized… sorry for the question, but yea.. important :). - can I add videos?

Thanks! Yana

Hey Yanamm – I did try to keep a proper structure, using heading tags, valid html and so on so it should do well in search engines. I would install one of the many SEO plugins so you can manage keywords/descriptions per page if needed.

Hope that helps!

thanks, cudazi! It does help :).

Now after I looked into the theme more i have a bunch of even more questions :P: - is the number of items on the first page (About, Blog, Portfolio, Contact) limited to three? Can they be more or less? - can I add submenues to the above once they become a navigation menu at any page? - how can I make the bluish headings color let’s say red? - can I add viodes?


drewkitt Purchased

Do you have to UPLOAD a picture to the media files for it to act as a portfolio thumbnail, or can you use an external URL ? The answer seems to be you have to upload a file for it to show up, but I thought I’d check.

drewkitt Purchased

Can the portfolio page show more than 10 posts or have a older button?

@yanamm – The home page columns are customizable from 1 to 4 in the custom admin panel (see the last screenshot above) – as you get more columns they will automatically get more narrow to fit the page. The colors all pull from the stylesheet, a quick find and replace with your color will update that. You can insert videos as you would in any other blog post with wordpress.

@drewkitt – The portfolio page lists all items at this time, I’m collecting a list of version 2 enhancements that I’ll post above when it becomes available. As for the upload, yes, it needs to be in the media files so it’s considered an attachment. It doesn’t however need to be inserted into the post as the instruction pdf mentions.

Please contact me via my profile page with any other questions, Thanks!

Nice front page, good administrative options, the blog section is weak though. Could do with gravatar support, cleaner type, better post seperation (images can fall through) and a touch more bling.

I hope you continue to improve on this, it’s got great potential!

Thanks Julian – and yes, I will continue to upgrade this theme!

I am having a problem with the footer on the Blog page. The footer content box ends up within the main white content box. The footer content does not extend to the page edge and is positioned at the bottom of the main content box. No problems on any other pages. I just installed the template and have not made any modifications. Using WP 2 .8

Hey centerline, shoot me a message through my profile page – thanks!

Great theme and great support. I will surely buy other themes from cudazi!

Hi, what’s a good way to enable widgets (or even just text boxes) on pages that are not using the “blog” template. Also, would it be possible (and if so, how) to have more than 4 columns on the front page? Thanks in advance.

Dear Designer – I am really really interested in buying and working with your “Smart Portfolio” Design. Great work by the way! I do have one question before purchase. Can I somehow make the designer.gif image (the mustache looking image) bigger? I would like to be able to fit a logo of some sort in there. Is this possible? I think your current size is 409×76 pixels if so what would be the max height? the width is fine, just concerned with height. \



The “bracket” shaped image is just a background for a div, the width/height can be adjusted in the CSS , thanks!

I really love this template & the support given by the designer. I will buy other themes designed by Cudazi! I would like to make one recommendation, please update the “Smart Portfolio” theme and add different Emoticons. The Emoticons that come with the theme do not match & there are no choices.

Thank You

Hey wrsheehan – thanks for the comments!

As for the emoticons, are you referring to the heading icons on the home page or the smiles, etc… through WP?

There are a handful of heading icons (changeable through the custom admin page) included.

The remainder of the icons are available for free from wefunction.com


Hey Cudazi, great template – great job.

Am trying to figure how to have the about, portfolio etc pages appear on the home. Followed the instruction but no success. Lemme know what I’m doing wrong. Soon, Rob